When you are Past the “Just Dating” Phase

Three dating romantic tips

The dating game is both fun and difficult at the same time. Getting yourself introduced to a lovely lady is not as easy as it seems in the movies. Working through the whole dating relationship can be even harder. Baring yourself for another person to study is not always easy to do. And yet, we all go through with it because it’s the only way we get to enjoy a meaningful, and romantic relationship with another person. All success involves some risk.

Okay, so you’ve gone through the whole dating game. Your relationship with your lovely woman is now ready to be lifted to a whole new level. You have to understand that whatever attraction you two share would wane if you don’t make conscious efforts to keep your relationship fresh. One of the best ways to make your relationship work is to always keep your woman impressed and happy.

Here are three ways you can achieve this:


Always keep in touch

Communication plays a vital role in any relationship. It is even more important in a romantic relationship such as the one you are trying to maintain. Why? This is because any romantic relationship is hinged on trust, and communication along with honesty, is a very vital element of trust. Be open with her. It may seem trivial to you, but a relationship with hidden misunderstandings and silent offences will be unlikely to grow. Neither will it likely last for long.

Whether you’re away from each other or not, never ever take communication for granted. You’d be surprised at the immensely positive response it can bring, and how much damage its absence can have in your relationship.


Always be considerate

A lot gentlemen fail on this part. Often times when a man is in a relationship, he carelessly does things without considering how his partner might feel. Perhaps one of the biggest causes of misunderstandings is when the gentleman makes decisions without sharing with his girlfriend and considering her opinion. Even if your intentions is right, you have to understand that decisions, especially large ones should be made by the two of you. It’s a matter of respect.

Some gentlemen may think that because they have the bigger role in terms of finances, they can make decisions without consulting their partners. The result is almost always a misunderstanding, as she’s left feeling unimportant and overlooked. Men should respect their partners enough to trust them and make decisions together. If he’s such a powerful man, he should be strong enough to handle a polite conversation and state his case..!


Never walk away from an argument

Most of the time, men will walk out of an argument because it’s tiring and toxic. However, women only confront men to clear something up. When you walk out of an argument, the issue will not be settled and your partner’s confusion and anger will only grow. When someone leaves, a problem that could have been addressed with an open mind, can lead to something really troublesome. Stand your ground if you have to, accept corrections if there are any, but never ever walk out.

A romantic relationship is not necessarily romantic every day. It requires nurturing, it requires effort. Like if you buy a gorgeous new car, then don’t take care of it properly, it’s not going to be nice for very long.. Polish and care for your relationship. If you really want to keep what you have and grow together as a couple, then exert an effort to make the relationship work. It’s absolutely worth it, with the right person.


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