Why do We Keep Dating our Date?

At one point in your life you must have met a couple which you do not find compatible at all. They may be physically mismatched (one far more beautiful or handsome than the other), or mismatched in style. Have you ever asked yourself why he chose to date her? What is it that she found in him when they are clearly in different leagues? Most people would ask these questions.

Why do we keep dating our date

But this is reality. While you may think that one person is wasting their looks by dating someone who is clearly not in his or her league, we must understand that thankfully, for most educated people, looks are not all that matter. We all know that look s alone fade! A person’s beautiful soul and caring heart can make them attractive to anyone. And to be supported and happy, is far more important in life than a pretty face, which will soon be old and wrinkled ;)

To better understand this situation, it would be best for us to ask why we date the person we are dating presently. Whether you’re dating someone who is very gorgeous and can easily be rated with a “10” does not matter. What matters is the real reason why we chose to stay with them.


It feels right

When we start dating, we’re always looking for someone with whom we can be ourselves. Someone with whom we can have a workable relationship. This transcends looks. Most of the time, looks only play a role in the “attraction” part, but when we are building a relationship with another person, we look beyond appearances and see the person for who they are.

If the relationship or being with that person feels right or familiar, we choose to stay with that person. Try to look at it this way, when you are dating a smoking hot lady but you do not sit well with her attitude; chances are, you will not pursue her. That’s what feeling right is all about, because at the end of the day you can never build any workable relationship if your partner’s attitude always gets in the way.


We can grow with them

Another reason we date our partners is that they challenge and support us. This may sound cheesy but we never really keep on dating someone unless they complement us, and help us become the best version of ourselves. If our relationship isn’t enhancing our lives, then what’s the point?  This is not just about dating a good looking person or that you feel right about the relationship. It’s about growth. By nature, we always seek to better ourselves. We always seek to grow whether in our professional career, in our own enlightenment,  or in our relationships. Stagnation is something no intelligent person wants to be in forever. This is why we always seek someone who can help us grow and get to know our own selves better. When you look at things this way, being hot and gorgeous has nothing to do with it!

It is true that when we’re looking for a lifetime partner or someone with whom we can enjoy dates and build a relationship, looks are always among the first things we consider. However, as we go deeper into dating we can discover that someone’s looks will not really define the kind of relationship we can have with them. Feeling good and growing in the relationship are far more important than your partner’s appearance. So, the next time you see a couple who are in different leagues in terms of their looks, understand that it feels right for them and they must be growing with and learning from each other.


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