Jenna Blazek

Red Diamond

Some Suggested Cities to Visit

London, Miami, Monaco, New York and Paris


Vital Statistics

Age: 26 yrs
Measurements: 32″ C, 24″, 34″ (90-56-91)
Height: 5′ 7″ (170cm)
Weight: 52kg (113lb)


About Jenna

A beautiful and charismatic young actress and model, Jenna is an ambassador of several international products, and can be seen at many a red carpet event. As such she is available to meet only 500 and 1 million level Members. With a confident and sensual aura, her energy is positive and elite. She is a true VIP with irresistible curves, and enjoys the company of powerful gentlemen. Given her contacts and the circles in which she travels, confidentiality is essential. With a flawless complexion, this very lithe and passionate young lady is flirtatious, playful and kind. She doesn’t use her feminine powers for negative purposes. No, this lovely lady is full of integrity and gentle compassion for others. She has a very warm heart and will definitely charm even the most selective gentleman easily. However her delightful authenticity means she is always very direct and open.


While her heritage is classified, she is highly educated. Slender athletic Jenna has enjoyed the privilege of social position and beauty. Extremely blessed, she is naturally captivating, both physically and mentally. Confident and vivacious, she speaks with great eloquence, and is the perfect example of the VIP courtesan. She enjoyed a fulfilling, well rounded and healthy childhood, with plenty of regular travel throughout Europe with her family. She remains close with her family to this day, and is loving every moment of the opportunities life is affording her.


Whilst already highly accomplished in her public career, coupled with her elite education, intelligent Jenna has plans to move further into the business world in coming years. She has already participated in many marketing campaigns within the VIP world; private jets, luxury vehicles, yacht charter and red carpet events. She is at the pinnacle of her career, in the prime of her life, and is shining brighter than ever!



This pretty angel is kind, sweet and poised. She has a strong, powerful energy of positivity and warmth, and likes nothing better than to ensure her generous gentlemen friends have a magical time with her. She appreciates honesty, and loves to experience life in many aspects. She’s quite sensual and attentive, so every texture, flavor and experience is appreciated fully by Jenna. This gives her an exciting sense of earthy energy and mysterious sparkle, but also allows her to stop and smell the roses, appreciate those she spends time with, truly connect with the few people she keeps close to her. She is able to conduct herself demurely or be sociable and responsive, whatever the situation calls for. Either way she is always gracious, appealing and very, very bewitching.

Hobbies & Leisure

Jenna is loving her commercial modeling work, and also loves to travel and experience new adventures and cultures. Most important to her is continually enhancing her education. She has enjoyed dabbling in multiple fields, as well as her great success. She has explored the world of business, and all manner of intellectual pursuits.

Available worldwide, Jenna really enjoys meeting new and interesting people for fun sometimes. She keeps fit by attending gym sessions religiously 3-4 times a week, and enjoys side activities of walking, pilates and dancing. Shopping is high on her list of enjoyable leisure activities, and her inviting beauty has her regularly showered with gifts from her admirers.

Not that she expects this from everyone she spends time with! She’s far too gracious to ever demand or expect anything more than your time. However Jenna is accustomed to luxury, she’s not afraid to say she appreciates luxury, and she certainly won’t be embarrassed should you decide to spoil her.

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