Why Naples Is A Great Place To Visit With Your Elite Companion

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    Publish on February 5, 2019

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    Naples zoo attractionBecause it is shadowed by the notorious Mount Vesuvius and with a reputation for being somewhat rough and “rural”, Naples is often overlooked compared to other popular Italian destinations such as Rome and Milan. However, you and your elite companion might want to consider visiting the third-largest city in Italy, given that it does have considerable offerings in terms of food, culture, art, and history.

    Here are some reasons why Naples is a great place to visit with your elite travel companion:


    • Pizza!


    Naples is the birthplace of one of the most popular food items in the world: pizza! Thus, you and your elite companion should not miss eating genuine pizza pie when you visit Naples. Authentic Neapolitan pizza must be made with stringent criteria –, for example, just utilizing certain varieties of tomato and mozzarella made with buffalo milk, as opposed to that of cows – the result of which is a pizza that you’ve never tasted previously. Each neighborhood has their most loved pizzeria, so you and your elite companion escort can virtually go pizzeria-hopping to see where you’ll find the best pizza.


    • The gorgeous castles


    As one of the oldest urban areas in Europe, Naples has a rich history for you and your elite companion to enjoy together. You can begin by visiting the city’s strongholds, which were created for the city’s royals and to protect them from outside trespassers. There’s Castel Nuovo and its great marble arch, Castel dell’Ovo, said to have a magical egg in its foundations which is why it has stood so long, and the Castel Sant’Elmo and its renowned vistas over the city. If you have a free weekend, going to visit each of the castles in Naples would be a great way to spend it.


    • To see the city’s concealed side


    While the city’s streets are packed, noisy, and disorganized, a calmer side to Naples can be discovered 40 meters underground. The city is built on volcanic tufa limestone, and the extraction of this stone has made a progression of winding passages and natural hollows underneath the city. From an old Greek aquaduct to a Roman theater, and also later antiques left by individuals shielding from partnered bombings amid World War II, Napoli Sotterranea gives an interesting look into the city’s past occupants. You and your elite companion can hire a private guide to teach you more about the city’s amazing history.


    • Naples city streetThe creative masterpieces

    If you and your elite companion love to visit museums together, then you should make the Museo di Capodimonte your first stop. This once illustrious castle is one of Italy’s biggest museums, and contains various must-see art collections. Works from names such as Caravaggio, Raphael, Titian, Michelangelo, even Andy Warhol – you’ll see them all here.


    • Grab a cup of Espresso


    Italians are known for their love of good espresso and Naples has a reputation for serving the absolute best. Visit one of the city’s numerous bistros and experiment with their claim to fame – the rich, syrupy and caffeine-loaded coffee. There are few better ways to jump-start your mornings in Naples than with a cup of genuine espresso!


    • Enjoy some Sfogliatella


    The ideal companion for a cup of good coffee is a sfogliatella – layers of thin, fresh baked pastry with a rich ricotta filling. This sweet treat is said to start from the Santa Rosa religious community in the adjacent area of Salerno. The most common recipes incorporate a garnish of whipped cream and fruits, much the same as the priests used to make.


    • It’s amazingly affordable


    Compared with the UK and US – and even other huge urban areas in Italy – Naples is modest. A whole pizza can cost as little as €4, so you and your elite companion can feast like royalty without breaking the bank! Hotels are also more affordable in Naples compared to other places in Italy.


    • Naples Botanical Gardens
      Naples Botanical Gardens

      For the archaeological gems


    While the adjacent destinations of Pompeii and Herculaneum are definitely justified even despite a visit, the greater part of the relics initially revealed there have since a long time ago been evacuated. A significant number of the frescoes, figures, and mosaics are presently in plain view in the Museo Archaeologico Nazionale, which also warrant a visit from you and your elite companion escort.


    • For the piazzas

    If you and your elite companion visit Naples during the summer and spring, make sure to get an opportunity to spend in the piazzas of Naples. Do as the Italians do and just chat with your elite companion with a spritz at Piazza Bellini, appreciate the gaudy design of Palazzo Reale and the Basilica of San Francesco di Paola at Piazza Plebicito, or basically just relax and enjoy the atmosphere at the bustling Piazza Dante.


    • To meet Napoli’s most established inhabitants

    Encountere the city’s oldest inhabitants at the Catacombs of San Gaudioso and of San Gennaro. See the extensive, bespoke tombs where the affluent were covered and the floor tombs the poor had to manage with. Yes, it’s admittedly a strange experience, but it’s an experience unique to Naples, and one that you and your elite companion won’t forget!