Emma Hoffman


Some Suggested Cities to Visit

Abu Dhabi, Doha, Dubai, Jordan and Riyadh


Vital Statistics

Age: 22

Height: 173cm (5’6”)

Physique: 35C, 23, 35 (85cm, 59cm, 90cm)



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About Emma

Currently working on her degree, beautiful Emma is a lovely, elegant and glamorous young model and academic. With West European heritage, Emma traveled frequently throughout Europe with her family, also living in London for some time. Health and fitness are important to her, and she enjoys tasteful socializing. Emma is very poised, but has a flirtatious, playful side also.

Her intensity and passion spill into all areas of her life, and while her sense of humor is well developed, she also enjoys a serious conversation. When it comes to luxury, she is definitely a devoted fan. Emma enjoys dressing beautifully, and has a beautiful wardrobe. Kind and caring, she’s a feminine companion who will ensure your happiness is a priority. Not one for ‘partying’ or clubs, Emma prefers lovely restaurants for socializing.

Being in her very early 20’s, Emma is less versed on antiquated notions and topics, but is very up to date on current affairs. Although she does love Mozart. Sportive and active, with flawless golden skin, it’s no wonder she looks ridiculously mouthwatering in a swimsuit. Emma is an amazing woman and a fascinating companion. What a wonderful way to pass the time, be it an evening, a weekend or a week! Contact us now to invite this sweet princess to dinner.

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