Is There Such a Thing as “Too Rich”?

    By Mynt Models

    Publish on August 21, 2008

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    Is there such a thing as 'too rich'?

    Everyone knows that wealth is relative. It is also common knowledge that there is a difference between ‘wealthy’ and ‘rich.’ You can be a billionaire or dirt poor, but depending on your attitude, you can feel like the wealthiest man on the planet.


    Some people measure their wealth on their health and happiness, while others are more materialistic, seeking endless income and status trophies to reassure themselves. Some are delighted with their lives, regardless of their monetary value, while others aren’t too pleased even with their bank account bulging. Some are in between, simply preferring quality and beauty around them without striving for exaggerated wealth.


    What’s the difference between ‘wealthy’ and ‘rich’?

    A rich person (especially the ‘nouveau rich’) is someone who has some money to splash around. However, with too much splashing or a slight change in the economy, they are back to square one. A ‘rich’ person is just a step away from being middle class again. Or potentially lower class if they lose enough. Whereas a wealthy individual is one for whom income is irrelevant. Very little could shake their financial position. They have a solid portfolio of safe investments, properties, land, and bank balances. No matter what befalls them, they will usually be able to cover it or recover from it.


    People work towards wealth so that they can relax, knowing that even if they can’t work for a year or the economy collapses, they will still have plenty to fall back on. They can give as generously as they wish without affecting their base wealth. Often this wealth is from old money; they have grown up with it and inherited it. Others have managed to build themselves an empire and conducted themselves wisely to make the most of their riches, moving steadily into wealth before they start to ‘live it up,’ as it were.


    But let’s get back to the question at hand. Is there such a thing as ‘too much’?


    How much money does a woman expect you to have?

    You don’t need to be super-rich to impress a lady, but you do need to be financially independent. Behaving like the perfect gentleman is a must, regardless of how much money you have. Most women like to look after themselves well and are financially independent, themselves. But she is biologically conditioned to see out the one who can provide for her. Even if she has no intention of a future with this man, it is simply in her biological makeup to filter out those gentlemen who cannot maintain a quality of life.


    Often, a lack of income or wealth can be the result of emotional problems, laziness, criminal background, or general personal problems. No woman wants to deal with this. Obviously, this is not the case all the time, but they can be some of the reasons – which can filter you out in most successful women’s unconscious selection process. So having some level of wealth is essential to make your female companions feel safe with you and consider you a competent, able man.


    Do you know the difference between wealth and riches?

    No specific number can answer this question. Every woman will be different. But clearly, you need to have enough to cover her basic needs. Check what those needs are, as they vary from woman to woman. Some ladies are pretty simple and don’t try to pamper themselves. They are comfortable with a massage twice a year and having their hair done every month or so. Other women prefer to be groomed to their highest potential, enjoying higher maintenance care. But the gentlemen who like to spoil a lady won’t mind someone high-maintenance, as he will enjoy ‘maintaining’ her.


    In reality, a woman who dresses in quality garments, whose skin is flawless and firm from regular facials and good skin care products, whose nails are immaculate, and whose body is in excellent shape thanks to personal trainers, excellent nutrition, or even discreet cosmetic surgery, is going to be a lot more fun to look at and be close to. Consider such expenses to be an investment for yourself. Looking at it that way, you will come to understand why some women are ‘high maintenance.’ Because only a wealthy gentleman can handle, appreciate and maintain the lifestyle of these sophisticated women.


    Only a man of breeding and refinement will understand the effort and expense that goes into looking that way and feeling that good. Furthermore, it’s common knowledge that when a woman feels good, she is generally happy. And when she is happy, everyone around her is happy. It’s all part of the higher-quality lifestyle that only the genuinely wealthy gentleman understands.


    When does wealth become unattractive?

    Believe it or not, not every woman is even impressed by wealth. Some actively avoid the wealthy, as their personal beliefs or experiences have taught them that the lifestyle is not what it seems. If you are rich, don’t flaunt it in front of your date. You’ll come across as arrogant, flashy as well as superficial, and materialistic. Your date will feel as though she has to compete with your wealth in order to be worthy of your company. Or worse, she may feel like some charity or trinket to you. By all means, spoil her, but keep it low-key, especially in the beginning. Wait to see if she is worth it first or how she responds to wealth. You can always make her feel like a million dollars without spending a cent.


    Lower earners can be more modest in their approach to dates but can still make an impression. Women also look at potential, not just what you currently own. This is especially true for intelligent women. You can still go to good quality places without being cheap. Regardless of your financial situation, the rules are still the same. Be confident, and treat your date with the respect she deserves. Of course, you will unlikely be dating high-end ladies or luxury supermodel escorts if your overall income is considerably less. However, there are always other options until you have enough disposable income to indulge in life’s little luxuries – and to spoil your date with them too.


    You will have to decide what you want out of the dating game. If it’s a brief yet extraordinary encounter with an elegant VIP companion, go with it and enjoy the moment. Life is short, and it’s a chance for you to spoil yourself with experiences and memories that will last you til you’re gray. If you’re looking for something more serious and long-term, you will need to work out if your date is with you for your money or if she’s with you for you. Sometimes pretending to have less money than you have can be a wise move until you know the woman is not after your wealth. There is a fine line between someone who is high maintenance and will happily provide for herself if you are in difficulty versus someone greedy and would rather see you lose your car to pay for her lifestyle. Find someone with a heart, even if she likes the finer things.


    A high-maintenance lady will need a high source of income to maintain the lifestyle she’s accustomed to. Ultimately, there is no such thing as ‘too rich,’ depending on what lifestyle you like to keep. It’s all a matter of defining the quality of life you’re willing to support. It’s entirely up to you to decipher for yourself.