What Really Makes A Woman Sexy?

    By Mynt Models

    Publish on January 14, 2011

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    What is it that really makes a woman sexy?Most men would agree that a woman’s smile may be the first thing they notice about her. They’re not likely to be attracted to a woman with a sour face and a bad attitude. A playful personality oozes charm and a flirtatious laugh is likely to grab the attention of any man. A woman who is comfortable with herself is alluring too. You really wouldn’t want to spend time with a manic depressive on a date!

    The way a woman dresses will also tell you a lot about her. A well-dressed lady looks feminine and has poise. A woman with healthy self-respect may reveal her shape a little, but not too much flesh – too much flashing screams insecurity and common standards. A refined lady will also have impeccable manners and gracious class. Her choice of clothing will determine how well groomed she is, and you can tell if she comes from a good background by how she conducts herself, and holds herself. If she feels good about herself, it shows. And she won’t need constant validation from everyone she encounters.

    Confidence and poise in a woman is very sexy. There is a fine line between confidence and brassiness however.. Just as there is a line between sexy and slutty. A sensual woman of class will reveal just enough of her body shape to tease you, and leaves the rest up to your imagination! There is no challenge in a woman who wears hardly anything. This type of woman is readily available. The sexiest woman is always unavailable, or appears to be.. Men like a little hunt, a little chase. A smart woman uses her charisma and flirtatious eyes to attract men to her, and then waits to see if he is worthy of her time before giving a little of herself. A lady worth having will always wait to see if the gentleman has what it takes to have her!

    An air of mystery is highly appealing. There is (once again) a fine line between mystery and aloofness. Nobody wants to spend time with a distant, cool person. but a warm woman who avoids answering questions and plays things on her own terms is highly exciting to a man. To want her, but not quite be able to get her yet, with the anticipation that he probably soon will, but never 100% sure that he will, is the most exciting thing for any man. That irresistible chase..

    A woman who knows what she is doing won’t give anyway too much about herself. This draws men in like a moth to a flame. You will want to get to know her better. She won’t talk too much or babble on about random things. She will listen to you and make good eye contact, so you know she’s interested in you and maybe want to know more.

    A sexy woman stimulates your senses. Her low, soft voice makes you lean in to hear more. Her seductive perfume drives you wild with desire. Her gentle touches will be a bolt of electricity running through your body. The sight of her hourglass figure sends you into overdrive and all you’ll want to do is taste her lips with yours.

    But the ultimate thing that men seem to list as ‘sexy’ in a woman, aside from all the above, is someone who is loyal, kind and respectful to all. Everyone knows that beauty on the inside makes one beautiful outside. There is no point having a beautiful body and a sour or selfish disposition. The truth is there is no one thing that makes a woman ‘sexy’. Different people find different qualities appealing, and very often the non-sexy things are what make a woman sexy to the right man. ;)