The Secret To Getting The Best From A Woman

There is one big secret to getting the best mood, treatment and response from any woman. It’s not a difficult secret, and it’s not even that big of a secret – once you know how. The one thing that women seek, in order to feel fulfilled, relaxed, safe and desirable, is simply.. To make her laugh. If you can relax her enough and say the right things to appeal to her sense of humor, she will always give her best. Here’s how! :


Use Your Skills to Make a Woman Smile

When you know the power of making a woman smile or laugh, you will definitely want to know how to do it with great skill! Having a good sense of humor will come in very handy, particularly when you are dating. Being able to make a woman laugh will ease any nervousness during early dates. Woman always look for a good sense of humor in a date and it means you don’t take yourself too seriously. You will be a fun person to be with and she is likely to enjoy your company much more. Even if you are on a date with a confident companion, making her smile and laugh will go a long way to ensuring your evening in memorable.


Start by Leveling the Mood and Always Keep a Positive Outlook

How to make a woman laughHumor won’t come naturally if you are feeling down in any way. Being able to see the positive in any situation is a good character trait anyway. No one wants to spend time with a sour puss!

Just count your blessings, realize things could always be worse, and realize just how great your life really is, compared to some less fortunate. This will always help you stay positive, then you can have the right attitude to build humor. Unless you are going for dry sarcastic humor – then you better be sure she understands and appreciates that kind of humor!


Be Playful and Have Some Fun

Tease her a little, although not unkindly or mercilessly!  Look for the fun around you and make little jokes, she may be nervous too and laughter is the best remedy. Being a happy guy is a major turn on for most ladies. it also shows you have great confidence and are not afraid to be a little foolish for her.


Tell Funny Stories About You or Your Past

This will create intimacy between you. It means you’ve let your guard down and you are letting someone else into your world, someone you trust. She will be thrilled that you are sharing personal details – and we all have those stories that can make people laugh! She will often reciprocate, building the rapport between you further.


Be Yourself and Let Your Own Personality Shine Through

If you are straining to be someone you’re not, you will come across as insincere. Focus on times when your sense of humor has gotten you through challenging situations, where other people may have reacted with frustration or annoyance. This will show her that you are resilient and able to overcome obstacles. lighten up overall and don’t take life too seriously.

For example, during a heated discussion between colleagues, the one who can keep a sense of humor in their observation of the other party, generally wins, as they don’t allow the conversation to get to them. Or between lovers, the discussion can escalate to an argument – but if one party retains a light sense of humor and tells the other ‘you’re cute when you’re mad’, then the argument dissolves into laughter or romance. There is no need for anything to escalate if one person knows how to have a sense of humor or light heart about things.

You don’t have to be a stand up comedian, but trying to see the funny side of life will give you the advantage whilst dating, whether a life partner, a casual introduction or an elite escort girl. Girls love a man who can make her laugh!

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