What propels the elite escort girl industry and why book a luxury vip travel companion?

Elite NY escort girl meetings are easy to find in the Big Apple. The city offers everything from high class escorts, vip escort girls and elite travel companions. New York City is a vibrant and explosive metropolis, about which countless articles, novels and memoirs have been written. I won’t elaborate on that with the usual glamorizing of the city streets, the swooning over Central Park and points of interest like the MET and the Guggenheim. I won’t elaborate on the already over-prosed history of the city of NY, its statue de liberte, its Empire State Building and its Times Square.

Rather, I’m going to hone in on a specific demographic of individuals residing in the city, a topic I’ve researched in great detail for several years. The so called ‘vip escorts’ or high class GFE companions. I’ll then drill down even further to a very select few, the upper echelons of the elite, those known as courtesans, not only by name but by conduct. It’s easy to label oneself with a pretty VIP or GFE title, but living up to that reputation is a whole other kettle of fish!

Generally, traditional New York escorts who can be found at most NYC escort services are students, businesswomen, strippers, housewives, flight attendants and models/ actresses, who are available for visits to your hotel or home. You place a call to the NY escort agency, book an hour or two of the ny escort girls time, and she’ll arrive in 30-60 minutes for you to enjoy some of her company for that time.

This traditional vip escort is generally ‘on call’ most of the time with the agency, and can accept a booking at short notice, because her career or study commitments, if any, aren’t particularly demanding on her time. She may not have any close family who is there to keep an eye on her or see her regularly. Generally (but not always), these kinds of escort girls will tend to be the lower socio-economic group, and those with unresolved psychological or childhood issues.

A higher end vip escort model will be more accomplished in her career, so she’ll require appointments to meet you. She most definitely won’t be sitting on call, waiting for bookings. She’ll have commitments to her career or studies, and potentially a fairly active social life. Booking a date a day or three ahead will allow you to meet the escort model you have in mind. A dinner invitation is generally understood as part of meeting women of this caliber, and she will usually have minimum booking times, as opposed to booking by-the-hour.

A top luxury escort, or the elite courtesan escort as it were, will be the high class woman who emulates the previous escort, however she places a higher fee on her time, as she has a lot more to offer. She will usually be adept at playing a musical instrument, be multilingual, and hail from a very well-bred heritage. Apart from being well traveled, this kind of  vip escort companion will have extensive knowledge of history, art, literature, wines. She will be exceptionally well groomed, with a high quality, very modest and discreet wardrobe. She will never be seen teetering in “hooker heels”, with an over-filled face, sporting tattoos or rolling drunk. These are the most refined, eloquent and accomplished women available in the industry. It is on these lovely nyc escort travel companion gems, that my focus will fall.

The daily life of an elite escort courtesan involves a lot of self-care and grooming. Regardless of her career status (usually an accomplished model, actress, artist, academic or other vip level individual), she will usually begin her day with Yoga or a ballet workout. After showering, the beautiful escort girl will ingest a very high quality breakfast of protein and vitamins, while catching up on the headlines; current affairs are always important to her, so she can form an opinion and hold intelligent discussions with her elite gentlemen friends.

She may then attend to s

ome career commitments or study, and at some point will have an appointment for a facial, manicure, pedicure, waxing, tanning, body scrub, massage, hairdresser etc – all the things this girl attends to in order to maintain her flawless image.

Later, the GFE escort girl will have a light lunch; tuna or chicken salad, perhaps a soup or some fish. She may indulge in further physical activity, walking, running or gym, and any personal commitments she has. She’ll always make time at night to read, as she’s generally hungry for knowledge. When she’s not traveling, she’s reading about other cities and cultures. She’s usually fascinated by history, and is often physically affected by art and classic performances such as ballet, opera, symphonies and theatre.

Her day may conclude by catching up with friends, or sleeping early, unless she has an appointment. If so, she’ll have spent most of her day at the salon, preening and perfecting every part of herself to be in the finest possible condition to meet her lovely caller. She holds genuine care for each gentleman she meets, and her company is never rushed or robotic. She embodies the very essence of the high class courtesan, and as such, makes for a superb luxury travel companion.

When booked as an elite travel companion from New York, the model should always be kept in five star accommodations as she is accustomed to in her own life. Her grooming regime does not pause while she is on vacation with someone, and the GFE escort girl ‘s attention to detail does not wane. Her gentlemen provide her with whatever she requires, to be happy and comfortable, and she in turn is there for him. What a lovely way to see the world, and be well-paid at the same time! Talk about earning from something you love… A charmed life indeed.


New York’s Nightlife

Even though these higher end beauties are rarely up late in their own lives, (they know the importance of beauty sleep!) that doesn’t mean they

don’t know their way around the city like the back of their hand. When a VIP is in town, he usually requires a fine dining facility and some kind of evening entertainment. She will often have contacts around town in order to secure a table where needed, although most high end gentlemen are very well organized and have things booked weeks and months ahead.

Attending a fine dinner in NYC is not difficult to arrange. There are hundreds of exceptional quality restaurants all over the city, and whether on the UWS or UES (Upper West Side or Upper East Side), around Central Park West (CPW) or further downtown, there is always somewhere exciting and luxurious to place your order of five star Michelin quality cuisines.

Once a wonderful dinner has been leisurely enjoyed, and dessert languished over, the evening’s entertainment can begin. Usually a dim and sensual jazz bar or urban chill out lounge will be in order, or if he prefers, sometimes an opera, philharmonic symphony, ballet or show of some kind will be booked and attended. Alternatively, there may be a particular event the gentleman would like to attend, such as a gallery exhibition, a club grand opening or invitation-only vip occasion. Regardless, the evening will be spent in great enjoyment and luxury, like any quality date among high society.

The New York nightlife is unendingly exciting and entertaining, with new places and concepts opening and closing almost weekly. Take the once fascinating ‘bed’, where people would meet and enjoy cocktails on actual beds instead of chairs, with softly drapes curtains between beds to give a modicum of separation and privacy. Quite the novelty. Then there are the classics; Balthazar etc, which become almost cult restaurants that one MUST visit upon arriving in New York.

Finally, he endless clubs and bars, where one can enjoy a drink and a little louder music for dancing the night away. Whether this is the ‘scene’ of many of this caliber of gentleman is a personal choice, but the option is there. Generally, one would see an elite escort with her date cuddled up in a five star lounge, enjoying music at volumes which still allows them to communicate. Communication is extremely important with vip dates, to create the connection and bond he seeks. A mindless dance-all-night-party scene is rarely that of a high net worth individual; at least not one a courtesan would want to spend any time with!

The nightlife is wide and varied; in the city that never sleeps, there is always something to do, somewhere to go, someone to see. Whether out on the river, in the five star hotels New York offers, or in the luxurious clubs and bars, one can never be bored or lost for things to do!


The Expense Of Life In NYC

Many ladies enter the escort field due to necessity. As one of the most expensive cities in the USA, and certainly the world, NYC is a business and economic capital, where cash is king. Money seems to be the propeller of the entire population, and it’s no different for the city’s beautiful women.

It’s true that the elite courtesan rarely needs to worry about money; she either has her own business, or a string of benefactors just waiting to pay her bills. Sometimes she is simply from a wealthy family, and prefers to make it on her own. Not to mention her occasional bookings with generous, successful gentlemen.

But even a courtesan has bills to pay – her beauty bills alone would stagger many women. But it’s all an investment in herself; like an actress, she is a blank canvas, of exceptional quality, maintained to the highest standard. And she becomes whatever is required for her beloved callers, as the actress does for her beloved fans.

Besides the personal upkeep, the living expenses in NYC are exorbitant. One can rarely afford to purchase a property there any longer, however rent is possible – just barely! Rent in New York has risen to such a ridiculous height, that unless one is lucky enough to have a co-op or old family property that has been rented for years, almost all of one’s salary would be spent only on putting a roof over one’s head!

Generally the solution is for people to either live together with roommates or friends, (the amount of convenience relationships formed is insane..) or to live in a VERY tiny apartment that is affordable. Living in a decent area is usually not an option for the average person (ie Upper East Side or Upper West), so they take an apartment somewhere ‘cooler’, Chelsea, downtown somewhere funky and urban. However the ideal for any young lady of elegance is of course to live in a more prestigious area. And working part time as an elite companion can afford her the ability of living a higher quality of life.

You can see the more ‘obvious’ types of ladies with a bit of attitude and ego, living in a higher end part of town, very proud of her achievements. Unfortunately she is in denial about what she has to do to afford the life she has built; her work is physically based, booked by the hour. Usually she is not only looking to indulge in the high life, but hopefully attract a wealthy lover, sugar daddy or husband. Some of these types are attractive enough and good enough actresses to actually achieve their goals. She no longer has to ever worry about going back to the regular side of town, something she would despise.

The more elegant ladies who were usually raised on that side of town, are already accustomed to the higher quality lifestyle, and simply wish to maintain it. If she finds she has talent for comforting and accompanying elite gentlemen, she may decide to make this her independent income. This allows her to break free from her family obligations, and have her freedom. However rent is not the only expense to consider. While one would obviously prefer to be paying off a mortgage, when saving a huge deposit is an impossibility, rent payments are the compromise!

In addition to rent payments, there are utilities, food, transport, social expenses, medical expenses, clothing, travel, taxes, gifts… the list goes on. While NYC isn’t the MOST expensive city when it comes to living costs, it is not exactly ‘affordable’ if one wants to live in a safe and luxurious area. The crime rate is relatively high in NY; break and enter violations are commonplace and considered an annoying part of life in the big apple. As such, one wants to live in the nicest possible area, where crime rates may not necessarily be lower, but security is certainly higher!

In addition to life’s expenses, if one wishes to save anything, one’s income needs to be particularly high. The average hourly wage is certainly not enough for anyone to cover expenses let alone save. If the wage is a higher professional level, one may be able to cover most of one’s expenses, however some things would need to be foregone – if you decide to go out for dinner that week with friends, then you might have to skip the sale at Bloomingdale’s that week! Need a facial? Do without your hairdresser that week. There’s an opportunity cost, and one can’t always afford to do EVERYTHING.

So you can see why a larger income is desirable, in all walks of life. For those wishing to elevate their lives and afford all the things they’ve never had, and for those who are maintaining a lifestyle they don’t wish to lose.
Taxis alone can take a decent amount of the salary if you’re a sociable type. To really cover a comfortable lifestyle, one needs to earn far more than an average wage. And while some people are still happier to live a simple life and earn an honest wage, others don’t see a reason to struggle and suffer, when they have options, and talents they can use to increase their quality of life, and the society in which they circulate. Elite escort dating can be the solution for many a young lady, depending on her caliber.

Even dating itself is another expense! No wonder a lady seeks a man who’s is successful and able to support her; the stress involved in worrying about expenses can be ageing and unhealthy.


Dating and meeting people in big cities

On to the subject of dating, particularly in big cities like Manhattan. In smaller towns and suburbs, people tend to know each other, and friends of friends introduce each other; meeting others isn’t particularly difficult, considering the access everyone has to each other, most of the time.

However in big cities, people are more anonymous, isolated and sometimes fearful of new people. There are a lot of strangers in a big city, and we’ve all heard the horror stories of things that can happen. So how does one meet people in a big exciting city?

There are many ways in which to meet new people safely and securely. One’s workplace is often a great place to meet prospective dates, although be careful. If things don’t go well, you’re stuck seeing that person every day. In addition, it is unwise for a person of authority to date a subordinate, and some companies prohibit interoffice relationships. Still, they are people that you see every day, and kind of know something about. One day you may leave that job, and the people you once knew there are sometimes available for dating.

You can always be introduced to friends of friends, which can result in some interesting experiences. Of course again, if things don’t go well, your friendships may suffer. It can be very awkward to tell your friends that their cousin/ sibling/ friend is unappealing to you, or has breath like a sewer drain!

Moving on to more independent ways of meeting others – speed dating? Rather less exciting than it sounds, no way to select or filter out the people you wouldn’t want to meet. Online dating? Sign up, add a photo, trawl others’ profiles or wait for contacts.. However there’s no way of knowing who these people really are, and whether they aren’t just fake profiles made by the site, in order to get you spending more money to contact them. And what to do if you decide to meet someone? Are they safe? How do you know their photo is real, or that their entire profile isn’t a big lie? A little risky.

Dating agencies; visit, pay, give your details and photos, wait for your perfect match. Unfortunately the same problem arises; you can’t select and filter out those you’d never be interested in. You can waste an evening and the cost of a meal, meeting someone with whom you feel no chemistry and have nothing in common.

What about meeting people in your neighborhood? The lovely girl who always comes into the bookstore? The handsome guy who always stops by the grocer next door at the same time every Monday, Wednesday and Friday? Perhaps someone at your gym or French class? This can potentially work, and why not give it a try? But you have the awkward approach, and what if they’re already in a relationship or uninterested? Rejection can be so uncomfortable and embarrassing, and then you can never go back there.

Sometimes the best way for high end people to meet similar high end people for dates, is to use the services of an elite courtesan escort service. Both parties are usually of high society, and understand each other’s need for luxury and class. The agency management can take your preferences, much like the dating agency, and match you perfectly, however this time the options of ladies to meet are far more beautiful and accomplished than those in a dating agency…

Like online dating, you can often browse the website profiles to have an idea of the types of ladies the elite escort agency represents, without the need to sift through and contact any of them directly. The agency does all that for you. Like being introduced to a friend of a friend, without the awkwardness or obligation. So what seems like the best solution..? The best of all worlds, by calling an elite, discreet company like Mynt Models®, a very exclusive companion agency. As an affluent, successful, selective and educated individual, you can arrange to meet equally successful, high end and educated person to share a wonderful date with.

High end elite escort services are the new way for the affluent to meet like-minded, well bred individuals for casual dating or relationships. Nobody with money has time for gold diggers, looking to fool him into taking half his money in a few years. Very few are looking for random dates with strangers, given the stories of drugging, organ harvesting, murder and such – it can be downright dangerous to date some random person! It would be rare to find someone who enjoys being set up by friends and family too often – the comments and opinions from those ‘too close’ will eventually begin to grate on one’s nerves.

Unless someone is ready to settle down or marry, dating can be a hazardous pool of uncertainty and regret. So the affluent have begun to seek out the girlfriend experience escort service – particularly in New York, where the pool is that much fuller than the average city. Booking a girlfriend experience through a reputable and luxury agency means your personal needs are assessed in a consultation and taken into serious consideration, it is never a quick fix up between two conveniently available humans.

The agency management will carefully assess your needs, preferences, background, ‘type’, and financial caliber. Then she will match you with perfectly suitable ladies – more beautiful, educated and elite than any introduction agency would be able to introduce you to. And less likely to expect more from you than you’re willing to give. It’s an introduction agency with a twist; the ladies aren’t necessarily expecting marriage by the end of a 6 month dating phase.

As the client of an elite GFE courtesan service, you are in complete control, keeping yourself safe, clean, entertained with beautiful women, without all the hassle and strings of normal relationships. While it’s not a viable long term option for most (though some prefer it!), it’s certainly a fantastic way to feel comfortable and pampered, while seeking out “the one”, or while getting over a divorce or previous broken relationship. You can be free to be yourself in every way, without worrying what the lady will think of you, because she doesn’t necessarily want a future with you, nor you with her.

And yet there are times when people do spend a lot of time together, and feelings form a bond between them. (Ladies can be booked for days up to months – a year together is bound to build some kind of bond – and will still cost you less than an actual girlfriend!!)

So play things by ear, but the choice is always yours, which is half the pleasure of dating with an elite and luxurious escort agency – you won’t be harassed by harsh NY types, but charmed by all manner of wonderful companions from all over the world. Get to know what Eastern European ladies are like, or what German girls are like. Find out where your favorite girls are, and make your selection from the cream of the crop, without having dated any of her friends or those she knows. A perfect taste-tester of the world of women.


How escort agencies operate in NY

There are a few different aspects to this story – let’s again focus on the higher end. These agencies aren’t offering by-the-hour visits from escort girls who meet 3-8 men in a night. There are no last-minute hotel visits or apartment outcalls for a brief “drink”… No, this is a whole other caliber of ‘escort’ – these are courtesan escorts, or elite companions, women you may well meet in art galleries, wine tastings, at photoshoots and in high class bars.

The ladies at this level are booked as luxury travel companions and elite dinner dates, valued for their breeding, education, poise and charm. They will be genuinely well bred, meaning they don’t drink to excess, they NEVER indulge in illicit substances or disregard their health, and they would never dream of tattooing or disfiguring their physique in any way.

She will be well spoken, appropriate in deportment and always displaying lovely social manners and etiquette. She knows international protocol and always conducts herself to the highest degree of integrity. Whenever you book a lady who does not display this caliber of quality, you can easily understand she is not at the level of ‘courtesan’. Should it happen more than once, assume the entire agency doesn’t reach that caliber either!

Finding a company to provide the quality a high end gentlemen seeks can be difficult, since the majority of regular escort agencies claim to be ‘elite’, and ‘high class’ (whatever that means). They market themselves as high end premium escort services, yet they don’t really know how to deliver that! There are many companies who assume a pretty girl with a modeling career can charge as much as she wants and call herself an elite escort or a courtesan.

Sadly, it takes rather more than good genes and a job to be considered elite. Something some gentlemen end up finding out the hard way. So a typical agency might accept a call, find out what kind of lady the gentleman would like to meet, promise the world, and send which ever lady is available at that moment, who somewhat resembles something of what he asked – or sometimes not! However this partly falls onto the shoulders of the gentleman making the call – he will never find a high end lady available without notice. This is one of the big myths of the industry.

Any escort agency claiming to provide celebrity and VIP escorts, which are available without notice, is generally operating with great deception in all areas of their company. There is no such thing as an immediately available high end model, performer or celebrity. Even just an accomplished businesswoman has a schedule. Only students and full-time escorts who meet many men, are available at the last minute or with little notice.

When you seek a high end lady in New York, don’t call a company which will rush you to book someone, or who promises high end, high class, or elite companions without notice. Select a company which actively avoids short-notice bookings, and you will have found a company which may authentically represent truly well bred, high quality courtesans and companions, available to escort you to dinner and on luxury travel trips.

Even more importantly when traveling, plenty of notice is required. So how to book a high class escort in New York City? When dealing with these genuinely high end luxury escort agencies or introduction companies, you can expect to be attended to pleasantly and promptly. The person you deal with will be polite, well-spoken and definitely professional. They will assess your needs, and take their time to find you the perfect match, as your ideal date. Leave a minimum of one week’s notice for luxury travel companion arrangements, as the ladies usually have pre-booked schedules, with photoshoots or appearances, daily career commitments and academic achievements pending.

When they respond with 3-5 ladies’ details from which you can select, you’re welcome at that point to request further information about 1-2 ladies that you like above the others. The agency manager or receptionist should happily oblige; anyone who is rushing you to book or asking for payment before you’re ready, is focused on money and you should run away fast. With a high quality agency, the financial settlement is the final step, not the first priority.

Just like a five star hotel, they already know their quality, they have an established reputation that anyone can see from their image, and they are hardly in need of ‘selling their services’. On the contrary, they often have to turn people away, whether by selection (not everyone is welcome), or by being in too high demand. They won’t accept hundreds of bookings or callers, and they like to maintain a little space in case one of their VIP clients comes calling.

So liken the elite escort agency to a five star hotel in terms of its conduct. Professional, high end, refined, tasteful, proper at all times. Anything less is NOT five star ; ) And expect the same delivery of quality and luxury as a five star establishment also. It is second nature for the elite to easily delivery quality. They don’t need to try particularly hard, as this is their normal conduct.

While no one person, hotel or agency will always be 100% perfect EVERY time, the difference between a high quality company and a common one, is that the high quality company cares, and will work to rectify things. They’ve built a high reputation and they will do whatever is required to maintain it, within reason. (Obviously an inappropriate gentleman will be invited to leave; they will only maintain their quality when they are genuinely out of line.)

Once you’ve selected the model or lady with whom you wish to spend a dinner date, evening or weekend, let the agency know and they will take you through their booking procedures. Whether you’re booking a luxury dinner date or an elite travel companion will dictate which models they present to you, and how they arrange the booking. Each agency has its own procedures so allow them to take you through things as they like.
Usually you will be given a quote, and details on how to make payment. A reputable agency will accept credit card and bank transfers. Cash can be utilized at most companies, although paying someone at dinner can be awkward, and usually it is far more tasteful and preferred by high end gentlemen to settle things in advance, so the evening can proceed like a genuine date.

They lady will arrive at the agreed time, whether to your five star hotel, or to a pre-arranged fine restaurant. While there is very rarely any expectation or demand for gifts, it’s always a lovely gesture to bring a gift, as you would for any girlfriend; this is a girlfriend experience date after all. Whether you bring a long stemmed rose, a little box of jewelry, or a designer handbag is really dependent on your choice and budget. An executive or VIP will usually rely on his assistant or receptionist to purchase something appropriate for his dinner date, up to a specific amount. However again, gifts are not compulsory.

At this point, your date begins. The lady will greet you warmly, with a friendly smile, from behind her perfectly groomed and well-presented presence. She’ll usually call her agency to let them know she’s arrived, and to go through some other security procedures. She is then all yours to enjoy getting to know one another over a romantic – and very often fun – dinner. Or if you have booked the beauty as a travel companion, then you will begin your sight-seeing together.

Travel companions can work in a few ways, but the most popular ones are for her to meet you at your hotel somewhere in the world, and to go exploring together, OR to meet each other in the same city, and actually travel together somewhere. Whether you’re a CEO traveling on business, a celebrity or performer on tour, or simply going on a wonderful vacation, you can enjoy the company of a beautiful elite escort as your dinner date, travel companion, sight-seeing buddy, admin girl and courtesan all in one. A most memorable way to travel, indeed.


The different types of escort quality

As mentioned there is a broad range of quality styles throughout the industry. We won’t even mention the very affordable and often illegal side of things; streetwalking, soliciting, service-providing as such. However even among the ‘acceptable’ escort agencies, there is certainly a choice. And each casters to its own market, so none is necessarily ‘better’ than the next, just catering for different types of gentlemen and their needs.

One type of agency will cater for those with out-of-the-ordinary fantasies and fetishes. Some regular agencies will accept calls like this also if it means more money for them. The kinds of ladies who work there are usually focused on money also, so they will endure whatever is necessary in order to get another booking that pays well.

Then we move into the mainstream “high class” escort agency, which offers fairly regular visits, dates and the above mentioned odd fetish booking. These agencies are usually the busiest, with a large selection of on-call escorts, prostitutes, students, businesswomen and aspiring career ladies. Ready to join you at a moment’s notice, or soon after. The high class escort agencies are suitable for the average gentleman, with fees arranging from affordable to as expensive as they dare to charge.

Then there are the elite agencies, which are more often than not a high class escort agency (or sometimes even just a regular company), who have raised their prices. They are more selective with the girls they hire, and their ladies are usually more elegant, and sometimes a little more educated. Not all of them, but you can sometimes find a higher quality lady on their books. Someone asking for ‘the best lady they have’ would usually be sent the most beautiful and available escort model.

Then the courtesan or elite courtesan agencies, are usually invested in providing a higher quality, of separating themselves from the average ‘service provider’, and aiming to connect only with like-minded gentlemen. They are selective with the ladies and the callers, and genuinely care about the people with whom they work. Their fees are high because ladies of that caliber will rarely enter the industry for less. If she is making less for a dinner date than she would make on a modeling shoot, why would she bother??

And finally, there is always a crème-de-la-crème kind of company, which is more of an introduction service than an ‘escort agency’ as such. While their companions are of equal or higher prestige to the elite courtesan, they are even more expensive as they are highly accomplished in their careers. They embody all the characteristics of the courtesan, plus the self-care aspect of no illicit substances, no tattoos etc. These are the ladies you could introduce to mother – or grandmother. Extremely wholesome, discreet, intelligent, beautiful and established in their field of expertise, be they a renowned performer or model, a talented businesswoman in an important position, or other premium individual.

This kind of date is not available to just anyone, and will only meet the most gentlemanly, successful, affluent and generous gentlemen, for whom luxury is a necessity. This way, she is easily kept in the lifestyle to which she is accustomed, and not likely to need to explain why public transport is NOT an acceptable conveyance to the event they are attending!

These ladies are accustomed to first class, five star everything, and they are really only suited to those gentlemen who also expect this for themselves. She will always be comfortable around him, knowing he will not be cutting corners, and he with her, knowing she won’t embarrass him, steal things, or be taking advantage of his wealth. She’s not excited by money, it’s something she is always around. She’s excited by getting to know someone, creating beautiful connections, seeing someone happy with her. Select the style of escort you feel would align with your own level of sophistication and budget, should you have one.


The history of escorts and courtesans

The history of courtesans is rich and delightful – and that of escorts even more bizarre. Escorts are easy; they were once simply ladies and gentlemen available as chaperones to dances and dinners, when one’s date was unavailable for some reason. As some prostitutes aimed to disguise their true profession, or to give a nicer image to their tasks, they began to refer to themselves as escorts. As such, today the word escort has two meanings; the dinner date/ social escort, and the by-the-hour type who is really only there for one reason….We’ll move on from that!

Courtesans however go back centuries, Veronica Franco being one of the most famous. A courtesan was an educated, accomplished woman, who rarely married, and who was allowed into areas where most women were not allowed in those days, particularly the courts. She would advise on legal matters, and coach the vip gentlemen of the time in their fields; somewhat of a muse and confidante in one. And she was rewarded handsomely, both financially and with gifts.
While she may have begun relationships with any of these men at any time, this was not the point of her presence. Just like a lawyer could choose to begin a relationship with any of her clients; but that doesn’t mean that’s what she ‘does’…

The same applies today, where high end gentlemen offer high payment and gifts to the elite ladies of knowledge and life experience, in order to enjoy her counsel, her sense of humor and intelligence, and of course her beauty. Much like the Geisha, she is there to serve and entertain, not to have sex. She is there to connect with this man on a deeper level, to bring emotional pleasure and intellectual stimulation.

She may accompany him to dances (knowing her classic dances), advise him on wines and art, play musical instruments, and remind him objectively of things he may have overlooked in his business conduct. She will be an invaluable companion to an elite executive, dignitary or tasteful celebrity.

A wonderful piece written on the history of courtesans can be found here.


The most expensive escort services in New York City

There are plenty of people interested in separating you from your money in NY – Some agencies just place a higher fee on their service because they want to make more money. Isn’t that the common conduct these days, charge as much as possible, because money is their new god..? Others charge a higher fee because they might “do more”, whatever that might mean. Others add a higher fee because their ladies are well known or accomplished in some provable way, and others deliberately only want to cater to a small and specific clientele, so they set the prices to appeal only to that demographic of callers.

Let’s take a look at the most expensive elite escort agency in New York, which is not focused on money. They simply have higher fees to maintain a more exclusive clientele, and regularly decline plenty of inquiries. Mynt Models is focused on creating mutually beautiful, high quality experiences, rather than on making as much money as possible. They often politely decline to accept a booking, and certainly seem head and shoulders above the average.

What are you getting when you pay more for someone’s time? Usually a higher academic achievement, therefore the knowledge that the lady can commit to something seriously, not play games or take you with a grain of salt. You’ll be enjoying the company of someone with proper breeding and upbringing, so common courtesies, social etiquette and niceties, poise and manners will be standard provisions. No airs and graces, then true colors after a few drinks… A genuinely well bred, well raised young lady.

You’ll enjoy time with someone whose hygiene is intact and carefully attended to, and whose choice of presentation is tasteful, classic, understated and discreet. A modest looking beautiful date is far more discreet than a nightclub dress and 8-inch heels! Her hair will always be styled elegantly, her nails and feet perfectly manicured/ pedicured. She will spend time and invest in herself in terms of grooming, beauty and fitness.

All-in-all, the whole point of paying a premium is to avoid the disappointments and nastiness that can occur when booking a date. With ladies like these, born and raised in privilege, you will never be mortified in public, or appalled in person. You will always be charmed, delighted and relieved, with a wonderful feeling of relaxation when everything is said and done. One pays a premium for perfection. Isn’t that quality worth it? Well, those who understand, understand and agree.


Why select a girlfriend experience (GFE)?

The girlfriend experience has been written about for decades, in great detail. From the agencies themselves, to the articles in the news, the “GFE” is a fascination to both clients and the public alike. How does one have the feeling of a girlfriend with a stranger?

It all begins with the attitude of the lady – she loves meeting new people, and possess a truly caring, compassionate heart. When she genuinely cares about the feelings of others, it’s easy to be a girlfriend to someone. The girlfriend experience is about the gentleman feeling comfortable with his date, like they are actually dating. SO he can forget he’s paying. To do this, the lady will be a naturally open and caring individual, who will be as friendly and attentive as any women who was trying to create a relationship. She will create an atmosphere of safe enjoyment and exciting fun, with a sense of humor.

She’ll find it easy to connect with someone when she is naturally the type of girl who doesn’t focus on herself, but on her date. So you are important, your preferences matter, your stories are interesting and your jokes are amusing. She will share some of her life, as well as listening to yours. She will genuinely sympathize with and understand your position. Finding someone to gently care or actually listen these days is rare, so booking a girlfriend experience can be most fulfilling in that respect.

She may be getting paid, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her job and want to be there. Like any job, from mechanic to lawyer to accountant – they have chosen the position because they are good at it, and genuinely enjoy that work. It doesn’t mean they’re only there because you’re paying them. Though of course in every industry there are people who really shouldn’t be there lol!

However speaking generally, a high end and expensive luxury courtesan escort will offer the VIP girlfriend feeling you have been seeking, with a genuine nature and feeling of care for you. If she didn’t want to be there, she wouldn’t be. An elite escort can walk out of a booking any time she is feeling disrespected. She stays because she genuinely likes you and enjoys your company. She’s not watching the clock or rushing to leave.


What kind of girl is suited as a GFE travel companion?

A travel companion or GFE escort position takes more than a pretty face and someone who likes to travel. She needs to always be in a great mood. Like ALWAYS. She needs to be a very generous, giving and attentive individual; nobody wants a demanding prima donna to deal with on his trip. She should be there to assist him not hinder things. Not that she shouldn’t be herself, but a non-complainer, easy going type of nature is required.

She should already be quite well traveled, so accustomed to airport annoyances, turbulence on flights, moments with no wifi/ no cash/ no credit card etc. Therefore resourcefulness needs to be one of her traits, and being prepared is her motto. She will not be someone who needs a huge amount of luggage; indeed a travel companion is a naturally beautiful and poised young woman who looks delectable whether she’s in a business suit, a designer dress or a sarong.

In any case, house of hair and makeup aren’t required for her to be ready to roll. Like a model, she can brush her hair out, throw on some dress jeans and a shirt & scarf, don a little lip gloss and sunglasses, and she’s stunning. She is always extremely organized and neat – there is absolutely no room as a travel companion for anything less. It’s not only extremely rude, it is annoying, inconsiderate and dangerously inconvenient. Her job is to keep things in order, not to create chaos.

A travel companion is basically a date, personal assistant and tour guide/ concierge all rolled into one. She’s certainly not a princess just traveling on someone else’s dime, behaving like she’s doing him a favor to be there. She’s aware, friendly with everyone including crew. She’s able to diffuse potentially awkward or escalating situations, and remain very patient.

For example, if there is a problem with the flights, she needs to be able to calm her client, or tell him to relax and sit down while she handles things. She needs finesse, class, manners, powers of persuasion and a warm approach. Therefore, someone booking a GFE travel companion should be aware that if he has paid a premium for an elite guest, she should embody all of the above, or at least be attempting to! Anything less is a compromise on luxury and quality, if not an outright rip off.

While it may be tempting to aim for the “hottest” looking girlfriend to join you, beauty can fade quickly when the personality or behavior is unpleasant. What would be the point of a pretty lady to accompany you to dinner, when all she does is complain and moan, cause problems and distractions, demand and bitch the rest of the time? Wouldn’t it be nicer to be with a beauty who is also enjoyable company, helpful, friendly, easy going and calm? By all means, select the pretty face. But know what you SHOULD be receiving when you booking a high class woman for her elite travel companionship services.


What is a travel companion?

What exactly is a travel companion? What does a travel companion do? It might seem fairly common sense that it’s someone who accompanies someone on a trip, but it’s so much more. As mentioned above, the responsibilities of a female travel companion are far more than a buddy with whom to travel. A professional luxury travel companion is a mixture of personal assistant, concierge, girlfriend, date, best friend and tour guide, all rolled into one. She will be a most competent, patient and delightful individual.

When someone books a travel companion, he is expecting more than a friend to be next to him or to ohh and ahh over the sights. He is seeking an actual connection, a companion with whom to share a special experience. One can’t just tag along and hope for the best. A lady needs to be prepared to cater for his needs, whether he needs business calls made, sunscreen rubbed on his back, flights re-booked, or a perfectly stunning and well mannered dinner date for romantic or business dining.

An elite travel companion is the one who will be quickly prepared; if she’s told they have to attend a function in 2 hours, she is looking stunning in a cocktail dress, with plenty of time to spare. She thrives on a little pressure, a little challenge. She is always going to be prepared, so she won’t need hours to tan, wash her hair, apply make up etc. Her clothing is always non-iron where possible, and ready to go. Her hair is always clean and her fresh beauty means minimal make up is required for her to look beautifully groomed. A pair of heels easily takes her smart-casual look from day to cocktail evening.

While some people might think they can coast along with a nice physique, pretty face and fake smile, sadly this is not sufficient for a premium travel service. An affluent and successful man, who pays good money for the company of a genuinely high quality lady, expects the luxury he has paid for. He’s certainly not looking for a diva who is only concerned with her looks. He expects his elite companion to attend to him and be considerate of him, as he is of her. Yes she is his invited guest, however she is not going for free!


How to book a luxury travel companion in NYC.

Booking a travel companion in New York couldn’t be easier – initially though, paying careful attention to the selection process is priority #1. There are literally hundreds of escort agencies in NYC, and they will all be more than happy to take your money and offer you whatever you want to hear.

The first step is to assess the company itself. How much information is on their website? How much detail do they go into when it comes to travel companions – do they specialize in that, or do they just offer escort services, and book her out for a weekend or a week with you? A travel companion is far more than just a pretty escort girl booked for a few days instead of a few hours, as explained above.

Next, you might find it wise to book some time with the lady (or a few) in person first, for dinner or such. Of course this can be difficult when you’re booking someone from NY to meet you in Miami, and you’re on business in London. However most reputable companies will offer introduction videos of their ladies, as some peace of mind for you.

Still, if you are New York gentlemen, looking to bring someone with you to the Bahamas for a weekend, or off to Singapore on business for a couple of weeks, then booking someone (or a few different dates) for dinner first might be wise. It won’t take long for you to understand which agency delivers what it promises, and which lady has some chemistry with you, and knows her stuff when it comes to traveling.

Of course once you have an elite escort agency in NYC which you have dealt with successfully, then you know you can rely on them for excellence and quality for future bookings. That’s always the most convenient option, and takes the pressure off whenever it comes time to book a GFE companion to travel with you (or to you).

With a company you know and trust to take care of you (not just have their hands in your wallet!), you can then leave a retainer or take a membership, so when you need to book a companion, you can receive priority attention and efficient booking. For eg for general bookings, you’d usually need to allow 5-7 days or more lead time. However if your funds are already settled, then all you need to do is select the model, and get on your way.


Where to go with your GFE escort or travel companion.

If you haven’t booked a travel companion before, then this guide will help you a lot. The essence of the experience will be dependent upon whether your trip is a business or vacation purpose.

Clearly if your trip is a business-focused trip, then your days may be busy with clients and meetings, so the model will go about her life; she may attend to any chores you give her to accomplish, or she may do a little sight-seeing. The main thing is that she will be there for you when you require company or assistance. In this situation, the actual location of the trip will be dependent on your business requirements.

However after hours, all your time is free to spend with your girlfriend experience travel companion. If you are busy with work or require some data entry or paperwork assistance, your companion will be honored to help you out. If, however, your time is free after hours, then you can revitalize yourself by going for dinner or seeing a show etc with the beautiful model. You could enjoy a drink and a dance at a high end lounge or bar, and indulge in some interesting conversation when you return to the hotel or resort. Or maybe just visit the cinema like a normal couple relaxing.

One of the purposes of having a travel companion join you on a business trip, is to have those moments of stress relief and assistance as needed. Imagine having someone help you sort your paperwork? All top models sign legal non-disclosure agreements, so you will have no problem in terms of confidentiality. Imagine having someone to give you a foot rub or back massage after a long, difficult day? It makes a big difference to have someone to “come home to”, who will have everything perfect, have ordered dinner (if you aren’t going out), and prepared you a drink as you arrive.

However if your trip is mainly for vacation purposes, then you have loads of free time, and the opportunities are endless! Depending where you go together, then any of the normal touristy things will be enjoyable with someone to share it. However let’s assume you’re visiting NYC as your vacation spot – there are many clichéd but also more off the beaten path things to do in NY. Rather than mentioning specific places (many places will be closed by the time you read this!), the focus will be on general enjoyments one would indulge in with a date or partner.

Yes of course we have the lovely horse and carriage rides through Central Park. Any time of year, this is a delightful and beautiful way to spend the afternoon or evening. An escape from reality, an escape from the buzz of the city, into an oasis – whether green, gold, grey or white, depending on the season.

The natural, earthy smell of the horses, the cheerful disposition & conversation of the coachman and guide. The sight of the park gliding by, the clip clop sound of the horse’s hooves on the ground, in a comforting sense of grounding. The closeness of your date, the feel of her thigh against yours, her smiling face as she is charmed by the experience, much like yourself. It’s magical.

Some more tourist-like things to do might be to visit the Madam Tussaud’s wax museum, which offers a surreal look at almost-real celebrity images, made of wax. Painstakingly created with great detail, you may feel eerily like the actual person is standing there posing in the frozen state, ready to jump to life at any moment! Take a photo with a particularly realistic looking wax-celebrity and tell people you met them in NYC!

Ground Zero may interest some, a place of terrible history, controversy and constantly renewing energy. While you’re down that end of the island of Manhattan, a visit to the gift from France, the Statue of Liberty is interesting, though not quite as enjoyable now heavier security measures are in force. Still, she’s a magnificent sight to see in person, up close.

Whether down town in the business section and along wall street with the stock exchange and bankers, or mid town where things are a little more laid back, New York City has so much to offer. A lunch at the Plaza Hotel can be most delightful and sparkling – or perhaps a lovely high tea after your horse and carriage ride? Their lovely lamb shank and beans dish is wonderful lunch in winter, and the cucumber watercress sandwiches with tea and scones are a lovely refresher in the afternoon.

One can’t visit New York with a companion and not visit the Empire State Building – that view is incredible! And you could make one of those lovely pacts, to return and meet each other on such-and-such a date, at midnight. Talk about romantic…

If you’re the arty type, the Museum of Art, Museum of Natural History, the Guggenheim and the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) will captivate you, and deliver a day or two of wonderful creative fulfillment. Rockerfeller Center is wonderful, especially during winter, when they have ice skating, and of course the wonderful big Xmas tree in December is magnificent.

Grand Central Station is one of the biggest transit hubs in the world, and is an architectural landmark. Don’t lose each other here, you may never find each other again until you both arrive back at the hotel! Ellis Island and Brooklyn Bridge are common sight seeing destinations, for their history. And you can view an amazing concert, sporting event or other entertainment at Madison Square Garden. Yankee Stadium is also a great choice for sporting events.

Little Italy in New York is exciting, and offers wonderfully traditional foods of Italia – the area has some incredible history also, and walking on those streets can leave you speechless. Central Park Zoo is great for animal lovers, as well as the Brooklyn Zoo, if you enjoy that kind of thing. Rockerfeller Plaza is a tremendous experience for a lot of people, and regularly featured on news stories.

Then of course there are the places from your favorite shows to visit – Central Park West (CPW), Upper East Side (UES, from sex and the city), Upper West Side (UWS, perhaps from Seinfeld, or Riverside Drive from Will and Grace show). All wonderful to walk along and be a part of. And one can’t forget the endless supply of famous New York restaurants, bars and clubs. ABC kitchen is popular – but we said we wouldn’t mention actual places, so you should find the most up-to-date cool places here.


How to behave with an elite escort

Some people can feel quite awkward around beautiful women, and when booking an elite escort, can feel quite uncertain about how to conduct themselves. Do they need to be a big hero and take control? Do they need to impress her with big stories and bravado? Do they treat her cool so she doesn’t think she can mess with him? What about the little boy thing? Maybe she’ll give more if he plays innocent?

Here’s how to behave with an elite escort lady – exactly the same as you would treat any other woman! : ) While incredibly beautiful, these women are real women. They are exactly the same as your female lawyer, your female accountant, your female banker, dry cleaner or photographer. What she does for a living is irrelevant to the fact that she is a real person.

She genuinely wants to be there with you, otherwise she’d leave. Very few ladies will stay and suffer through a horrible date. When you’ve paid for her time, it doesn’t mean she will accept anything at all – just like your female interior designer – yes you pay her for her time, she will treat you well and may genuinely like you, but if you cross any lines, behave like a jerk or give her disrespect, she’ll likely tell you to shove your job lol. Professional girlfriend dates are exactly the same. Treat her with respect, politely like any other woman, and she’ll respond in kind.

Usually it’s best to let her set the pace so she feels safe – she’s not going to be impressed by any bravado, big stories or dominant behavior. If anything, this will turn her off. Very few women enjoy this conduct. Just be yourself. Treat her like a friend of the family that’ you’ve met at a party. Get to know her, be genuinely interested in her, as she is in you. Ease your way closer to her as you would any other woman at a party. Watch her reactions, follow her lead. Don’t assume anything, as one false move may send her walking.

If you’re entirely inexperienced with women, it might be best to begin with short bookings with regular escort girls – don’t aim for high end models and premium courtesans if you’re unsure of what you’re doing. Not to say that you don’t deserve that level of quality, it just might be a little awkward. Once you’ve met a few less prestigious ladies with whom you feel at ease, you will build your confidence and be able to book someone a little more elite, without freaking out!

If you were raised as a gentleman, then you’ll naturally know how to behave with people, and show your civil manners and common courtesies. Be chivalrous, care about her, conduct yourself politely. It’s not difficult, but preparing yourself as you would any other date is a good idea. Shave, shower, use cologne. This is not a situation where you can say “I’m paying, I shouldn’t have to try”… Umm, yes you do..!

This is a mutually enjoyable experience, and no woman wants to have dinner with a slob who smells like yesterday’s pit stains! A gentlemen practices proper grooming, hygiene and presentation, just as he expects his date to. If you can’t be bothered, you won’t be the kind of client she’s accustomed to, or comfortable spending time with. It will be a very brief dinner!

When you want to be lazy, book lower quality escorts for whom lazy presentation may be acceptable or commonplace. When booking an elite courtesan or travel companion escort, make the effort as you would for any date. It will be worth it.


What separates elite escorts and courtesans from illegal activities?

If you’re concerned about booking an elite escort in New York for fear of being arrested, please relax. An elite escort or courtesan is not “selling sex”, and will never solicit such things or make any adult promises. Therefore she is doing nothing wrong, and neither are you. Booking a lady for a dinner date, a tour guide, a coffee buddy or an event accompaniment is not illegal. Even having her visit your hotel for a chat is not illegal.

Again, like your female lawyer or accountant, IF there is chemistry between you and she feels comfortable to accept a kiss or pursue some kind of personal connection with you, that will absolutely be at the escort’s discretion and personal choice. An elite luxury escort agency will Never ‘pimp’ their ladies in such an underhanded way, or promise private ‘services’ to people without her consent. She is NOT a prostitute. Hence her high end career, and the premium price tag for her time. She doesn’t give her time for any less than she would earn in her career.

Therefore, you won’t be in a position to accept or decline any illegal “adult services”, as they aren’t on offer like a menu list. A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell anyway, and would never expect a lady to discuss such things, or to disclose anything she might feel comfortable with in her personal life. How you spend your time together is entirely private between you and the escort girl.

It’s up to you to be as charming and alluring as possible, to create the most comfortable environment for her. When a lady is comfortable, feeling safe and appreciated with a warm, kind person, she is more likely to let her guard down and start to appreciate you in return.

At the end of the day, you are booking this woman’s time, and paying for that companionship time. To get to know her, to enjoy a lovely dinner date and evening/ weekend/ week together. The connection you may form, or the personality clash that ends the date, (which is rare, given how lovely they are!), will be entirely between you and your NYC date.


How to avoid trouble in NYC.

All over the world, including in NY, there is some potential element for danger. Whether you are visiting a club, drinking in a bar, walking in the street – anything could happen any time, and as long as you’re aware of the potential dangers, you can avoid them.

– Always choose reputable agencies or escorts to whom you’ve been referred. There are too many people these days who are eager to cheat and deceive people. From taking your fee then not sending the lady, to someone arriving then letting her boyfriend in to rob you, there are all manner or pitfalls among lower-end, low quality agencies and escorts. Avoid that at all costs, by sticking to professional companies who don’t rush you to book, or seem ‘desperate’. A pushy agent or escort is a warning signal. Most agencies and elite escorts are selective, and careful with whom they accept, so if they are rushing you to book, or offering lower bargain prices without your request, in order to ‘get’ you, something is off.

– Keep your valuables locked away. Again, a reputable agency’s courtesans or high class independent escorts will never, ever do anything to wrong you, as they’d like to hear from you again, and they believe in Karma. However underhanded or low class ladies and agencies will have no qualms about ‘making the most’ of every client.. As a safety precaution, maintain the protection of your money, keys, passport, credit cards etc.

– Let your hotel know where you’re going for dinner. Just in case. You are a registered guest, and God forbid something should happen, when you don’t return from dinner they may at least be aware of it.

– DON’T ever accept drinks from strangers, even pretty girls. Always watch your drink carefully, if you drink at all. If you go to the bathroom, order a new drink on your return. Again, this will NEVER happen with a reputable agency providing genuinely high end ladies. However if your drink is drugged, literally anything could happen to you, from thieving from you, to horrific organ harvesting. (We’ll let you google the horrors of that…) Keep your wits about you, until you know this lady and/ or this agency well. Your health and safety are 100% the most important aspect of your life.

– IF you do pursue a closer relationship with someone you’ve booked for a date, Always Use Protection – like on any other date, your health is your responsibility, nobody else’s. And some things can’t be undone… Any grown responsible adult in this day and age is aware of their health, and maintains it carefully.

– Always use a hotel car or a booked taxi. Don’t flag taxis on the street where possible, and definitely don’t get into any private car, whether it’s your escort’s ‘friend’, or family member or otherwise. Always book a chauffeured car, or ask the restaurant/ doorman to call you a taxi.

– Be a gentleman – show respect and manners to people, even if they’re belligerent or offensive to you. They may have had a difficult day/ week, or just be an uneducated idiot. However you certainly don’t want any situations escalating in New York City with unknown aggressive types. Don’t be a hero. Apologize, make it clear you don’t want any trouble, and go on your way. Your ego is not worth losing your evening, well-being or life over! Stick to reputable establishments where possible, where cultured people attend, and security guard or doorman is always present.

– Keeping your eyes open, listening to your instincts, and staying aware will always allow you to avoid potentially nasty situations. When you also select high quality companies with whom to do business, you can rest assured you’ll always be taken care of in the most professional way, with no nasty experiences or side effects to deal with later.


How To Navigate The Sea Of Fake Escort Photos!

Sadly, there are thousands and thousands of agencies using fake photos. Some are using them for the discretion of their top model ladies, others use them to deceive people and will then send someone who barely resembles the lovely image. To avoid this, the best thing to do is to ask for an introduction video. A brief video of the lady saying hi, is not possible to ‘fake’, so you can be sure the lady in the video will be the one who arrives – and if not, you’ll know instantly.

An escort girl can be made to look like a super model with photoshop retouching in photos, but she can’t look that different on video, even with a face full of makeup and great lighting! : ) If video is not provided by at least a few of the models, then you can ask for some ‘selfies’, which are photos the model escort has taken of herself. She may have held the phone up to take a photo directly, or she may take a photo of herself in the mirror – either way, this will be a more realistic image of the lady who will arrive to meet you.

In the worst case, when the lady arrives, if you don’t like her, simply let her know you’ve changed your mind, and contact the agency (or another one!) to book a different lady. State again that you want an authentic representation of the lady you’re going to meet, not some pretty fake photos. They should oblige, or else cancel the booking and call an agency with more integrity.


6 tricks to look out for when it comes to a NY escort agency.

Double profiles – some companies will list their ladies 2-3 times, but under different prices, so they can try to get her higher priced bookings, then offer her at a lower price for those on a budget. It’s difficult to spot this, especially when fake photos are being used.. This is another reason why a reputable, professional company is important, to avoid being lied to.

Fake photos – discussed above, politely request an intro video or at least some selfie photos to confirm the authenticity of her pretty modeling and promo shots. Ideally the agency will send you a selection of her modeling and her natural (digital, un-retouched) photos.

Sending anyone who is available that evening – some agencies will promise the world, then send whoever is sitting around available. If the lady who arrives at your hotel room is not the lady in the photos, or unappealing to you in any way, let her know you’ve changed your mind, give her $50 for her transport costs, and send her on her way. If you have any problems, call the hotel security to escort her out. It is not illegal to book an escort to visit and keep you company, so you are within your rights to safely call the hotel security.

Blaming the lady for not showing up – some agencies are not actually agencies…They are cheap websites set up to get payments from callers, and never sending anyone! You can usually tell this by the very amateur and shoddy presence of their website, low quality or fake photos, etc. Beware.

Double charging your credit card – there are some underhanded people in the escort industry, unfortunately : (  Another reason to only call reputable agencies. Those who were referred by word of mouth, or those which are obviously professional in image and response.

Rushing you to book asap – a professional agency has no desperate need for your business. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement, and they will happily cater for appropriate gentlemen, with no hard-sell. However they will not accept every caller, and will carefully see if you are a suitable gentleman to introduce their lovely ladies to. That’s a legitimate situation in a reputable company. Any agency or person rushing you to book, asking for your room number so they can send ‘someone’ in 20 minutes, etc, is a Big Red Flag. There is no rush when it comes to high quality.

Book your escort meeting with an agency whose site is comprehensive, and whose reputation is excellent. If you’re unsure or don’t have a referral, pay attention to how they communicate with you. Bad grammar and one-sentence replies or ‘I can have someone there in 10 minutes’ comments, may well indicate a less than reputable or unprofessional service, so it’s probably best to walk away.


What kinds of people call escort agencies?

Escort services are utilized by all manner of people, for all manner of reasons. Most often at the lower end, the clientele consists of those who simply can’t find dates, aren’t successful or handsome men, and simply need some companionship, attention, affection. Often it’s a married man who enjoys variety, but doesn’t want to have an affair that might interrupt his life or family. (Far more common than any women realizes!)

However let’s stick to the higher end of the industry. Here is where some people become confused, saying “I don’t have to pay for it” – Umm, nobody at the elite level “has to” pay for it. And they aren’t paying for “IT”, they are booking a professional companion’s time, to avoid obligation, responsibility, rejection, awkwardness and expectation. The benefits of booking a professional date are numerous, and elite escort dating is the new superior dating option for the affluent and successful gentleman.

An elite escort agency client is always highly successful, from CEO to political figures, A list celebrities, even royalty. Because confidentiality is paramount at the higher end of the industry, nobody ever discusses it. (Except those lower-quality agencies claiming to be elite… What an embarrassment to the industry!)
As such, he will book a lady through an elite agency because:

– They want to meet hygienic, well groomed, well presented, well educated, well bred ladies.

– They want someone with whom they can create a lovely connection, not some meaningless mindless by-the-hour encounter. Distasteful experiences do not appeal to them; they can find this at any bar of loose women or lower quality escort agency.

– They value their privacy and do NOT want their leisure time splashed all over the media the next day!

– They do not appreciate the embarrassment and awkwardness of being set up by friends and family.

– They value their safety and do not cherish the idea of meeting random available women in random bars, or over the internet in cheap online dating sites (most of which are false profiles anyway)

– They don’t want to use a traditional introduction agency, as they may not be looking for a full-on relationship or marriage yet. They’d like to take things slowly, test the waters, see how they feel. They enjoy dating, and don’t want any expectations or strings attached.

When booking an elite model escort, he can meet ladies at his own caliber of celebrity or intellect, and enjoy a wonderful connection with a thoughtful and understanding mind. He can enjoy a real date, without the real commitment, expectation, possible indiscretion and pressure.

It’s the perfect arrangement for a high caliber gentleman, and the way that most high end men are dating these days. When he finds a lady he likes, he might meet her more regularly, and if a relationship forms, then it’s wonderful. And if not, there is no expectation on him to pursue anything further. It’s ideal.


What if you want to stay with your date for longer?

Many gentlemen find they are having a sensational time with the elite escort date he booked, and wants to keep her longer. This is usually something that can be arranged, assuming the lady doesn’t have any important filming, photoshoots or career commitments booked in! Simply ask the lady if she’d like to accompany you for a little longer. When she accepts, contact the agency and ask them for a package for however many more hours or days you’d like to maintain your date.

The agency will send back the lady’s fee – feel free to send a counter offer or ask for a better price if you have a budget. The agency will always do their best to provide an appropriately comfortable fee for you, as they will be reluctant to interrupt your lovely situation. However asking for offensive low ball amounts will certainly have your date concluded aasp! Be a gentleman. If you like this lady so much, pay her what’s right. Once you settle your account, your date can continue unhurried and uninterrupted.

Some gentlemen will book a dinner date, then extend for the rest of the evening til breakfast. Some will book a lady for a few days, and decide to keep her for a few more days, or a week or so. Each to their own. As long as you are enjoying yourself, stay with your New York escort for as long as you wish.

Hopefully this comprehensive guide will give you some direction, and help you to not only arrange the best girlfriend experiences in the Big Apple of Manhattan City, but to also avoid any uncomfortable situations in the wonderful City of New York.

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