Facts And Myths About What Impresses Women

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    Publish on January 3, 2008

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    myths and facts about how to impress women

    When it comes to impressing women, there are many common beliefs and stereotypes that are often discussed and debated. While some of these ideas may have some truth, others are simply myths perpetuated by popular culture or misunderstandings about what women actually find attractive.


    Different Women Have Different Preferences

    First things first, not everything is going to appeal to everyone. Some women are more easygoing than others, and some require more finesse and effort to win over. Regardless, you should know upfront that a true gentleman will never impress a woman with cheesy, worn-out pick-up lines. Plenty of women are not impressed by flashing money or being too fawning that it’s outright pretentious. You will have to do a little planning and strategizing to get her attention.

    In this article, we’ll explore five facts and myths to help gentlemen like you improve their chances of making a good impression.


    5 Myths About What Impresses Women


    1. Wealth

    While having financial stability is undoubtedly important, many men believe wealth and status are critical factors in impressing women. However, many successful women are more interested in qualities like kindness, humor, and confidence than money or possessions. In fact, many ladies could even consider a man shallow or unappealing if he brags about his fortune.


    2. Physical Appearance

    While physical attraction is unquestionably significant, men frequently overemphasize the importance of physical appearance when it comes to impressing women. Many women are more drawn to a man’s character, behavior, and personality than his appearance. This is not to say that women don’t care about attractiveness; they do, but it’s not the only thing they take into account. What’s good looks without proper hygiene and a great personality anyway?


    3. Machismo

    Some guys think that women find it impressive when they are rough, aggressive, or domineering. However, this isn’t always the case. While a sense of manliness is certainly attractive, women tend to be turned off by men who display their intimidating and aggressive nature. It can even be perceived as frightening instead of endearing. The true signs of strength and manliness come from kindness, compassion, and emotional intelligence.


    4. Playing Hard to Get

    Some gentlemen believe being hard to get is an excellent approach to attracting women. They think seeming distant or indifferent will increase their attractiveness, which is hardly the case. Being aloof and appearing disinterested is a misguided strategy that’s been showcased in pop culture so much that it doesn’t represent reality at all. Playing hard to get can come across as insincere or manipulative, and it can actually drive women away. Skip the mind games instead. Show her you’re sincere and genuinely interested in getting to know her.


    5. Grand Romantic Gestures

    Although extravagant presents, elaborate dates, or public displays of affection might be impressive, they are not always necessary or even desirable. Women sometimes value little acts of kindness and concern more than overt shows of money or position. Furthermore, some women could even find extravagant gestures to be overwhelming and uncomfortable. What you can do is be caring and considerate so that that lady you’re trying to impress will find you desirable.


    5 Facts That Actually Impresses Women


    1. Confidence

    Standing tall, maintaining eye contact, and sounding self-assured—men who naturally exude confidence do these things. Men who are secure and take pride in themselves and their abilities are certainly highly-attractive to women. Women often find confidence incredibly attractive since it is viewed as a sign of stability and strength. However, it’s important to note that there’s a difference between confidence and arrogance. Being overly confident or boastful can actually be a turn-off for women.


    2. Sense of Humor

    One of the traits that women find most appealing in men is a strong sense of humor. Being able to make a woman laugh can create a positive and fun atmosphere, and it shows that you’re not one to take yourself too seriously. However, since humor is purely subjective, what one woman thinks hilarious may not be humorous to another. A great sense of humor can go a long way in impressing a woman since it requires wit, quick thinking, and taste.


    3. Ambition

    Unsurprisingly, successful women are drawn to ambitious men who have goals for the future—this can include career goals, personal growth, and other aspirations. Ambition can impress women because it is viewed as a sign of drive and motivation. However, it’s crucial to strike a balance between ambition and other traits like kindness and compassion. Ambition is different from greed, but an excess of the former may lead to the latter.


    4. Kindness

    Another appealing trait in a man is kindness. Women are often drawn to caring, sympathetic, and thoughtful men for all the right reasons. Being nice demonstrates that you care about other people’s well-being as much as your own. It can also provide women with a sense of security and safety, which is crucial in any connection and relationship.


    5. Communication Skills

    Most men might lack in the communication skill department, but you’re not most men, aren’t you? Women often find it highly amazing when gentlemen can explain themselves clearly and effectively. This includes communicating honestly and openly, sharing your views and feelings, and actively listening when it’s her turn to do all the talking. Good communication skills help build trust and intimacy in any relationship, which is vital for long-term connection.


    To further help you impress women, here are more things you can do to appear charismatic and irresistible.


    Be friendly.

    Say you’re at an event, and you’ve seen a beautiful woman just across the room. Make eye contact and smile. If she responds with a smile and fleeting glances, then you know she’s interested. Some people think acting aloof is the best way to get attention, but usually, women won’t approach men, especially if he doesn’t look friendly.


    Offer a drink.

    When the time is right, and the opportunity presents itself, approach and offer to buy her and her friend a drink. Hopefully, her friend will take the hint and leave you alone to get to know one another. Otherwise, you can impress a lady by being as charming to her friend as you are to her—but make your looks at her a little more lingering. Some men think offering a drink will attract those who only came for precisely that—free drinks. However, this isn’t always true. Women always appreciate a man who breaks the ice with a gift. It’s simply the classy thing to do.


    Be chivalrous when needed.

    Chivalry isn’t dead, although it is true that some women find chivalry condescending. Do it anyway as an act of gentlemanliness, and if she says something like “I can open my own door,” then drop all acts of chivalry in terms of helping her with anything. It shows that she is a modern, independent woman with contemporary, non-traditional views. She is entitled to that, so treat her as she likes. An ability to respect her decisions for her life, and adjust her conduct, will impress her greatly.


    Listen to her actively.

    Listen and ask questions. Listen carefully to her response and make good eye contact. If someone were to ask you, “What did she just say? What did she mean by that?” You should be able to explain it clearly. Otherwise, you may not be listening as you should. Repeating someone’s point back to them helps you clarify and understand their conversation while helping them feel understood.

    Women are comfortable in conversations where they feel heard and understood. Sympathetic replies are ample. You don’t need to offer a solution unless she asks for one. An engaging conversation will create intimacy between you.


    Be charming and smile.

    Don’t forget to smile. Some men think that smiling makes them seem weak or soft, but that is rarely the case. Women definitely prefer a man with a casual, comfortable smile. This will show her that you are relaxed in her company and that you are enjoying yourself—which is a compliment in itself. And really, nobody wants to be around a sullen person or have to try to figure out if they are enjoying themselves or not. A surefire way to end a date and never see her again is to behave with little or no emotion or interest in the experience. That’s quite insulting, or at least boring for her, if not entirely rude.


    Stick to your commitments.

    If you’ve agreed to see each other again, call her when you say you will call and send occasional texts so she knows you are thinking about her. There is a myth that men who seem too eager turn women off. While there’s a fine line, a man who calls two days later saying he can’t stop thinking about her and the date he enjoyed will usually impress her.


    Don’t play games.

    Don’t fawn or play games. An intelligent and successful woman knows mind games from a mile away. Just be a man who is confident and sure of what you want. It’s important to be honest and straightforward about your intentions and feelings. Communicating openly and clearly can help build trust and intimacy in any connection. It’s also important to be authentic to yourself rather than trying to be someone you think she wants you to be.


    Always consider her.

    When going on dates, ask her where she would like to go or suggest something relaxing like dinner or drinks. Tell her how beautiful she looks, and treat her like a lady. Some men think that complimenting. A woman puts him below her somehow, which is simply preposterous. In reality, you have just given her the gift of a compliment. She will enjoy feeling like the center of your world, adding a few extra points to your suitability meter. You could even bring some flowers or a small gift. Do not be afraid to be a gentleman; her conduct will tell you whether she is someone who will take more than she gives or someone who deserves to be spoiled.


    Don’t be overbearing.

    Have opinions when you chat, but don’t be overbearing. We don’t all have to think the same things or agree on everything. Be interested in her opposing opinion and why she has it. Refrain from dominating the conversation too much, and be prepared to listen as well. Sometimes you can comprehend a different point of view or other people’s life experiences when you open your mind to others’ opinions and why they have them. Friendly, interesting debating adds excitement but arguing is never a good idea. Agree to disagree, and keep it light.


    End the day on a good note.

    As the evening comes to an end, make sure she has a way to get home. She will usually have her own driver or be able to arrange a taxi. Making sure she is safe will impress her greatly. A gentle, respectful kiss on the cheek is a thoughtful, caring move that will touch her. However, don’t automatically assume she wants to kiss you even after a great date. Even if you’re assertive enough, forcing yourself on someone is rude. Let her know you are interested by moving closer and letting her come forward the rest of the way. If she wants to kiss you back, she definitely will.

    If she is particularly shy, you could say, “I want to kiss you. May I kiss you?’ While looking into her eyes. She can then let you know what she is comfortable with. A gentleman never assumes or tries to take more than is comfortably given. A man’s job is to protect a woman, not take advantage of her. That is the sign of a real man, an educated man.

    Thank her for a great date and tell her if you would like to see her again. This shows a level of confidence but leaves the ball in her court and the decision to her. She may smile and say good night, or she may agree that she, too, would like to meet again. She will undoubtedly be impressed if you’ve behaved like the perfect gentleman and spent time getting to know her.


    By examining these ideas more closely, you can better understand what women are looking for in a partner and how gentlemen like you can improve their chances of impressing them. Instead of falling trap to the most common myths, trust in these tested facts to impress the beautiful woman you’ve had your eye on.