Are Escorts Legal: The Legalities of Meeting an Escort


are escorts legalIs it actually legal to book an escort? Many gentlemen wonder about this and are troubled by whether there will be legal complications for him if he arranges to spend some time with an elite escort. We are often asked the question by gentlemen new to the hobby. We’d like to clarify this point for those who may be resisting a wonderful experience, for fear of reprisals or nasty consequences.

While every country, and even every state within a country, can have its own laws and regulations, it is understood worldwide: an escort is not a prostitute. This confusion can interrupt the enjoyment of many a potential caller. Allow us to elaborate.


What are the differences between a prostitute and an escort?


A prostitute

Offers specific sexual services for a fee, and promises an experience of an erotic or physical nature; this is Not legal in most countries. The reason is that there are far too high possibilities for human trafficking and abuse of human rights. The sex worker is provocative, suggestive, and makes it very clear what is on offer.

She may even state her “escort services” on her website or advertising. This is very illegal in some territories, in other areas it is legal for the lady to offer this while working for herself; her driver, assistant and security would be illegal (living off the earnings of a prostitute is illegal, to discourage ‘pimping’ situations, and thereby potential violation of human rights of the prostitute).


An escort

It is a beautiful woman offering her time and companionship to gentlemen for dinner, conversation and travel. Escort services in the USA (and in most countries) are perfectly legal, and there are much lower chances of ladies being abused, as she is in full control of how she spends her time with people.

There is no promise of specific “services”  she might provide; in fact everyone involved finds the mention of such things quite distasteful.  Anything that occurs between the two on a date is strictly private and not discussed or shared. It is as private as any two people who find chemistry together.

If you set up a friend on a date with another friend, you don’t discuss with the guy what she will ‘do’ with him that night! And neither does an escort or her escort agency.

These two fields can overlap, but should not. Escorts (especially elite escorts) define their experience clearly so that there is no confusion nor possibility of legal complications. They are also clean, educated women who would never demean themselves by offering such things publicly, to anyone who calls. Like any mature adult, she is free to interact as she wishes with her dates, and her management does not promise any services on her behalf other than companionship.

The escorts take an agent to manage their time as they have no interest in fielding the endless inquiries and large number of time wasters. A high end escort companion is pursuing a full time career, and isn’t available and waiting for calls day and night like a lower caliber escort or other such providers.

Just as you might pay a singer for her time, and she entertains you with her various performance skills, so an elegant escort is paid for her time, and entertains you with her intelligence, conversation, and whatever else she chooses to bring to the engagement.

A prostitute seeks money over everything, and will accept almost any call in the hopes of getting more money. A escort seeks enjoyment & meeting interesting people over everything, and will carefully select her clients to be sure there is some chemistry there.

As part of a professional escort agency, the booker should spend ample time with the models and know them well, in order to create the best match. An escort agency is part match-maker, part short-term introduction agency.

Therefore escort services are absolutely legal; there is nothing to fear and no reason to hesitate. They are no different from an introduction agency, a dating agency, a maid service or a remedial massage service. Enjoy all the options available to you in your city, and have a wonderful, safe evening, weekend or week!

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