How To Find A Perfect Date For A High Society Event

    By Mynt Models

    Publish on November 6, 2009

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    When your big event has to go perfectly, here’s what to do…

    Booking a beautiful companion for your social event couldn't be easier.Do you have a high end function to attend, perhaps even an evening that has the potential to be quite boring with nobody to bring as your date? Are you looking for an attentive and elegant woman to have on your arm, who will be interesting and charming with your colleagues? Do you want some beautiful woman to accompany you not only to the event, but on a romantic moonlight stroll afterwards, or to some after-dinner drinks and a little flirtation…? We can tell you where to find such an angel.

    An elite dating agency is the ideal place to find your perfect date for high society events, but not just any agency. Most dating agencies will hire as many women as possible, to appeal to the widest demographic possible. These agencies might send you just about anyone… But of you select the right introduction service, you can be assured of a beautiful, educated, ‘normal’ women, who will accommodate your needs for the evening and be the perfect impression in public.

    For example, avoid general dating and introduction agencies. Try somewhere like Mynt Models®, where they only recruit the most beautiful, educated and elegant models, actresses and cabin crew. You can be guaranteed an upmarket lady who is well-bred, thoroughly intelligent,and accustomed to the finer things in life. This way you won’t be embarrassed by someone whose table manners are questionable, or who drinks too much and makes a fool of both herself and you!

    Quite a few women from our elite agency are wealthy in their own right. Most have accomplished careers and full exciting lives. They may be waiting for their trust funds, or proving to their affluent families that they can make it on their own. Some ladies also love the fun and excitement that working for an elite agency brings, but the nine to five life just isn’t for them. Attending high society events is perfect for these elegant, beautiful young ladies, and where they probably fit in best.

    This is just what you need when things absolutely have to go smoothly. Why take the risk with a random date, setup or just a friend? The beautiful women from the Mynt agency know exactly what is expected of them at these functions. Most of these beauties come from a refined upper class background, so they know how to behave impeccably. These high society environments are just comfortable every day affairs for women like this.

    Meet a gorgeous companion to escort you to your VIP eventThe last thing you want at an important event is a date who demands your attention constantly, or who interrupts at the wrong time and ruins the flow of pleasant conversation. Even worse, imagine bringing a date who doesn’t know how to handle her cutlery! You will never have to deal with this when you book some time with an upscale escort date from Mynt. You will also need your date to dress appropriately for the occasion, not someone who will arrive in a bodycon nightclub dress when you’ve asked for ‘elegant evening wear’! Can you afford to take the risk?  Can you handle being embarrassed in front of your boss, colleagues or friends? Now you never need to worry or wonder about that!

    Booking a date with a high end single or elite escort from Mynt will also allow you to give your preferences as to exactly how you’d like to evening to unfold. How do you tell a random date how to behave in advance, or what’s expected of her? The fact is, you can’t. Most women expect to be given free range to behave and conduct herself as she wishes. Women’s Liberation and all that.. However when you book a professional companion for your date, you will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing she will always be gracious and appropriate no matter what.

    It’s like the difference between a taxi and a chauffeured hire car.. Why date a general woman, pretty friend, well-intended setup or even a lower class escort girl, when you can meet a truly refined and tasteful woman of high breeding? There are no disappointments at Mynt Models®.

    Your event or evening needs to go smoothly, and you will be able to fully brief the agency of your every requirement in advance. The helpful and friendly agency staff will guarantee the perfect date who matches your requirements to the letter. You can relax knowing that everything will be perfect, and you can have full reliance your gorgeous date. Eliminate any doubt from your mind, and book with confidence. Your high-end, discreet date won’t let you down.

    And you may even find yourself with so much in common that a little romance blossoms… As a world class introduction agency, we provide authentically high-end companions who very often inspire true affection and love in their dates. When love begins to blossom, we know we have made the perfect match! She will be removed from our books and can be retained exclusively by you. When you both are comfortable to take the relationship to a long term level, she is released from our books, and entrusted into your arms. :)