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Explore Oshawa's Polished Charm: Revealing Elegance

Come experience Oshawa’s cool vibe and discover its polished charm. From downtown hangouts to chill parks, each spot has its own story to tell. Join us as we uncover the hidden gems and reveal the true essence of Oshawa’s laid-back charm.

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Oshawa's Unexpected Gem: Discover the City's Trendy Hideaway

Think you know Oshawa? Prepare to be amazed! This hidden gem is a haven of luxury for the city’s trendsetters. Expect handcrafted cocktails, designer ambiance, and an experience that redefines Oshawa nightlife.

Oshawa's Hidden History: Explore the City's Iconic Places

Oshawa’s history is more than meets the eye. Discover the secrets hidden within its iconic places. From grand mansions to forgotten landmarks, a surprising journey awaits.

Oshawa's Hidden History - Explore the City's Iconic Places

A true Oshawa icon, this national historic site was the opulent home of R.S. McLaughlin (founder of General Motors Canada). Tour the mansion and gardens for a glimpse into early 20th-century luxury.

Experience military might! Get up close to tanks, explore historic vehicles, and discover the stories of the Ontario Regiment RCAC Museum.

Dive into Oshawa’s past! The Oshawa Museum offers a fascinating journey through the city’s history, from its earliest days to its vibrant present.

And more

Oshawa After Dark: From Delicious Eats to Exciting Nights

Oshawa comes alive after dark! Discover a surprising mix of restaurants, bars, and entertainment spots that will keep your night buzzing.

Oshawa After Dark - From Delicious Eats to Exciting Nights

Fine Dining

  • Wildfire Steakhouse Oshawa
    Experience premium steakhouse dining in Oshawa. Wildfire Steakhouse delivers exceptional cuts that are perfectly grilled and served with warm hospitality.

  • Harpo’s Restaurant
    Harpo’s Restaurant offers a delightful dining experience with an upscale ambiance. Their diverse menu caters to everyone, featuring delicious vegetarian dishes alongside their classic steak and seafood selections.

  • Portobello Road
    Portobello Road brings a taste of plant-based deliciousness to Oshawa. Their menu features fresh, seasonally inspired dishes that delight vegans and non-vegans alike.

Bars and Music Venues

  • 504 Bar
    Hang out and enjoy the lively vibes at 504 Bar in Oshawa. Its laid-back atmosphere and excellent drink selection make it the perfect spot to chill with friends and have a good time. Whether you’re in the mood for a cold beer or a signature cocktail, 504 Bar has you covered.

  • Simcoe Blues and Jazz
    Get ready to vibe with the soulful sounds at Simcoe Blues and Jazz in Oshawa. Get ready to groove to soulful rhythms and electrifying beats in a chill setting, perfect for a night out with friends.

Consider your VIP companion’s interests when planning your travels, and check out reliable platforms like TripAdvisor to discover cool places worth visiting.


Oshawa: Discover its Charm in Every Season

Sun, rain, or snow—Oshawa has a special charm! Enjoy bustling festivals, waterfront fun, cozy cafes, and the beauty of Ontario’s changing seasons.

Oshawa’s weather brings a mix of seasons, with warm summers perfect for outdoor fun and chilly winters ideal for cozying up indoors. Spring and fall offer mild temps, making them great for exploring the city’s sights.

Check out the current weather conditions in the city here.

Oshawa - Discover its Charm in Every Season

Where Innovation Meets Opportunity

Oshawa’s business scene is bustling with diversity and vitality, covering everything from manufacturing to healthcare. Thanks to its prime location and solid infrastructure, Oshawa pulls in local and global businesses, sparking innovation and growth.

With its entrepreneurial vibe and talented workforce, Oshawa is the perfect spot for companies looking to make waves and thrive.

Oshawa's business scene is bustling with diversity and vitality

Oshawa's Best Service: Discover a Friendly Stay

Make your Oshawa trip unforgettable with top-notch service. Expect a comfortable stay, attentive staff, and those extra touches that make all the difference.

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Unwind in comfort at the Best Western Plus Durham Hotel. Discover clean rooms, a cozy atmosphere, and awesome service near Oshawa.

Feel at home in downtown Oshawa! The Holiday Inn Express & Suites has everything you need for a comfortable stay – clean rooms, superb service, and a super convenient location.

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