How Did She End Up As A Sugar Baby?

    By Mynt Models

    Publish on March 26, 2009

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    Behind the sugar baby / sugar daddy relationship - why are there sugar babies??– The Story Of How She Became A Sugar Daddy’s Plaything –

    Not all sugar-babies have sinister motives, or are ‘gold diggers’, per se. It’s very easy to judge someone without knowing what motivates them. Behind that confident, brilliant smile can be a smart yet struggling woman who is doing everything she can to survive or care for her loved ones.

    A lot of girls have come from very poor families. Hard-working but poor. One never really knows how desperate someone can become without having lived through that. There’s no such thing as wants or luxuries, only basic needs.

    Struggling to meet your basic needs is a terrible way to live.  When a woman has extraordinary beauty, it may be her only ‘asset’. Should she not use that, if she chooses, to assist her and her family to meet their needs – or God forbid to actually enjoy some comforts, comforts we take for granted every day?  Her family may have worked extremely hard for her education, and to provide her basic needs, but this girl wants more out of life – for herself and for them.

    More often than not, she is trying to repay her family for the sacrifices they have made to give her the opportunities she had. Her only way out of the vicious cycle of poverty is to marry or date someone who can provide the lifestyle she craves, but can’t afford for herself. Thus, her beauty becomes an exchange value, in a world where beauty can be a commodity of sorts. And just because she behaves like a spoiled kitten, doesn’t mean she is one or had forgotten where she came from.

    She wants to be taken care of for once, and she can bring so much to a relationship. A sugar baby is very often extremely grateful to her sugar daddy/ daddies, for their financial assistance and gifts are giving her a chance in a very difficult and harsh world. This doesn’t mean she won’t genuinely love you or take care of you in return. She can make you as happy as any wealthy woman could. The relationship is just based on an exchange of benefits – but isn’t every relationship..?

    The sugar-baby-sugar-daddy relationship is just honest about their particular exchanges. If both are consenting adults, both are happy in the relationship, and it is all based on open honesty, how is this wrong?

    Others girls who become sugar babies realize that they don’t have what is takes to make it in their chosen field. None of us asks to be born into the life we are. None of us chooses our natural level of intelligence or talent.  Some women are simply born with beauty instead of intelligence, as opposed to both. They might have high ambitions to be a successful business woman, but they just haven’t been able to crack it. Should this woman not achieve the lifestyle she desires, simply because she is sadly unable to achieve her goals? Should an affluent man not have the chance to enjoy the attentions and beauty and company of this woman, if she is available?

    Some girls may not even want a career. Perhaps they just want to be happy as a devoted wife and mother. There is nothing wrong with seeking out a capable provider. They want to be there for their family in the traditional sense. They might find the old fashioned, traditional ways more appealing than modern life. Being forced to work and not being able to spend time home-making is the last thing they want out of life. SO she seeks out a man who can provide her with the lifestyle she wants, as well as being able to enjoy her family, tend the house and take care of her husband.

    Ask yourself – what do you want from a girl? If you fall in love and she makes you happy, does it matter if she has no money of her own? Does this necessarily mean her intentions are not good and loving?  She simply appreciates and prefers the finer things in life.  You do need to watch out for the gold diggers who plan to part you and your money at the first available opportunity. Their motives are much more sinister and selfish. They will also disappear as soon as your wealth starts to deplete, whereas the woman you chose for love will face the problems with you. She may see things you don’t see, and help you maintain or increase your wealth.

    So don’t judge the sugar baby – sugar daddy relationship on face value. While so many people assume it is a dirty old man with a greedy young hooker, in fact very often it is a struggling, caring young woman and a lonely, wealthy man who genuinely love each other. Who are we to judge this union? We should smile to see two people happy together, whatever the circumstance. We don’t have to agree to live that way, in order to tolerate others’ lifestyle choices. And if you are a sugar baby or a sugar daddy, then you know exactly what the story is.

    Money gives you privilege. Beauty gives you advantage. If these are comfortably exchanged, like love and housework, or sex and security, then how it it different from any other relationship?  Those truly affluent gentlemen know how empty material wealth is, when there is nobody to share it with….