Why Moscow Is A Great Place to Visit With Your Elite Companion

Saint Basil's Cathedral, Moscow
The Beautiful Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow

As a standout amongst the most dynamic European capitals, Moscow is an amazing blend of history and energy, loaded with world-popular locales and attractions. Any visit to Russia with your elite travel companion would not be complete without a visit to Moscow! Russia’s capital has been in presence for over 800 years and has enough to keep guests occupied for a considerable length of time.

Here are some reasons why Moscow is one of the best places in Russia to visit with your elite companion escort:




The core of Russia’s capital, Red Square is seemingly Moscow’s most visited destination. The cobblestone square is encompassed by lovely design, and is where a large portion of the city’s (and country’s) history unfurled. What was at one time a market square where merchants would move their merchandise is presently a key area in the city, encompassed by life-changing locales, for example, the Kremlin, St.Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum and other praised attractions. If you and your elite companion are unsure of where to begin to explore Moscow, the Red Square is a good place to start.




Picture the model picture of Russia’s capital with the sparkling rainbow arches of St Basil’s house of God, and you are imagining St. Basil’s Cathedral. The onion-molded vaults were intended to make the building resemble the image of a fire on a campfire. The church building was ordered during the 1500s by Ivan the Terrible and as per legend, the Tsar thought it so wonderful he requested that the engineer be blinded with the goal that he could never outperform this creation. Even with such a bloody past, St. Basil’s Cathedral is one of the most popular places in Russia to visit.




Moscow’s definitive love-it-or-despise it attraction, Lenin’s Mausoleum houses a glass stone casket with the preserved body of the incredible Russian progressive, Vladimir Lenin. First opened to general society in August 1924, the Mausoleum pulls in around 2.5 million guests consistently, who wouldn’t mind remaining in line for a long time and experiencing an exhaustive body search to get into the celebrated building. Try avoiding peak tourist seasons so that you and your elite companion won’t have to wait for so long.




The greatest dynamic stronghold in Europe, Moscow’s Kremlin offers seven days of attractions. When you get behind the 2,235 meter-long kremlin dividers, there are five squares to meander around, different structures to investigate, 20 towers, and the world’s biggest gun and bell. The Kremlin is another politically important site in Russia, and should be on your bucket list.



A fascination in its very own right, the State Historical Museum, protected in a neo-Russian style building, was established in 1872 by Ivan Zabelin and Aleksey Uvarov. What used to be the Principal Medicine Store currently houses a great cp;;ectopm, which incorporates relics of ancient clans that once occupied the region of present-day Russia, the nation’s biggest mint piece collection, and additionally sixth century original copies and works of art gathered by the Romanov line among different fortunes. Since the weather in Russia can get pretty cold, you and your elite companion can visit the State Historical Museum to get a break from the weather.


  1. GUM


Russia’s primary retail chain, GUM’s dazzling inside houses an assortment of top of the line boutiques. Created sometime between 1890 and 1893 and known as the Upper Trading Rows until the 1920s, the amazing store is currently home to more than 200 boutiques moving an assortment of brands: from sumptuous Dior to the more reasonable Zara. Regardless of whether shopping isn’t on your plan for the day, the GUM is as yet worth a visit; the glass-roofed arcade faces Red Square and offers an assortment of tasteful restaurants, should you and your elite companion feel hungry.




An exquisite notable road right in the downtown area, Arbat is one of Moscow’s most touristy spots. With loads of bistros and eateries, unrecorded music entertainers and caricaturists, and also trinket shops and tattoo salons, landmarks and a theater, Arbat draws hordes of guests consistently.




Created between 1900 and 1905, Tretyakov Gallery began as the private gathering of the Tretyakov siblings, who were nineteenth century donors. Planned by Viktor Vasnetsov, the exhibition is a home to one of the biggest accumulations of Russian workmanship on the planet. Here you and your elite companion can see symbols including Rublev’s Trinity, and pre-progressive perfect works of art, for example, Girl with Peaches by Valentin Serov, Demon by Mikhail Vrubel and Rooks have Come Back by Alexei Savrasov.




Moscow’s primar park, Gorky Park, offers amusement for each taste: open air exercise classes, yoga and wellness classes all late spring, and beach volleyball and ping-pong, rollerblading, skateboarding and cycling openings, alongside segway and pontoon rentals. In winter, half of the recreation center transforms into one of the city’s greatest skating arenas. The recreation center is additionally home to an outdoors film theater and the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. If you and your elite companion have a free day to relax and have fun, make sure to visit Gorky Park!



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