Arielle Poltova

Red Diamond

Some Suggested Cities to Visit

Berlin, Boston, London, Los Angeles, Maldives, Miami, New York, Paris and Roma


Vital Statistics

Age: 23 yrs
Measurements: 34″ C Natural, 24″, 34″ (89-62-90)
Height: 5′ 9″ (173cm)
Weight: 52kg (115lb)


About Arielle

An extremely accomplished fashion model, Arielle is based in New York City, where she’s been living about a decade! Discovered at a young age, she’s sweet, gentle and kind. She brings soft sunlight into your world. Her blue eyes and blonde hair are quintessential Russian, but her spirit is free. Raised in a lovely country town, she always dreamed of a bigger life. Going to exciting NYC was a dream come true for Arielle, though she stays in close contact with her family.

Her long, long legs and tanned skin are featured in many a magazine and on many a fashion runway. Feminine and romantic, she is definitely best suited to one-on-one intimate dinners and such. She’s rather uncomfortable in the spotlight, unless she’s in character on the runway! At work she comes alive. Her creative nature takes over and she becomes a goddess. Much the same can be said of her company. Once she becomes comfortable with you, she’s funny, appealing, and very engaging. Her twinkling eyes and the soft curve of her smile are absolutely adorable.

Never demanding or rude, she’s sweet and caring with a lot of compassion for others. Extremely discreet, she’s perfect for social events where you need to be seen with a date, but with no attention attracted. Well traveled, Arielle is fit and slim, with a healthy, tasteful lifestyle. She enjoys art, travel, history, socializing – but doesn’t enjoy being the one in charge of things. She enjoys all things creative, including painting. Extremely affectionate and energetic, her company is certainly special. Please Contact us now for more images, and to arrange a meeting with this pretty, successful model.

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