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Liège is Belgium’s center of history, with early references dating as far as 558 AD. This rich history has been preserved in the city’s architectural and cultural heritage, with influences from Early Middle Ages, Middle Age, and Renaissance, to the contemporary. The traditions and folk festivals of the city have become a main attraction for the tourists of the city, and are internationally known.

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Visit the Most Popular Attractions in Liège, with Your Lovely Girlfriend
Signal de Botrange in Liège

The attractions offered by the cityscape of Liège are visually stunning. The climb of the stairway of the Montagne de Bueren can be literally breathtaking. But the view at the top of the stairs is heavenly. The centuries-old buildings of the city are well preserved and are a wonderful display of the city’s history. Visit these places and let your feet bring you to the best places of Liège:

  • Curtius Museum
  • Collegiate Church of St. Bartholomew
  • Liege Cathedral
  • St. Lambert’s Cathedral, Liege
  • Opera Royal de Wallonie
  • Signal de Botrange
  • Coteaux de la Citadelle
  • Montagne de Bueren
  • Gare de Liege-Guillemins
  • Eglise St-Barthelemy
  • Musee Curtius (Curtius Museum)
  • Musee Tchantches
  • Cathedral de Liège
  • Pont de Fragnee
  • Eglise St-Jacques
  • Collegiale Saint-Denis
  • Archeoforum de Liège
  • Mont St. Martin
  • Madmusee
  • Aquarium et Musee de Zoologie
  • Maison de la Metallurgie et de l’Industrie de Liège
  • Place St. Lambert
Gare de Liège
Gare de Liege
Liege Cathedral

You will enjoy the cityscape even better because of the favorable weather of Liège. The summers are warm and winter is not too cold. Check this link to know more about the city’s day to day weather.

Curtius Museum Liege

Liège has a couple of trusted newspapers that delivers daily news to its people. These are the La Dernier Heure and the La Province. These broadsheets will be your source of the latest news while in the city.

Church of St Bartholomew Liege

Steel has always been the staple of Liège’s economy. It was also the reason why the city was once an important industrial center in Europe. Today, the city has managed to play an important role in an economic perspective of the Wallon region, all because of its stable steel industry. However, the city is now looking to diversify their economy by introducing space tech, mechanical industry, IT, biotech, and beer and chocolate production. Liège is also the home to a few technology companies. Visit your local embassy or the mayor’s office and learn more about business licenses, permits, payments and more, should you wish to do business here.

Opera Royal de Wallonie in Liege

Coteaux de la Citadelle in Liege

Luxurious Hotels in Liège

A well-deserved rest can be achieved only from the best hotels, and Liège has plenty of 5-star hotels to choose from. Of the city’s best, we suggest the Hotel Crowne Plaza. This luxury hotel gives you a unique Italian feel, providing the best relaxation possible. Enjoy the spas that offer you aromatherapy, a Turkish bath and a lot more body treatments. Find out about more hotels in the city from the reliable reviews of Trip Advisor. Also, check the Five Star Alliance for more luxury hotel suggestions around Liège.

Liege Nightlife

Elite Escort LiegeLiège has a whole block full of pubs, bars, night clubs, and restaurants. And these spots are flocked by tourists to have a fun and enjoyable nightlife.

What’s more, these nightspots stay open until the last patron decides to leave and go home. You and your lovely date will surely have an incredible night in Liège.

You can also visit Trip Advisor to learn more about the hottest places in the city.

More Information & Directions

For more detailed information about the city, view the definitive Wiki page here, with all the up-to-date details you’ll ever need. Visit our escorts available in Bruges!

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