The Quickest Way to Lose a Lady

    By Mynt Models

    Publish on May 15, 2008

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    Faux pas to avoid on dates - or how to lose a woman!

    Dating can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you’re trying to impress a beautiful lady you’re interested in. While there are plenty of things you can do to make a great impression, certain behaviors can quickly turn a lady off and ruin your chances.

    We all do annoying things that perhaps we may not be aware of. Being self-aware is critical—we can’t always watch ourselves or receive feedback from those around us regularly. A man creates his reputation and records for himself, so attention to his own conduct and character is imperative.

    Now, as a gentleman, you want your word of mouth to be positive. You want to be known as a man of integrity and high quality—a ‘good guy.’ Or perhaps a strong guy, an attractive guy, a charming guy—whatever reputation you want, you are responsible for building it daily.

    To give yourself the best chance with a date, peruse this list to ensure they don’t sound too familiar. If they do, consider making some changes or being more aware of your behavior and impression on others.


     Starting a text conversation, then not responding for hours.

    If you’re going to text a girl to see how she is, answer immediately when she lets you know she’s doing well. Otherwise, what’s the point? Your date will think you’re playing some sort of mind game, or that you’re easily distracted and inattentive. Or worse, she’ll think you only contacted her to catch up, but something better came along.

    If she is to be made to feel special, then she should be your priority. This is why dealing with a date introduction agency can be helpful. Suppose you are booking an elite escort for a romantic evening. In that case, you can take your time responding and just show up on the night without worrying about making a wrong impression communication-wise!


    Leaving a poor tip.

    Depending on which country you are in, tipping can be pretty important. However in the USA for example, it is an implicit expectation as the employee’s wages are low. If you’re trying to impress your date, leave a generous tip at an elegant restaurant. If you give the minimum, or worse, nothing, she’ll think you can’t afford it and shouldn’t be there anyway. 

    Nobody likes a cheap, distasteful man, and she will imagine your miserly nature could also extend to her on future dates. She is biologically wired to seek a partner that can support her and maintain the lifestyle she’s accustomed to. It’s not about gold digging; it’s about finding a provider, whether for the evening or a lifetime.

    To avoid her disapproval, show you have enough to provide and are not cheap. You do not need to be silly or extravagant, just don’t cut corners.


    Staring at other women.

    It’s common sense. The world is full of beautiful women, and they will always be there for you to look at. But just for tonight, while you’re on a date with an already stunning lady, it’s insulting and offensive to look at, or worse, flirt with another woman. Any well-bred gentleman knows that she is to be the priority.

    Staring at other ladies on a date is a major turn-off and can quickly ruin your chances of a successful date or future relationship. It’s paramount to be respectful, attentive, and present in the moment. If you find yourself distracted by other people, take a moment to refocus on your beautiful date and make them feel like they’re the only person in the room. Appear uninterested, and she’ll leave you without a trace.


    Checking your phone

    Checking your phone during a date is another behavior that can quickly turn a lady off. Although people are all tech-oriented these days and constant communication seems to be demanded from everyone, being attached to your phone while talking with her is rude and inconsiderate. Surely, the world will survive without you for one evening.

    Give her all your attention and listen to what she has to say without exception. If she puts her phone out on the table and seems open to tech involvement, that is her choice—we all have our standards in social etiquette. But nothing is more embarrassing and amusing than seeing two people sitting together and appearing disinterested. It’s definitely not a pretty picture if both parties are on their phones, seeking a distraction instead of connecting with each other. Unless it is a business call worth millions of dollars, avoid taking calls – even if that is the case, don’t bark your conversation out in public. Go to the bathroom at least to take care of your personal or work concerns, then return to the table.


    Being rude to staff.

    When someone is rude to service people, it shows that they do not have respect for others. This lack of respect can be a major turn-off for women who value respect in their relationships. It indicates poor character; no lovely lady would like to be seen in public with an ill-mannered man.

    Now, you might be really important in your business, and being demanding might have gotten things to go your way. However, it is entirely preposterous to embarrass your date by clicking your fingers at restaurant staff or being horrible to them. This won’t impress her. She will find you rude, arrogant, offensive, and jerky. Everyone knows the measure of a well-bred gentleman is how he treats those below him in the social strata.


    Expecting too much on a first date.

    Men are categorized into two: you’re either a gentleman, or you’re not. Only a true gentleman can understand that first dates are for getting to know someone. The initial date helps set a positive tone for future dates and potential relationships. Putting too much pressure on someone can make them feel uncomfortable and may cause the date not to go as well as you’d hoped. It’s essential to approach a first date with an open mind, have reasonable expectations, and focus on getting to know the person rather than setting specific goals or expectations.

    Read the signals from your date when you give her a gentle kiss goodnight. If she likes you, she will let you know and respond. Your job is to be gentlemanly enough that she wants to be closer to you, and the natural flow of interaction between two mature, consenting adults will unfold. 


    In conclusion, when it comes to dating, there are certain behaviors and actions that can quickly turn a lady off and lead to a failed date. If you want to build a quality reputation and word of mouth among ladies or you want to be able to meet your date again, it is strongly suggested that you avoid the above behavioral faux pas.