Top 7 Foods To Avoid On A Date!

Foods to avoid on a dateCongratulations! You got the girl you like to agree to a date! Or you are a savvy, affluent sophisticate who has booked a high-end elite escort to join you for the evening. Now think about where you should go. Most first dates begin with food; there’s something sensual about mouths and lips, and one can chat without constant eye contact.

Where you decide to take her could make or break your whole experience, and chance for more dates. Your aim is to make her feel like the only girl in the world, so make sure your venue reflects that.

Once at the restaurant, you’ll want to avoid embarrassing situations. Some of the most mortifying occurrences on dates involve bodily functions and food mishaps. Here is a list of foods to avoid and the reasons why:

1. Burger and fries. If you’ve decided to opt for a venue that serves burger and fries, don’t expect a second date unless you’re both in high school. This screams of immaturity and won’t impress many girls, particularly if there is no cutlery. Messy dripping sauces, soggy/ flaky buns, cheap meat, grease.. No.

2. Never, ever order milk to accompany your meal, unless you are eight years old. Don’t order from the children’s menu. Your date will think she is babysitting for the evening. You’ll come across as unsophisticated and child-like. Either order a lovely wine or beer, or better still, opt for a non-alcoholic beverage, of the non-sparkling variety to avoid untimely belches!

3. Anything ‘garlic’ – unless she is ordering it also. But generally, garlic breath is not the best way to ensure her willingness to kiss you later in the evening.. It is fairly common sense in most proper society that garlic and heavy onion flavors should be off the menu when with a date you are planning to get close to later!

4. Herb bread. Whilst this is a favorite with many people, it’s not attractive to watch someone who’s trying to impress you, munching away with butter running down their chin and green herb-pieces stuck in every available crevice in their teeth. Eww.. Give this one a miss until you know each other much better and you can have a laugh about it.

5. Tacos and other fiddly hand-food. It’s really hard to listen to someone as you are building the next amazing mouthful. You don’t want any distractions as you get to know your beautiful date. Are you there for the food, or to get to know her better? If it’s for the food, come back another time with your date, your priorities are all messed up lol.

6. Ribs or lobster. It’s not worth trying to look like a hot shot, you’ll come off looking worse. Ribs are decidedly messy and heavy, and lobster is one of the most tricky foods to eat. You’ll likely end up covered in it, whichever you choose. Steer clear of both options, if you want to avoid an embarrassing impression, or putting your date off her food – and you!

7. Soup seems like a safe, sensible choice. However, no matter how hard you try, you will slurp. You will be distracted whilst trying to talk to your date and you will find it almost impossible to work your way through that endless bowl of liquid. There is no sexy way to eat soup and you might just blow your chances with your date. Unless they serve it in a mug for you to sip on, avoid it. Opt for a salad for entree, or something with which you can use cutlery. You can check more of “what foods to avoid on your first date here“!

Having impressed her with your sophisticated table manners, you are now free to enjoy a lemon sorbet for palate cleansing, a good chew on some strong mint gum for mouth-freshening, and a romantic stroll, where you may be able to steal a kiss. Whether you bring a beautiful upscale escort girl to join you, or a lovely single date looking for a relationship, any well-bred woman will respond positively to polite and neat table manners.

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