Gift-Giving 101 – How to Buy the Best Gifts for Women

    By Mynt Models

    Publish on February 16, 2007

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    Gift ideas for your girlfriend or special escort date

    Gift-giving is an art. The ideal gift may make someone feel better, or strengthen a bond. It can right a wrong, or serve to show a special person just how much you care.


    Why Give

    Gifts may be used to express appreciation, as well as love and devotion. Ironically, presents have historically been used to symbolize success, money, and power. We promise you that when you master the art of giving gifts, your prestige and appeal to potential partners will soar. Women enjoy nothing more than receiving a thoughtful present, regardless red less of its cost. Then of course gushing about it to their envious friends.

    While gift giving isn’t obligatory, it is always touching. Giving your gorgeous elite escort date a little trinket or gift boosts her admiration for you, while deepening the warmth and affection of your connection. Gift-giving can be used to maintain the interest, and keep the spark alive if you’ve been meeting the same model escort for some time. Gifts are not only for significant anniversaries and special occasions.

    Ladies love surprises, and you don’t have to wait until her birthday or Christmas to spoil her! It doesn’t have to be a lavish gift, or an overwhelming experience. You certainly don’t have to break the bank to make an impression. A token gift on any given day will delight her, and her generosity of spirit in return will be a most enjoyable reward. You could give your beautiful elite companion a small box of quality chocolates or a simple flower. She will be touched by your thoughtfulness.


    Ideas for gifts to give your escort girlfriend!

    What to Give

    Presents don’t have to be expensive (and can even be free),  although of course some women consider the gift you give as a gesture of her worth to you.  Most women value thoughtfulness more than the dollar figure that comes with the gift. However you don’t want to gift something she’ll never use either. Consider her fashion style, personality, lifestyle, etc., and purchase something just for her. 


    Women often look at the thought behind the gift as much as the gift itself. So a simple flower picked just for her because it matches her eyes or her outfit can mean just as much as a pair of Louboutins, a box from Tiffanys, or even an Hermes handbag. (Which incidentally can also match her eyes/ shoes/ dress and will delight her just as much!)


    The Basics

    Her Favorite Color

    It most certainly feels thoughtful if you gift her anything in her favorite color. You may also take note of the color she dislikes the most, and ensure you never buy anything in that shade. Note the color you want to see her wearing (you know, the one that makes her glow so beautifully). If you tell her you adore this shade on her, she may also start to find it appealing.

    Her Favorite Flowers

    Flowers have been associated with meanings by cultures worldwide, and have been used to communicate with lovers and foes alike. Offering a lavender rose, for instance, represents falling in love at first sight. You could also learn the language of flowers to show your genuine interest in displaying just how special your elite escort date is to you.



    Jewelry is a rather an intimate gift as it is usually presented with a special meaning attached, such as ‘you’re special’ or ‘you mean so much to me.’ Jewelry will last a lifetime, so choose it well. Use a reputable jeweler; this is one gift on which you shouldn’t skimp. Don’t buy anything cheap or gaudy, or the meaning will be lost. If you can’t afford quality jewelry or don’t want to spend quite that much yet, go for flowers or quality sweets instead.


    Silver or Gold

    Some women prefer gold, and others look best in white gold or rose gold. Some look better in diamonds than sapphires. You should note the jewelry she wears most often, or those she stops to look at on outings, and buy her gifts accordingly. Is your lovely VIP companion a fan of delicate white gold hanging droplets, or does she lean more toward understated pearl studs? Giving her gifts according to her style will communicate how much attention you pay to her. It will make her swoon.

    Her Birthstone

    A conversation with your lovely escort date could easily lead to discussing birth months. Take note of her birth month and make it a point to give her a stone that represents it. There are so many ways to be thoughtful when it comes to gift-giving, and incorporating a birthstone customized to her birth month will surely bestow a sense of bliss and gratitude on her.



    If she loves fashion, you could buy your beautiful escort an accessory that she’s had her eye on for a while, such as a handbag, scarf, or shoes. Double-check sizes and preferences; you don’t want to buy the wrong ones! Many gentlemen simply  ask our concierges to get that information for them discreetly.

    Avoid buying her clothes, because if you purchase the size wrong, you could offend or embarrass her. The best thing to do is to either give her a gift voucher for the store, or take your elegant escort companion shopping. Then you not only get to do and time together, but she can try things on and model them for you.

    Then she can choose the item or items she really loves and will remember you by. The look of delight on her face is rewarding , and every time she sees it it uses it, she will think of you.


    Her Favorite Designer

    Since the beautiful elite models at Mynt are all fashionable, it’s normal for them to have favorite brands or designers. You may casually ask her or our concierges which fashion designers she likes, and take a mental note. Ask a store employee for assistance locating items showcasing these designers or brands. The next time you meet, she will be delighted by the fact that you took note of her favorites.


    Gift-giving for the Holidays

    For big occasions such as birthdays or Christmas, you may need to do some research. Does your refined escort date have any particular hobbies, or like any particular type of music? You could buy her tickets to see her favorite band, or the next book on her reading list.

    With a bit of thought, you can really impress her, and not always at great cost. A more intimate gift is perfume fragrance, as it’s such a personal choice. Try to find out her favorite scent, or as our concierges to share her ideal scents with you.

    A significant gesture can also be romantic such as an experience day. She will be so surprised! You could organize a hot air balloon ride, or an aerial sight seeing trip in a helicopter. Precious memories last a lifetime, and you’ll definitely be her most memorable date.

    By all means, if you want some more ideas regarding your gorgeous companion from the elite escort dating agency Mynt Models, you can contact us anytime to inquire about your special date’s preferences. Then surprise your lovely date the next time you meet! Just because you’re paying for her time doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve gifts sometimes to show you also appreciate her. It’s certainly not compulsory or expected, but it is always appreciated.