How to Look Like a Rich, Successful Man (Even If You Already Are)

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    Publish on July 8, 2006

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    How to look like an affluent and successful manIt really is true that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. People will decide whether they like or trust you within just a few seconds of meeting you. If their judgment if off due to a false start, they never really forget that first instinct.

     The truth is, having money doesn’t always mean you automatically dress well. There are plenty of billionaires walking around in worn out runners and a $6 t-shirt! While some men are too rich to care, some still a want to look presentable and successful. Read further for help on how to elevate your appearance, so you appear precisely as you are – a wealthy, successful gentleman.


    1. Avoid flashy logos.

    While designer items are often well-made, and an occasional well known item can be interesting, too-prominent logos can make you appear desperate for approval, which is not the route to looking wealthy and successful. Displaying multiple logos as a mark of your affluence gives the impression that you’re trying too hard and in need of validation. 

    Avoid turning yourself into a walking billboard for brands if you want to appear to have a substantial bank account. Choose neat, sophisticated clothing without distracting logos. This Instagram account on men’s style will give you some fantastic ideas on how to look effortlessly high class.

    Go for sophisticated coats over well-cut pants, wear loafers & moccasins instead of runners, and consider a three-piece suit if you enjoy dressing up. People in the know will recognize the brand and its well-made style, without you having to flash it around like a nouveau riche.  Carry yourself confidently! 


    2. Have your clothes tailored.

    Well-fitting attire is standard among the wealthy and affluent. Wearing overly large or ill-fitting clothing typically indicates terrible taste or a lack of money. One of the best ways to achieve this is to hire a tailor to alter your clothing and make sure it is fashioned to suit you exactly. Or even have them custom make your outfits, original. 

    You can find a tailor via recommendations from others if you don’t already have one. The tailor will take your measurements, and alter your clothing to the proper dimensions, giving you a much better fit for your body, and improving your wardrobe exponentially. 


    3. Quality over Quantity

    It goes without saying that you should never purchase too many clothes, just for the sake of having them. Resist the temptation to buy special sales and discounted low-quality clothing. Instead, save money and only purchase the best-fitting, beautiful and comfortable items made of exquisite fibers.

    Don’t buy pieces just to keep up with the fashion trends – they’ll take up room in your closet, and these trends will go as quickly as they came. The clothing in your collection should be suited to your usual style, functional, and sufficiently timeless to last in your repertoire.


    4. Book sessions with an image consultant.

    Invest in a few sessions with an image consultant who will give you the some ideas on how to look your absolute best, and what suits you as an individual. They’ll go through the colors and outfits that accentuate your best features, while making you look good. They’ll also be able to give you tips on tasteful styles; after all, you do want to be stylish, but in your own way.

    Alternatively, you could use the services of a personal shopper who will help you put some great quality outfits together, and help you update your wardrobe. Be prepared to invest in some key pieces; it will make all the difference to your overall style. Foundation pieces matter, as does color matching! 


    5. Accessorize subtly.

    Jewelry can be tricky. Too much or too large jewelry screams pretension; it’s the subtle yet effective jewelry that tells people you are wealthy without being flashy about it. Especially if you subscribe to the knowledge that wealth is about how much you can keep, not how much you can spend! 

    That said, you will need some suitable quality accessories. Invest in a quality, luxury watch – but don’t be loud with it. Everything about elegant style is understated quality. Invest in some quality, tasteful sunglasses. Spend a decent amount on items that will last, but don’t make them too flashy or obvious. You should also consider some tasteful cuff links to wear with your suits.


    6. Take care of your clothes.

    One of the easiest ways to appear wealthy is taking good care of your clothing. Messy, unkempt outfits will never make someone appear wealthy and groomed. Therefore maintain a polished appearance with sharply pressed lines, polished jewelry, and well-groomed hair.

    Use quality skincare and cologne. Always launder your clothes as per the provided label instructions, and air-dry them flat to prolong the life of the garments. Have items pressed that require it. 

    Dry-clean sensitive fabrics and keep in mind that certain items will age more quickly. You don’t always have to wash things with every wear, if you’ve worn it briefly. Simply press the item and neatly fold your items between wearing. Just make sure it still smells fresh. Body odour is a huge turn off. Wool, velvet, and silk coats should all be dry-cleaned. 


    7. Be clean and look clean.

    This advice is arguably the most basic, but it’s also the most crucial. There are wealthy individuals who like to appear well groomed, yet they fall woefully short in the chapter on personal hygiene! One thing is certain: No matter how many fragrances and cosmetics you use, they won’t cover up a bad complexion from low quality eating, nor will they cover up undesirable odors. Clean is the word! Clean eating, clean body, clean clothing. 

    A dermatologist can assist you with any skin concerns, yet skincare doesn’t need to be expensive. By eliminating bad habits and forming new, healthy ones, including abandoning smoking and heavy drinking, you can naturally improve your skin and healthy glow. Keep in mind that your skin reflects the health of your body, especially as we move past our 30s. Your skin will be more vibrant and fresh as you get healthy, making you look well-fed and well-groomed. (i.e. wealthy!)


    8. Style your hair.

    Around once or twice a month, get a professional trim from a hairdresser or barber you trust. Remove unsightly split ends, and maintain a fashionable, face-flattering hairstyle.

    Gentlemen should have clean-cut hairstyles and no facial hair. If you ot for a beard or moustache, it must be neatly clipped to a razor-like edge. Hair color, highlights, and lowlights should all appear natural, as if they were created on a trip to your beach house in the Bahamas. Looking great will immediately make you look wealthy, with time for self-care.


    9. Mind your nails.

    Manicures aren’t just for women! Neat, well groomed nails will improve your appearance significantly. Regularly clean your nails, and visit luxury nail salons for your manicures. You may find you quite enjoy being pampered.

    Longer nails typically appear neglected and potentially collect dirt and germs. Short nails on men look elegant and groomed. For healthy cuticles and nails, take care of yourself. It’s a sign of wealth and breeding. 


    10. Wear a signature scent.

    You need to smell great if you’re hoping to appear wealthy. The scent reveals much about a person, their lifestyle, and their personal taste. One of the secrets to letting people assume you’re successful, is to acquire a signature scent or fragrance that reflects your exquisite style.

    The more expensive colognes are often the most suitable, as their ingredients are higher quality. Avoid anything too sweet or heavy. Both sexes should wear a small quantity of an elegant and welcoming fragrance. Woodsy scents or orientals are usually sophisticated for men.

    There are always new colognes coming to the market, visit an up-market department store regularly to test new colognes. Ask for a sample and try it for a couple of days. If you can smell it or it annoys you, avoid. Your fragrance will be one that others comment on, but you can’t smell once you’ve been wearing it awhile.


    Even if you’re already successful and affluent, you want to look the part too. However not everyone was raised with this insight or have a style instinct naturally; it must be learned. When you have a position of power, or become successful and wealthy, your behavior begins to reflect that naturally. (Hopefully, in a gracious, tasteful manner, sans arrogance!)

    However if you have yet to reach your highest potential, you can still make the impression you are already there. We all pick up tips and trends as we progress in life. However, if you want to change your image for the better immediately, consider the professional advice above.