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The city of Kawasaki sits on the banks of the Tama River, which created a border between the cities of Kawasaki and Tokyo. It’s one of those Japanese cities who have embraced western culture particularly in their sporting events baseball and football, and in the city’s industrialization.

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Enjoy the Beautiful Attractions in Kawasaki with Your Escort Date

One of the erotic attractions of the city is the Kanamara Matsuri. As to why, we’ll let you discover more of it once you decided to spend a weekend in Kawasaki. Set your eyes to the Kawasaki Daishi, one of the most popular temple of the Kanto Region. The Doraemon Musem is also a new attraction of the city that’s made especially for the fans of the popular anime character. For a more traditional view, you can also visit the Nihon Minka-en. Check out these places for a better understanding of Kawasaki’s culture:

  • Kawasaki Daishi
  • Nihon Minka-en
  • Taro Okamoto Museum of Art
  • Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall
  • Yomiuriland
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth
  • Kawasaki Stadium
  • Yomiuri Giants Stadium
  • Kawasaki Isago no Sato Museum
  • Yumemigasaki Zoo Park
  • Kawasaki Marien
  • Daishi-koken Park Shinshu-en
  • Train and Bus Museum
  • Ikuta Ryokuchi Rose Garden
  • Kawasaki Municipal Science Museum
  • Ikuta Ryokuchi Park
  • Toshiba Science Museum
  • Higashitakane Forestry Park
  • Tokakuin Temple
  • Keihin Fushimi Inari Shrine
  • Higashiogijima Higashi Park
Kawasaki at Night

You will experience hot and dry summers and mild to cold winters in Kawasaki thanks to its subtropical climate. This kind of weather can be perfect for you to explore the city at day and still manage to stay outdoors even at night. Click here and get all the info you need about Kawasaki’s weather.

Imperial Palace in Kawasaki

The Kanagawa Shimbun delivers unbiased and unparalleled news to the people of Kawasaki. Keep yourself updated while you enjoy a great vacation in the city.

Imperial Palace in Kawasaki

Azalea Garden of Tokakuin Temple in Kawasaki

Contrary to the beliefs of some, the automotive brand Kawasaki did not originate from the city but the info tech company Fujitsu did. The company is the third largest IT service provider in the whole world. Other tech companies operating in Kawasaki are Toshiba and Dell. Heavy industries like JFE and Nippon Oil have development bases in the city as well. These industries have helped Kawasaki become a growing city of innovation. Start your own business in Kawasaki. But first, inquire and get the requirements needed to start one from the local embassy or the mayor’s office.

Azalea Garden of Tokakuin Temple in Kawasaki

The Best Luxurious Hotels in Kawasaki

The city has a short list of luxurious hotels. This is the result of being a close neighbor to Japan’s capital, Tokyo. Nevertheless, the city offers comfort and great accommodation in their cozy hotels and inns. One of these lovely hotels is the Daiwa Roynet Hotel. This conventional hotel offers the basic necessities and amenities that you will look for from a hotel. They have a restaurant, spas, and laundry facilities. You will still have a good stay in Kawasaki with the Daiwa Roynet Hotel.

Check Trip Advisor for more of Kawasaki’s great hotels.

Kawasaki Nightlife

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The nightlife in Kawasaki is mostly focused in the city center, although you will see a lot of pachinko and arcade houses. The night market of Kawasaki also serves a wide selection of shopping and dining spots. There is also a decent number of dance clubs and bars where you can spend a night of dancing and drinking.

It may not be as wild as other cities, but you and your lovely date will still have a fun evening in Kawasaki.

Check Trip Advisor’s suggestions about where you can have a great night in the city.

More Information & Directions

For more detailed information about the city, view the definitive Wiki page here, with all the up-to-date details you’ll ever need. Visit our escorts available in Hong Kong!

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