Luxury London VIP Travel Companion: Fantastic Date Ideas

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    Publish on July 20, 2013

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    arranging an unforgettable London date.

    If your search is to meet a Luxury London VIP travel companion, you’re in the right place. London is an adventure waiting to be discovered, so why not explore? And nothing is more enjoyable than exploring with a fun and gorgeous VIP luxury date.
    An elite travel companion will meet you in any city of the world, and accompany you to business dinners, dating dinners, social events and travel trips. Meanwhile back in London, this guide will give you some fantastic ideas of things to do and places to go. Not the ordinary London sites, but unique and exciting ones that your VIP travel companion will be delighted to experience.
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    The Guide To London VIP Luxury Dating:

    In point form below, the guide we’ve put together will keep you and your beautiful VIP escort companion busy for hours, if not days! From luxury environments to classic historical points, prepare to have your breath taken away. For an elite travel companion, enjoying the sights and atmosphere of the city she visits is an important part of her trip.


    1. River Thames -You could begin your afternoon or evening with a leisurely stroll alongside your luxury travel companion along the Southbank. Take in the beauty of the River Thames, and mingle with some of the locals. Meeting London locals is the best way to experience the city – or any city for that matter. Visiting luxury areas makes your visit unforgettable. The views can be quite impressive; a huge river meandering through the city, with its centuries-old history. There are also numerous places where you can stop with your VIP luxury travel companion along the river, and have a drink or something to eat. Get to know each other whilst watching the world go by. You could even charter a vessel to ferry you down the river, enjoying the views of old Londontown from a different angle.
    2. The Shard -Plan a trip to the Shard and enjoy a breathtaking experience as the sun sets over the city. What a beautiful, romantic experience. If you want to sweep your luxury escort date off her feet, this is the ideal choice for a night to remember. The stunning views will blow you away, whilst creating magical memories with your luxury VIP travel companion. Women tend to feel more open with someone they have bonding memories with. Therefore creating enjoyable connections can ensure an incredible experience for both you and your GFE travel date. You don’t have to be in love to enjoy a beautiful connection and romantic moments. You can build on that with each visit, with no expectations.
    3. London Zoo -For the ultimate, unforgettable date full of fun, how about London Zoo, after hours? Anything after hours with your luxury London companion will impress her, as an exciting alternative to a simple dinner date. You can observe the London Zoo animals’ nocturnal habits, usually with no families around to distract you. Enjoy a lazy summer evening reveling in each other’s company as you stroll around the zoo paths, spying secret movements and private rendezvous in the dark. Other benefits of the dusk environment are the ability for you and your VIP London escort date to hold hands or share private conversations without an unwanted audience. Unless you class the lions and tigers as an interested audience! : )
    4. Luxury travel companion and VIP London escort
      Luxury VIP travel companion date London

      Crystal Palace

      The maze at Crystal Palace is a fun place to go and get lost together. If a VIP travel companion in London can’t find her way out of a maze, perhaps she needs more travel experience! It’s a fun and wholesome experience which will create a fun bond between you both. Why not spend a few hours exploring, and then visit the dinosaur sculptures? If you are particularly interested in Jurassic and Paleontology aspects, this might be a very bonding moment for you and your VIP London travel escort. How’s that for an original date? One she won’t soon forget, especially if it is followed by a spectacular meal at a fine restaurant. Women love to be surprised, and almost everyone enjoys anything related to dinosaurs. For a different kind of luxury, spoil your VIP travel companion to something different with the Crystal Palace maze and the dinosaur sculptures.

    5. Royal Observatory -Stand at the centre of world time, literally, with a visit to the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. The historic home of British astronomy will take you and your luxury travel escort on a journey through time itself. It shows how scientists first mapped the journey of stars and seas! An intense piece of history that minimizes all the insignificance of the world, and allows you to see what really matters. You can share that passionate moment with your gorgeous luxury model escort date, and realize that only light, positive, caring connections matter in life. A perfect date on which the intellectual VIP beauty and yourself can be fascinated.
    6. Wine Bars -For the ultimate in romance, try an evening in Gordon’s Wine Bar, where you can sample delicious wine whilst whispering sweet nothings in the ear of your luxury VIP travel companion. This dim and discreet bar offers a luscious environment for building anticipation, being flirtatious, and getting to know each other a little more. Why invite a beautiful luxury escort on a date if you’re not planning to get to know her a little better? She too will be interested in getting to know you. Enjoy a night on the town together, as your elite travel companion will want to appreciate all aspects of the city of London. Sometimes, after an afternoon of sight seeing, an evening of cocktails and comedy are just what the doctor ordered. Allow your beautiful VIP model escort to share her sense of humor with you, and laugh the night away with innuendo and cheeky anecdotes. You’ll often be surprised at the intelligent wit of your model companion; educated beauties are our specialty.


    Luxury VIP Travel Companion London Summary:

    London is often best enjoyed on foot. Ask your luxury travel companion to wear flat shoes, and take a stroll through the streets. You will stumble across wonderful hidden bookshops and tucked-away cafes. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, while you won’t exactly fall into Diagon Ally, you will no doubt discover places that leave your imagination reeling. The history of the town of London is incredible. One just needs to think back to old Victorian times and ancient British castles ruled by Kings, in order to be awed. A VIP travel companion will most certainly enjoy the history.
    The country of Great Britain has centuries of history to share, with endless stories and classic architecture to enliven your senses. To fit more into your time, you could book a tour guide and a chauffeured car, that can highlight the unmissable sights for you both. How about stopping for classic fish and chips wrapped in paper, and feeding them to each other by the river? Watching your elite VIP model travel escort accepting your offering and her soft lips moving as she nibbles – ugh… it’s so sensual and romantic! She’ll be as cutely delighted by your attentions as you can imagine.
    London is steeped in wonderful and fascinating history; there is so much to see and do. Take a trip to Buckingham Palace as a classic treat for a VIP travel companion has never been to London. Or you could visit 10 Downing Street for the ultimate British experience with your elite model escort date. If she’s an Anglophile, she’ll thoroughly enjoy visiting any classic British locations with you. Your VIP luxury date will love it!
    Finally, afternoon high tea in your hotel lobby cafe will be the ultimate London experience, allowing your luxury companion to revel in all her most feminine and elegant conduct. Most ladies love to dress up in something pretty and tasteful for a wonderful high class afternoon. You can still feed each other scones and cucumber sandwich es if you like! Alternatively, refined cocktail drinks in a lovely Chelsea bar is the perfect prelude to an evening of luxury, indulgence and promise. An elite area of London, around Knightsbridge, Chelsea is the ideal spot to romance a travel companion date. Made more popular by TV shows like ‘Made In Chelsea’, the elegant shops, bars and cafes compliment the street fashions beautifully. If your luxury VIP model travel companion watch es British TV shows, she will love a visit to Chelsea, to experience the VIP London!