Best Techniques To Get A Woman On A Weekend Getaway

    By Mynt Models

    Publish on February 20, 2009

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    World's best technique to getting a woman to come on vacation with you!If you’re planning a weekend away, it is certainly more fun when you have a beautiful female travel companion with you! Why would anyone want to travel alone, without someone to enjoy it with? And if you’re having trouble getting someone to join you for your trip, there is one sure-fire way to get a gorgeous female on a weekend date with you!

    If you have never thought of using the services of a high end dating agency, then it might be time to consider it. It is a solution used by many a celebrity, CEO, VIP and executive, to simplify the dating process.  Of course you can’t just use any introduction dating or escort agency, you need to know the finest quality ones, who specialize in only the most elite and high class women. Not just those who say they do, or advertise the right way…

    If you have utilized an introduction escort service, you might be thinking that you’d like to do a bit more on your dates than just dinner or afternoons of romance. If you are thinking of asking a beautiful date to join you for a weekend, you’ll have to consider some things beforehand. It is a big step, as well as a break from the everyday, and you will want to do everything right to ensure it goes well. Number one will be the compatibility between you and your companion!

    Before you even think of asking her, make sure you’ve been on at least two or three regular dates, and that you get along really well. The girls in an escort introduction agency are well versed in making the environment enjoyable and pleasant, but you want to ensure your personalities don’t clash. Spend some time getting to know how she feels about certain cultures, and what her favorite cities & holiday destinations are. Gently establish if she has any holiday time coming up, and if she has already made any plans. No doubt she will be delighted to join on an exciting and romantic trip out of town.

    Politely ask her if she’d consider letting you take her away on a little vacation. If she says it might be difficult, don’t argue or object, just respect her decision. She doesn’t need to disclose her reasons to you and there could be many – pets, parental obligations, work commitments, personal commitments, perhaps she doesn’t feel comfortable enough yet.. She’ll let you know when she’s ready. It doesn’t necessary mean that she doesn’t like you, or even that she doesn’t want to go.

    On the other hand, if she says yes – fantastic! You can spend lots of time making plans and discussing where you would both like to go together. Or perhaps you already have things planned, so let her know about it, and reassure her that she can have her own room if she needs it. (For eg, if you snore, or she is a little modest, then of course she will require her own room to be able to sleep comfortably. She must feel comfortable as your guest, and be able to sleep properly.)

    Reassure her that you will make her enjoyment a priority, as she will be making your enjoyment her #1 priority. Make sure you make all bookings directly with the agency, to avoid any problems. In fact often the agency can make all the arrangements for both of you, at no extra charge. They are extremely experienced at these things, after all!!

    You can enjoy the sights of a beautiful city together, without the hassle of a demanding girlfriend or annoying arguments. Experiences are best enjoyed with someone whose company you enjoy. Have fun and relax!

    It might also help to know that your date could possibly accompany you on future business trips. This arrangement will undoubtedly prove to be beneficial to you, in many ways!  Imagine each time you travel, your capable, beautiful travel companion joins you to help you with paperwork, shopping, your schedule in general. Then accompanies you to events, dinner dates, or afternoons under the palm trees. Make some memories you will have when you’re old :)