How To Pick Up Women with Ease

    By Mynt Models

    Publish on January 20, 2015

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    How to pick up womenPardon the cliched title, but it’s the best way to get the attention of a lonely gentleman. ;)  Aside from stalkers, players and monsters, nobody likes picking up strangers… It makes you vulnerable, and in more ways than one! She could be an emotional mess. A psycho. She could be there with her boyfriend, harvesting organs! What is the opportunity-cost of choosing one woman over another – you know nothing about them yet…

    But to swear off dating altogether is not the answer either, as no man is an island, and we all need affection and company in our lives to maintain some level of healthy balance. It’s inevitable anyway – you will be happily living your life, going through your usual routine, work, phone calls, gym, drinking protein, doing laundry, and suddenly you’ll see her. She might be sipping coffee, laughing with a friend, reading a book somewhere.. Her hair, her lips, her skin, the cute way she crosses her feet.. It’s too late. You want her.

    Here are the steps on how you pick up women with snap:

    1. Talk to Her with Confidence and Respect

    That mixed feeling of adventure, joy, fear. Should you go talk to her? What if it’s interruptive and you ruin your chances? But what if you never see her again? Yes, you must talk to her. So you gather your courage and… ?

    A woman will generally know within a few minutes of meeting you if you’re her type or not. So don’t waste a lot of time. Stay cool, be natural, be yourself. Forced jokes or pickup lines are definitely the best way to never hear from her. Let her know you like what you see with your eyes (a once up and down), but don’t stare, and definitely don’t focus on her breasts! You’re not eyeing her like a wolf eyeing its next prey. Stick to the eyes after the appreciative once-over. Keep a light smile on your face. Like she makes you happy. Check out this article, “Top 10 Effective Pickup Lines” from Askmen.

    If she doesn’t run like a mouse before a kitty, then you have a chance, and her interest and curiosity is piqued. Don’t blow it. You have to differentiate yourself from all the freaks who hit on her. After all, she doesn’t know you from Adam.

    2. Catch Her Eyes Through Her Body Language

    We’ll assume you’re in a bar or cafe. Body language is everything. if she is semi-facing you and stays that way, catch her eye and just say hi. Ask if you can buy her a drink/ coffee, and include her friend if she’s not alone. But make it clear she is your interest. Introduce yourself (first name only for now). When her body language starts to become more comfortable around you, you could say something like ‘Would you be appalled if I suggested we go somewhere a little quieter to talk?’ She will get the point with your amusing approach, and either dump her friend to go with you, or give you her number to arrange a future date.

    3. Be Man Enough to Catch Her Attention

    DON’T hand her your ‘card’.. And if you use ‘facebook me’, you’re gone. Ask for her number. And if she gives you her number, actually call her! Texting is a shy, cowardly way of contacting someone you’re supposed to really be into.. That’s not particularly masculine.. ;)   If the call goes to her voicemail, then you have a chance to be really adorable and intrigue her further. Leave a cute, short message, with your number, and end with something funny and cute like ‘so I hope you call me back coz then I can take you out’ – don’t forget to leave your number so she can call you back.

    If she calls you back, you’re pretty much in. Jut don’t mess up the date for her! ;)

    4. Find an Elite Escort Dating Agency if You Feel Too Much Hassle

    If all that seems like too much hassle and effort for you, or embarrassing even, then we have a solution – and probably a far more satisfying one.  You can engage in a similar situation, but with the guarantee in the back of your mind that the “pick up” will go well! Just simply contact us and we can help you choose your ideal woman. Then we will arrange for her to meet you at an agreed location, in whatever clothing you like. Then you can approach her as a stranger, as agreed, and she will behave as you have asked hr to – Some clients even send scripts, so the evening goes exactly as his fantasy.

    With an evening like this, you can have your cake and eat it too. This beautiful woman is there just for you.. Or is she..? She may play her part so well, you’ll find yourself wondering if she really is going to follow through and talk to you… But isn’t anticipation, the hunt, all part of the fun? There is no need to give up on your fantasies or be unnecessarily vulnerable when there are drop dead gorgeous women just waiting to spend time with you.

    Imagine being out with friends, “spying” a gorgeous girl who just happens to be there too, and “picking her up” in front of your friends! Imagine doing that just to make your ex-girlfriend crazy?! And you don’t have to worry about hurting anyone, because this gorgeous creature already knows the deal, and will play her part to perfection. Contact us now to find out what options are available for you. Your dreams are just about to come true.