The Truth About Gold Diggers

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    Publish on June 11, 2005

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    Is she a gold-digger or not?

    Wealthy and successful men who are dating may be accustomed to attracting various types of women, but how can they tell the difference between someone who wants to rip them off and someone who is in it for the long haul? Who will be there through thick and thin, and who is a fair-weather-girlfriend?

    The Design of a Gold Digger

    Someone who seeks and develops a connection with another person with the express intent of utilizing or stealing that person’s money and fortune is known as a gold digger. The purpose of the gold digger is to get into a connection so that they can gain access to the target’s finances; they do not truly feel an emotional or physical attraction to whoever they’re dating.

    The archetype of a gold digger relationship is one in which a much younger lady pursues romance with an older, wealthier guy. She will either remain in the partnership and take full advantage of it while giving as little as doable in return. Another option would be to wait for the older man to pass away so she can inherit his affluence, initiate a divorce, and attempt to obtain finances through legal proceedings, or just simply stay in the relationship and enjoy the financial benefits of it.

    This is where it gets tricky since a greedy gold digger may not be evident from the start; she’s just a girl who likes nice things. But her aim is to claim and share your wealth as soon as possible. Not in an honest way like a woman who would give you children and care in return. And not in a business sense like a colleague or elite professional companion. Just a girl who wants to get as much out of you as possible while the going is good, then leave.

    In order to achieve her goal, she will prove to be charming, attentive, and knowledgeable about your world. She will do and say anything to make you like her or believe the relationship is real. She will have done her research into how rich people like spending their money. She may also dress in expensive clothes and wear high-end jewelry to fool you into thinking she is a genuinely well-bred young lady.

    The Signs of a Gold Digger

    In seeking out and attracting their targets, gold diggers might employ a variety of different strategies. There are specific widespread indications that someone is in a romance for financial advantage, though.

    1. They have a gold-digging history.

    If a person has a run of ex-partners, each one getting wealthier than the last, it is a sure indicator that they are a gold digger. Gold diggers can attend elite events and clubs with a rich partner, enabling them to look for a potential future partner who is more affluent.

    If they also keep gold-digging friends, then take that as a sign. The adage “you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep” and “birds of the same feather flock together are true. It’s a red flag that the people your partner associates with might be money diggers if they only pursue or marry older, wealthy partners.

    2. They accept expensive gifts only.

    A woman who genuinely likes you may value sentimental and considerate presents highly. However, she won’t take any present that doesn’t have a monetary value if she’s simply in a relationship with you for the money. For them, expensive gifts are more important than thoughtful ones. Flowers or a handwritten poem may seem like a meaningful present to you, but to a gold digger, these items are worthless. Only presents with a considerable monetary value appear to make them pleased.

    When your girlfriend is a gold digger, all it takes to end a fight is to give her a pricey present. They would prefer that you purchase them something with a high monetary value rather than sitting down to discuss the problem.

    Also, some gold-digging ladies could start foolish conflicts merely to get you to purchase them things as compensation. Regardless of how irate they were, giving them a pricey present will woo and impress them.

    3. They’re always asking about your money.

    It is typical for individuals in true and committed relationships to be interested in their potential lifetime partners’ financial situation. On the other hand, it might be a warning sign that you have been dating a gold digger if someone asks you on your initial or second date how much money you make and how much money you keep in your bank.

    When you start dating and getting to know each other, pay attention to the questions she’ll tactfully ask you. She will want to know exactly how much you are worth so she doesn’t waste any of her precious time. As she moves on to the next guy, you will soon be dumped if you are not worth enough. And take that as a get-out-of-jail-free card! A blessing of freedom from a thief. Avoid these women at all costs. There is no happiness at the end of the road.

    In fact, it is sometimes wise to understate your wealth as a test to filter out these types. Create a little side life with a simple apartment and a decent but simple car, and see who sticks around. But honestly, if she is not after your money, she wouldn’t be asking these questions or snooping in the first place.

    4. They go to expensive places but never pay.

    A gold digger will typically only want to hang around in posh places. Accepting only the finest things in existence and being a gold digger go seamlessly together. A lady looking for gold will select the fanciest locations, often saved for special events like anniversaries or birthdays. Some people will request to go on an extravagant date only to check whether you can handle their way of life.

    Being financially successful has the lovely perk of allowing you to buy things. Spending money on those you are drawn to and in love with is only natural. Yet this is also a two-way street, as with everything in successful partnerships. If the person you’re dating never offers to cover expenses, they may be laying the groundwork for your future with them if things develop into something more serious.

    How to Protect Yourself

    Not all women are gold diggers. A woman of quality is intelligent. She wants to maintain the lifestyle that she’s accustomed to and may already have her own wealth. You must listen carefully to what she says to ascertain why she’s trying to keep herself exclusive to rich, affluent men. These women are in it for the long haul. They are simply looking for a competent partner who can offer financial security and who can sustain their quality of life. They are not out to rip you off; they are looking for someone similar to themselves in terms of sophistication.

    So, please get to know your dates well so you can make an informed choice about their intentions. Don’t be blinded by looks or words. Actions speak louder, as they say.