How To Dress To Make Women Want You!

How to dress to make women want you!While you can’t control your physical attributes and genes, you can certainly make the most of your affluence and appearance. You can make yourself more desirable by how you conduct yourself, how you present yourself and how you dress. Girls like their dates to make an effort and look good. After all, your appearance reflects how you value yourself. And she has certainly made an effort to look sensational for you.

Being an attractive guy isn’t just all about the clothes you wear. It’s a combination of confidence, style and attitude. Whether you want to shake up your sex appeal, or you haven’t got a clue where to start, here are some tips to make sure you get it right and make the most of yourself.

The most obvious place to start is make sure you take a shower before your date, then you’re off to the best start. Nobody wants to dance up close to someone who in unhygienic, or smells like they’ve been digging ditches all day. Pay attention to your hands and nails – get them clean. Invest in some expensive cologne, but don’t go overboard. There’s nothing sexier than the subtle aroma of good cologne from a man when on a date. Next, wear a good quality, well-fitting suit that you’re comfortable in, and that matches your style. Also, make sure your shoes are clean and not too worn. Apparently women can tell a lot about a man from his shoes!

Consider your posture, do you slouch? If so, sit or stand up straight; be poised and confident. This will instantly alter your appearance and make you seem more in control and masculine.  Pretend you own the place.  Don’t drag your feet when you walk.  Walk with purpose and with confidence. The last thing you want is to appear shy in front of your date!  Don’t stare at the ground when you walk, and never walk with your hands in your pockets. That’s fine when you’re alone, waling in the rain lol! But when she is there, your arms should always be open for her – hold her hand, place your hand on her waist, or hook her arm through yours on an affectionate stroll.

Finally, do you want to know the secret to becoming instantly more handsome? Smile! Smile your natural, genuine smile and be sure you’re not grinning like an idiot! ;-)   You will often hear ladies describing handsome men with nice smiles. It’s probably the first thing we all notice about each other. A warm smile makes our eyes sparkle, and sparkling eyes draw major attraction from women.

Now you’re fully equipped to impress the ladies!


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