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Eastern Europe is home to some of the most beautiful countryside in the world, largely yet unspoiled. Although development has increased exponentially since many of the countries have entered the European Union. But the centuries of majestic hillsides, historical buildings, quaint villages and colorful, often painful past have left remaining footprints. Footprints that will no doubt remain for centuries to come, regardless of development.

The East European cities are also home to some of the most beautiful women in the world. And many of these lovely young ladies seek to use their beauty to better themselves, and give them and their families a better life. Some seek a wealthy man or ‘sugar daddy’ to spoil them, but this is largely unstable, as when this man is gone, so is her income.

A smart East European girl with model looks will join an elite agency like Mynt Models® as a travel companion, and be sent on elite ‘modeling assignments’ to bring her a large income and luxury life. She should never risk her safety by working with low class or rough agencies or people. Mynt Models® offers Eastern European models full training, and 100% security and respect.


Meet gorgeous women and beautiful models from Eastern Europe


Beautiful ladies from Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, Croatia, Serbia, Lithuania, Estonia, Albania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania etc should contact Mynt Models® to cast for a position as an elite courtesan for sophisticated bookings in five star hotels and resorts worldwide. A beautiful Russian girl who speaks good English has as much chance as a beautiful American girl to make excellent money. A gorgeous English speaking Serbian or Croatian model has every possibility of making even more money than local London girls.

For Eastern European models escort work, contact Mynt Models® now to be interviewed, trained and booked to refined, sophisticated, wealthy and kind gentlemen. We are female managed, and always behave with transparency, integrity and respect.

Some of the cities from which these beautiful young educated ladies are hired include Belgrade, Bratislava, Brno, Bucharest, Budapest, Kiev, Krakow, Krasnoyarsk, Ljubljana, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Kazan, Omsk, Chelyabinsk, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa and Volgograd. Pecs, Sofia, and beautiful Prague.

Others include Tirana, Durrës, Vlorë, Elbasan, Minsk, Barysaw, Sarajevo, Plovdiv, Varna, Ruse, Zagreb, Talin, Tartu, Debrecen, Daugavpils, Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Warsaw (Warszawa), Łódź, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Poznan, Lublin, Novi Sad, Košice, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Donetsk, Zaporizhia, and Ostrava.

Of course major stipulations will be fluent English, 18-28 years and possess model beauty, with flawless physique (no scars or tattoos).



Escort Models & Beautiful Singles in Eastern Europe:

Enjoy International Dates as a High Class Travel Companion.


Beautiful Escorts from Eastern Europe



Wonderful cities where we hire escorts:


Belgrade Serbia

Features of Serbia, Belgrade (Beograd)Belgrade, the capital and largest city of Serbia, has a unique sense of audacity that attracts people from all over the world. Because of its interesting culture and historical heritage, the streets of Belgrade is a façade of nouveau art and quirky sidewalks of shops and cafes. Today, the White City holds annual events such as the Theatre Festival, Summer Festival, Film Festival, a Beer Fest, and the Book Fair! Hiring escorts in Serbia means we can provide the most beautiful East-European beauties for international travel companions.



Bratislava Slovakia

Bratislava city features, SlovakiaBratislava greets its people and tourist with a marvelous view of the Castle, the city’s primary icon and attraction. You can also get a great view of the entire city from the castle, a must-try for any tourist visiting Bratislava. It’s one of those well preserved European old towns that will delight you, and the cycle paths around the city centre are an exciting maze that lead you to a myriad of sidewalk shops and cafes. Bratislava escort work allow us to hire gorgeous Slovakian models and make them available to our affluent international clientele.



Brno Czech Republic

Brno Czech RepublicBrno has captivated the hearts of many wine lovers because of the patches of vineyards in the southern part of the city. And if its neighbor, Olomouc, has the best architectural heritage, Brno has the most interesting museums and art houses of Czech. The Brno Exhibition Center plays an important role as it is one of Europe’s largest, and is ranked 23rd in the world among the biggest exhibition centers today. The city also takes pride in their beautiful historic centre, a concentration of centuries’ worth of Renaissance and Baroque architecture. offering escort work positions for Brno models allows us to recruit the finest beauties to date our wealthy Western clients.



Bucharest Romania

Bucharest Romania city features.Over the years, Bucharest has undergone major changes as it chose to reconstruct the majority of its façade into a modern community. Sadly today, only a few of Bucharest’s historical heritage is left. But still, you will find some of the most beautiful 17th – 18th century churches in the city. Tour around the city and be amazed with the Triumphal Arch, take a visit to the George Enescu Museum, and enjoy sights of Victory Avenue. You might want to consider staying linger in Bucharest than just making it a stopover for your trip in Transylvania. Hiring escorts from Bucharest means we can introduce our wealthy gentleman clients tp the most beautiful models in the world.



Budapest Hungary

Budapest City, HungaryJust like in many other major cities around the world, you will find the same air of romance and great amusement at the sight of the Chain Bridge. At night, it becomes even more romantic with the reflection of the city on the river. Aside from the lovely bridge, you will definitely love the architectural heritage of this city and the Art Nouveau. Hungarian food is always exquisite, and you will discover a different kind of satisfaction with their cuisines. As the city gears itself towards the future, what remains of its history has been well preserved. Old churches and buildings are still open to the public for tours and casual visits. Hiring escorts in Budapest gives us the chance to introduce beautiful Hungarian models to wealthy, international gentlemen.


Kiev Ukraine

Kiev city features, UkraineKiev has had an interesting and colorful past, and was an important trading center of Europe during the 5th century. Today, it’s one of the important centers for import, education, science, and culture in Eastern Europe. Experience how the youth brings life to the streets of Kiev through concerts and parties. As they say, walking Kiev from one end to the other is possible thanks to the patches of trees and botanical gardens within the city. You will also find a good number of historical attractions in the streets of Kiev, particularly the statue of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, the Berehynia, Golden Gate, the Red University Building, and the Kiev Pechersk Lavra. Hiring Kiev escort girls gives Mynt agency the opportunity to let her meet our wealthy refined clients.



Krakow Poland

Poland's Krakow city mapYou will be interested to discover the folklore behind Krakow’s foundation. And over the years as the city turned itself from a stone-age community to one of Poland’s most important cities, this change left immense amounts of historical heritage that are preserved in the city’s museums. The Wawel Castle is Krakow’s most prominent icon. With a short trip to the Wawel Hill you can find a fantastic view of the castle, the cathedral, and its Renaissance inspire courtyard. Accepting escort applications from beautiful Krakow models means we can introduce the most beautiful Polish models to our affluent clients worldwide.



Krasnoyarsk Russia

Krasnoyarsk city, RussiaKrasnoyarsk is not your ideal modern Russian city, but it is nevertheless affluent, despite of the few modern infrastructures in it. For centuries, the city has been one of the vital centers for the economy of Russia. The absence of tall buildings and modern structures have preserved the beautiful landscapes of Krasnoyarsk, so much so that even a popular author dubbed the city as the most beautiful Siberian city. The people are orderly and happy with what they have, and you will also see lots of fine mansions in their residential areas, showing you the affluence and the kind of lifestyle that its people enjoy. Hiring beautiful Russian escorts in Krasnoyarsk allows us to introduce these beauties to our wealthy clients for exclusive dates.



Ljubljana Slovenia

Ljubljana city features, SloveniaAlthough Ljubljana have never captured the attention of being a major global city, due to the lack of new and modern buildings, Slovenia’s pride is in being one of the greenest and most livable capitals in Europe. The city centre is the busiest area, so if you decide to enjoy the green and leafy parks of Ljubljana you can assure yourself of staying out of car traffic. Plus, you’ll be amazed with the lovely boardwalks and the great views of the Ljubljanica River. But despite its conventional façade, you’ll be able to experience hip parties and active clubbing if you wish, thanks to the tens of thousands of students in the city. Hiring model escorts for work in Ljubljana means we can arrange exclusive dates with beautiful Slovenian models and wealthy refined gentlemen.



Moscow (Moskva) Russia

Famous Russian city Moscow's main festuresMoscow may not be the most romantic city today, but you will definitely feel an adrenaline rush just by laying eyes on the Kremlin, and the sights and sounds around the Red Square. Having a colorful history has its perks, and you will experience it first hand in this upbeat city. Regardless of the season or the time of the day, Moscow is lively and intriguing. The best place to start your adventure would be from the Red Square, and be surprised on how the pavements of Moscow leads your way to the other attractions of the city. Hiring gorgeous model escorts in Moscow means our exclusive agency is able to introduce the most stunning Russian models to wealthy, sophisticated gentlemen internationally.



Saint Petersburg Russia

Saint Petersburg city of RussiaMoscow might be Russia’s most popular city, but Saint Petersburg is not far behind when it comes to popularity. Considered the most westernized city in Russia, a lot of tourists have learned to love Saint Petersburg because of the way the city preserved itself as private, quiet, and reserved. Among other Russian cities, Burg is the home to a number of beautiful churches, fortresses, squares and palaces. The city has even gained attention because of its similarities to Venice. Elite escort work for Saint Petersburg models allows us to provide only the most stunning ladies to our selective, rich clients.



Novosibirsk Russia

Novosibirsk city Cathedral in RussiaOne of Russia’s modernized cities, Novosibirsk lets its people experience a vivacious lifestyle. Their nightlife is as vibrant as any of the major Russian cities, and the streets are busy night and day. The sights and sounds are of unusual museums and monuments. The green patches and gardens of Novosibirsk are the home of their native trees, aspen, pine, and birch. By hiring Novosibirsk escorts for international wealthy clients, we can offer these stunning Russian women for dates, and allow them to benefit financially also.



Yekaterinburg Russia

Yekaterinburg city features, RussiaPeople have had different views about Yekaterinburg’s history. Some consider it a dark past, others find it fascinating. But regardless of how one would view it, it’s an interesting piece of history. The city’s museums will have lots of memorabilia about the tragic life of Tsar Nicolas II and his family. But if you wish to learn about the lighter side of Yekaterinburg, the city is home to a good number of theater companies. These companies have made the city famous for its theaters and shows. Some names included in the list are the Sverdlovsk Academic Theater, the Yekaterinburg Academic Ballet and Opera Company, the Kolyada Theater, and the Volkhonka. Offering escort work to elite Yekaterinburg model girls, we can allow them to enjoy a luxury life of an international travel companion, and introduce stunning beauties to our affluent, successful gentlemen.



Nizhny Novgorod Russia

Nizhny city RussiaNizhny Novgorod, or ‘Nizhny’ as called by the locals, is Russia’s fifth largest city. The city became a great trade center back in the 19th century when the Makaryev Fair was transferred to the city, attracting millions of businessman and laborers. At the start of the 20th century, the city has become an important industrial hub. In 2018, some games of the FIFA World Cup will be played in the city. However, the stadium for the event is yet to be built. To hire Nizhny model escorts means we have a selection of the most beautiful Russian escorts available to introduce to our wealthy clientele.



Samara Russia

Samara city features in RussiaSamara was once a hermit city of Russia that only a few people knew about. Few were privy to what happened inside its walls. But today, it has become an open city welcoming everyone who wishes to visit and enjoy a great night. It’s a nice place to spend a short vacation. Because of its location at the banks of the river, lots of people enjoy having picnics on the riverside. You’ll also find a few beer houses at the river banks, and lots of happy people enjoying the great view of the river. Samar escort work allows us to recruit the most beautiful Russian girls to introduce to wealthy gentlemen for a luxury life.



Kazan Russia

Kazan city in Russia, attractions to visitKazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, is a demographically diverse city. You’ll find a mixture of nationalities that you won’t see among other Russian cities. For years now, Moscow have kept an eye on Kazan to keep its loyalty to Russia, as its people’s pulsating way of life seemed mysterious and peculiar to the average Russian. But it’s one of Russia’s most open and welcoming cities, particularly for sporting events. Dubbed as the country’s sports capital, the city has held major events in 2013 and 2014. Soon, the city will also host games for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Hiring beautiful girls from Kazan for escort work means we can offer our wealthy and successful clients the most gorgeous international travel companions.



Omsk Russia

Omsk city map, RussiaOmsk may not be an ideal place to explore because of its conservative and quiet neighborhood. It doesn’t have the same hype as other Russian cities per se. But if you wish to have a private vacation, Omsk could be the perfect place for you. As it is a primary educational center, the city has a good number of music venues, museums, theatres, and educational institutions. When you visit the city centre, you’ll be welcomed by a cityscape of marvelous architecture along Lyubinsky and Lenina. Hiring beautiful escorts in Omsk for international dates with successful gentleman allows the model to make excellent income, and the client to enjoy beautiful company.



Chelyabinsk Russia

Chelyabinsk city mapThe beauty of Chelyabinsk is not on how the city has accepted a progressive change in their infrastructure, but how they managed to preserve their historical heritage – in spite of the need to change. These changes are evident on the cityscape and architecture of the city. You’ll also have a relaxing time by visiting the public parks of Chelyabinsk. As of today the city has maintained 17 public parks, one of which is named after famous Russian icon, Gagarin, which is considered as one of the best public parks in the country. The other beauty of Chelyabinsk is the beautiful woman. When hiring escorts in this city, we select only the finest ladies, for introduction to our affluent clients for international luxury dates.



Rostov-on-Don Russia

Rostov city map in RussiaRostov-on-Don is a cultural center, yet the most cosmopolitan city in Southern Russia. The number of libraries, theaters, and museums in the city attests to its love for history, arts, and education. But the city is also an important trading hub. By the time the Volga-Don Canal opened, the city became a major port for 5 seas: the Azov, Caspian, White Sea, Baltic, and the Black Sea. Because of this, trading of fish, vegetables, berries, flowers, and other goods became easier. The banks of the Don River flowing through the city has been the venue of afternoon picnics, morning strolls, and riverside beer drinking for centuries. Providing escort work to elite Russian models from Rostov-on-Don, allows us to offer the beautiful ladies a luxury life, and offer our wealthy clients a wonderful international companion for his dinner date or social event,



Ufa Russia

Ufa city attractions, RussiaUfa is the capital of Bashkortostan, as well as the economic, scientific, industrial, and cultural centre of the region. The cityscape is a mixture of well-maintained architectural heritage and modernized buildings. Ufa is not your typical destination for a vacation, but is a great stopover. You’ll find numerous shops and stores that might catch your interest. At the heart of the city, you will find the diversity of Ufa upon seeing their Tatar and Bashkir inspired shops. Hiring Ufa escorts allows us to introduce gorgeous Russian ladies to successful, wealthy Western gentlemen.



Volgograd Russia

Volgograd city , RussiaVolgograd’s fascinating history dates back to when it was still named Stalingrad. Part of its colorful and interesting history is an enthralling past that a good number of its residents can still recall. The stunning landscape of Volgograd can be enjoyed on the Mamayev Kurgan Hill, where you will also be greeted by the magnificent statue of The Motherland Calls. This is the prime icon of Volgograd that welcomes and points you to the heart of the city, and is a perfect commemoration of the Battle of Stalingrad. To introduce the most beautiful escort models in Russia to our sophisticated wealthy clients, we hire escorts from Volgograd and other Russian and Eastern Europe cities.



Pecs Hungary

Pecs city, HungaryYou’ll be assured of seeing things that are interesting in major Hungarian cities. And Pecs offers a long list of must-sees during your visit. You’ll be astounded by the old churches, squares, and monuments in the city. And if you wish to experience more of the city’s past, visiting their museums will give you a unique sense of time travel. Because of the city’s colorful past, Pecs is a multicultural city of Hungary. Despite of obvious distinctions in culture, Hungarians, Croatians, and Swabians have lived in harmony in the city of Pecs for eons. If you’re seeking an escort agency hiring beautiful models in Pecs, contact Mynt Models® to be introduced to wealthy international gentlemen as a travel companion and elite escort date.



Sofia Bulgaria

Sofia, BulgariaSofia, in spite of its wonderful offerings, has been often overlooked by tourists. But the laid back atmosphere and a perfect fusion of eastern and western culture in the city is adored by those who decided to take a step to the city. It’s not your typical modern city, but its vibrant ambiance will give you enough reasons to stay. Find numerous and large shopping malls and five star hotels in the city centre. Sofia also has a unique arts and entertainment scene and is home to some of the major organizations in sports. Hiring beautiful Bulgarian models in Sofia allows the agency to introduce these stunning beauties to wealthy international gentlemen for top travel dates.



Beautiful Prague Czech Republic

The Paris of the East, Prague City features.Labeling Prague as a beautiful city can be an understatement – some claim that it comes to par with Paris when it comes to beautiful landscapes. For history lovers, you will be fascinated with Prague’s rich heritage. This is evident in their major attractions, primarily the Malá Strana, the Old Town, and the Vinohrady and Žižkov. But over the past few years, Prague has become a favorite destination of the youth, with its reputation of holding some of the craziest nightlife. And of course, if you drink, you must try their beer. For an elite escort agency hiring top model escorts in Prague, look no further. Czech ladies, allow us to introduce you to the most affluent, successful and polite gentlemen for international travel dates and social events.




Tirana Albania

Tirana city viewTirana is literally a colorful city with their interestingly colored buildings concentrated in the city streets. This Albanian capital has undergone a few good major changes over the years, as it gears itself to become a representative of Albania. But the wonderful remnants of its past are still evident in major areas of Tirana. In fact, these landmarks are some of the most fascinating things that you’ll see. You’ll also find it interesting to visit their museums and take a look of their history. Are you an exquisite model beauty in Tirana looking for elite escort work? We can introduce you to wealthy Western gentlemen seeking beautiful dates. Contact us now.



Durrës Albania

Durres city map, AlbaniaYou will be torn between the difficult decision of visiting or passing through Durrës for your trip. This lovely city has been gifted with a good number of sights and sounds that are worth stopping to see. However, a great drawback in visiting Durrës, especially during summer, is that it can become a little bit too crowded. It’s a good example of a bad urban plan, and is now a mere extension of the capital, Tirana. But when in Durrës, the Pista is a beautiful place to have a stroll while enjoying a good view of the sea on one side, and the city’s skyline on the other. The Durrës Amphitheatre is also one of the most visited places in the city. Perhaps in the future the city will revamp their street design and overhaul the city style. Affluent and successful gentlemen in the West are always interested in meeting stunning models from Albania. If you are a top model in Durres and looking for some elite international escort work, contact us now for a more luxury life, in safe conditions.



Vlorë Albania

Vlore city map, AlbaniaVlorë is one beautiful coastal city of Albania, a long stretch of beach line and cliff side views that will astound you. Although some might suggest that you consider the other beaches down south of Vlorë, lots of people have enjoyed a great time and leisure days in the waters of the city. Businesses have also managed to build first class resorts along the coastal line of the city to accommodate the guests. The city center, although perhaps a little crowded and overdeveloped, also has lots of museums and historical sites that you can enjoy. Safe elite escort work is available for beautiful model escorts in Vlore. We are always hiring for Western escort work. If you are available to travel to meet wealthy polite gentlemen, contact us now.



Elbasan Albania

Elbasan city Castle, AlbaniaThe city of Elbasan is a quiet and conservative city in Albania. It’s one of the country’s largest cities, and its icon is the 15th century fortress, the Elbasan Castle. The castle and some of its major parts are preserved for public viewing, including the dwellings, walls that are intricately designed, and a Turkish bath built in the 19th century. There is also a restaurant inside the castle, making it more convenient for the tourists’ visit around the castle. Albanian top models are welcome to apply for elite escort work with our exclusive high class agency. Be introduced to affluent and wealthy clients internationally.




Minsk Belarus

Minsk city , BelarusMinsk, after the war, was a barren and unrecognizable place. But amazingly, it has rejuvenated and brought back its prewar reputation of being a primary destination. The city is now progressive and affluent, with its city center a booming hub of commercial facilities and establishments. At night, the city will impress you with its vivacious nightlife, an attraction flocked to by people of all ages. Plenty also enjoy the sights and sounds of Minsk during daytime, especially the architectural heritage of their old houses and cathedrals. The resilience of a people is awe-inspiring. Beautiful escort ladies in Minsk are welcome to contact us. We are hiring top models to introduce to successful, generous gentlemen. International, luxury and 100% safe. Email us now for information.




Barysaw Belarus

Barysaw map, BelarusBarysaw is a small and humble city of Belarus with a quiet and conservative neighborhood. Its sole iconic attraction is the monument of Prince Boris Vseslavovich built in front of a church. Just like any European city, however, Barysaw’s community is a great fan of football. The BATE Borisov is the city’s home team, and have achieved recognition from their competition in the UEFA and UEFA Champions League. The city also has a professional basketball team, the Berezina-RCOR. If you are a beautiful model in Barysaw, looking to meet affluent and generous clients for escort work, contact us and become a luxurious international travel companion with our professional and secure escort agency.



Sarajevo Bosnia

Sarejevo city features, BosniaThe Bosnian siege almost wiped Sarajevo from the map. But after long years of recovering, nothing remains from that dark history of the city, as it is today a progressive community of Bosnia and an exquisite mixture of historical heritage and modern infrastructure. You will see lots of mosques and churches around the city, as well as a number of art houses and museums that houses the most important historical artifacts of the city. Hiring beautiful girls in Sarajevo for elite escort work allows us to introduce them to successful and wealthy gentlemen for romantic dinner dates and travel invitations worldwide.



Plovdiv Bulgaria

bulgaria-plovdiv-featuresPlovdiv is Bulgaria’s second most popular and most frequented city, just after the city capital, Sofia. If you happen to visit the city during winter, you’ll be amazed by the stunning evening view of the cityscape. The views are spectacular if you’re on top of one the city’s skyscrapers. The stunning view is a fascinating vista of white and orange, and you’ll fall in love with it. With the vast number of archeological sites in the city, about 30 of these have national importance. These are also some of the best attractions in the city. Are you a top model in Plovdiv looking for international invitations for luxury travel and elite escort dates? Our generous and wealthy clients are waiting to meet you, contact us now.




Varna Bulgaria

Varna city features, BulgariaApart from the interesting archeological sites, the stunning views of the city’s architectural heritage, and the energetic nightlife of Varna, the city also takes pride in its maritime treasures, being a seaside city of Bulgaria. Aside from these wonderful offerings, you’ll discover endless avenues for adventure in Varna, any season, any time of the year. They have a long list of annual festivities, national and local events, international art festivals, and an always upbeat and youthful nightlife. The city may not be as popular and as progressive as other Bulgarian cities but it surely is a destination worth visiting. Beautiful Bulgarian model escorts are always welcome to apply for escort work with our elite agency. Our affluent, polite gentlemen are always interested in meeting beautiful girls for luxury travel dates. Make a lot of money and enjoy a fun, safe experience. Contact us now.




Ruse Bulgaria

A happy and upbeat city, Ruse is slowly attracting lots of tourists to experience the grandness of their city. The city museums houses the important historical relics of the city, including a few remnants of their Roman fortress. The beautiful architectural heritage of the city is displayed in their new and old buildings, and the neatly trimmed green patches have wonderfully complemented the grandeur of their city streets. If you are a beautiful Bulgarian woman  looking for elite escort work, we are hiring model girls for our successful, VIP clients. Contact us for information on becoming a professional top travel companion and international high class escort.



Zagreb Croatia

Zagreb city features, CroatiaZagreb is a relatively recently discovered paradise, and a wonderful destination to have a stress-free and relaxing vacation. Culturally rich, with a great heritage of music and arts, beautiful architecture and a few more things of note, make this city an ideal capital. On summer days, the banks of the Sava is flocked by people who want to enjoy the great atmosphere of the river. Picnics and riverside recreations are also enjoyed along the banks of Sava, as well as a view of bathers for the voyeur! Are you a beautiful model and interested in becoming a professional escort? Contact us now for information on how to join our safe, elite escort agency and become a VIP travel companion and upscale escort for successful, respectful gentlemen.




Tallinn Estonia

Tallinn city attraction features in EstoniaTallinn may very well be the epitome of an ideal city, a perfect mixture of the modern world and a medieval past. Its people have taken delight in enjoying a rich culture and fascinating architecture, and a concentration of modern commercial facilities in its city centre. In spite of the progress that the city has experienced over the years, Tallinn remains to be faithful in its humble beginnings by preserving the beauty of its Old Town. Gorgeous Tallinn girls and models are welcome to apply with us to become a top  international escort and high class travel companion for our luxury VIP clients. Receive generous payment and enjoy a fun, exciting life of a professional companion.



Tartu Estonia

View of Tartu city, EstoniaTartu may not have the same vibe as Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, but it creates its own vibrant atmosphere by maintaining a provincial reputation. The emerald and tranquil waters of the Emajõgi River is a great invitation for locals and tourists to enjoy morning strolls along the riverside. When night falls, the banks of the river become livelier with many recreations. Tartu is also the home of one of the country’s prominent educational institution. Hiring Tartu escort models allows us to introduce the most beautiful Estonian ladies to affluent, wealthy gentlemen for international dates. Apply with us and become a professional VIP travel companion with a safe, elite courtesan agency.




Debrecen Hungary

Debrecen city features, HungaryYour fascination of Debrecen will begin in the city centre where the concentration of the city’s major establishments, museums, and lots of cultural centres. Among the famous landmarks of Debrecen are the Deri Museum, the newly reformed Calvinist College, the Great Church, and the Flea Market. The European love of sports also radiates among the people of Debrecen as the city takes pride of its football club, the Debreceni VSC. If you are a stunning Debrecen model looking to be introduced to affluent and generous gentlemen for elite travel escort work, contact us today. Our VIP agency offers safe and respectful experiences for beautiful and intelligent young ladies with Western gentlemen.




Daugavpils Latvia

Latvia's city Daugavpils features.The lovely city of Daugavpils is an important hub of architecture, arts, and culture of Eastern Latvia. The city is also home to a number of educational institutions, with its primary institution, the Daugavpils University producing over 1,000 graduates with degrees in teaching and engineering. The city also has one Polish school in Varšavas iela. Daugavpils is an important architectural heritage, with majority of these architectural grandeurs located in the city center. Beautiful Latvian models and actresses in Daugavpils are welcome to apply with our elite escort agency to become a professional VIP travel companion. Contact us now to meet generous and wealthy clients for fun, safe dates.




Vilnius Lithuania

Vilnius city Lithuania - interesting attractionsLithuania is a country of rich history and culture, and these qualities are greatly reflected in their capital city, Vilnius. The architecture of the city’s old buildings is alluring and fascinating; a history that future generations will definitely marvel upon. At night, the Baroque churches within the city, with its pointed roofs are mysteriously lovely and fascinating. It’s not a bad idea to take a hot air balloon ride and be amused with the cityscape below you. Safe and fun escort work for Vinius top models is available with our elite agency. Be introduced to high class and generous gentlemen in luxury locations, for top income. Contact us now.



Kaunas Lithuania

Kaunas city, LithuaniaKaunas is the second largest city of Lithuania, but it’s a prominent figure in the country’s academic, cultural, and economic sectors. Among the city’s beautiful landmarks and attractions are Kaunas Castle, a 14th century fortress, the old churches, basilica, and gothic buildings of the city, the Baroque complex of the Pažaislis abbey, and their long list of museums that includes the War Museum, the National Art Museum, Lithuanian Aviation Museum, and the Historical Presidential Palace. Affluent and generous gentlemen are always seeking introductions to beautiful Lithuanian models for exclusive luxury dates. If you’d like to make this excellent income in a safe and happy environment, and become a high class VIP travel companion and courtesan escort, then contact us now.




Klaipėda Lithuania

A unique blend of modern and historical heritage can be seen in the beautiful city of Klaipėda. But unlike its Lithuanian sisters, you’ll also notice a recognizable German influence in their architecture. Experience a wonderful and relaxing time by exploring the cobbled streets of Klaipėda’s Old Town. And for a modern kind of escapade, the port of the city docks some of the world’s most beautiful cruise ships, and is a vital port for cargo vessels. Hiring top model escorts from Klaipeda allows us to offer the most beautiful selection of VIP travel companions to our generous and successful gentlemen. Meet wealthy Western clients in international locations, and make top money confidentially.


Warsaw (Warszawa) Poland

Warsaw mapWarsaw is famous for being the most energetic and vivacious Polish city. It’s also a culturally rich city that has beautifully preserved its heritage in its old buildings and museums. All year round, you’ll be entertained with the annual festivities of Warsaw, from street festivals, art inspired events, and a very lively music scene that’s popular internationally. The Warsaw Rising Museum sets the standard on how interactive and engaging exhibitions should be. And a few more world class museums will surely captivate your interest, whether or not you are an art lover. If you are a beautiful top model from Warsaw, and you’re interested in meeting wealthy and affluent gentlemen for exclusive international dates, contact us now. We have an elite clientele waiting to meet stunning Polish models from Warszawa, for luxury international travel dates and professional upscale escort services.



Warszawa city panorama


Łódź Poland

The number of tragedies and misfortune in this city’s past could have been enough to forbid Łódź from having a bright future. But the city’s own tale of rebirth is inspiring and amazing to the people who have visited and experienced the beauty of this humble city. Among the interesting remains of the city’s prewar state are relics of its Jewish heritage, as it is one of the largest Jewish cities after the capital, Warsaw. Top models looking to be hired from Lodz for elite escort work should contact us now.



Wrocław Poland

Wroclaw city PolandVarious architectural influences have contributed to the city’s unique and equally interesting architectural heritage. The market square is a lovely place to explore and marvel over the rich Polish culture that radiates throughout the city. The bridges and riverside attractions built on the banks of the Odra River are among the most beautiful Gothic architecture in the country, and have been the venue of numerous romantic stories. We are always hiring top models from Wroclaw for international VIP travel bookings and elite escort work. Meet wealthy generous clients and enjoy a safe, luxury life with high income.



Poznań Poland

Poznań is yet another romantic Polish city that greets you with an exuberant nightlife. Arriving in this lovely city at night is not a bad idea, as the city center greets you with its pleasantries. Any time of the day, the city is alive and vibrant, and the sea of crowds doesn’t confuse you, but rather leads you to some of the city’s best pubs, restaurants, and clubs in the area. Moreover, the museum houses some of the most interesting and intriguing historical pieces from the city. Poznan elite models are required for professional courtesan escort work with successful, generous international gentlemen. Enjoy luxury travel, safe and fun dates with VIP clients. Contact us now.


Gdańsk Poland

Gdansk city, PolandGdańsk has perfectly mirrored the genuine Polish culture. Its architectural heritage is as beautiful and unique as other major cities in the country. But aside from the conventional brick structures and cobbled squares, Gdańsk is a favorite destination for beach bums, as the city is gifted with a stretch of some of the world’s finest beaces. At night, the spectacular harbor and seaside views have also fascinated quite a number of visitors and locals alike. Over the years, this neat Polish city has never failed to delight its guests and residents. Hiring elite escorts in Gdansk. Please contact our elite escort agency to find out more about international luxury travel with VIP gentlemen for excellent income. Safe, fun and exciting! Buy your favorite designer bags, buy your own car, and bring some money for your family. We’re waiting to hear from you.




Lublin Poland

Lublin city, PolandIn the lovely province of Voivodeship lies the beautiful and serene city of Lublin. This conservative Polish city is yet to fully embrace the modern world as it continues to maintain and take pride in its Old Town. The city centre is a neat concentration of lively pubs and bars that people flock to day and night. And while it’s a bit secluded from most major cities, it has become a bustling city in the region and a primary destination for those wanderers who make their way to this part of the country. Beautiful top Polish models from Lublin are always welcome to contact us. Be hired as an elite international courtesan and travel companion, for affluent wealthy gentlemen. Enjoy shopping, cash and luxury in a safe and friendly atmosphere. Contact us now to become a professional ‘sugar baby’.




Novi Sad Serbia

One of Serbia’s biggest cities, Novi Sad brightens your escapade with numerous choices of quirky cafes, street shops, and parks. A vibrant nightlife also defines the evening in major areas of the city. Visiting Novi Sad is possible all year round. It becomes a frozen paradise during its sub-zero season and will still have a few good activities to warm you up. July is a perfect time to visit if you’re an avid fan of music as the city holds its annual music festival, currently Serbia’s largest. Of course then you have to deal with the crowds, so sometimes Autumn visits are best. If you are a beautiful top model in Novi Sad looking for a Western ‘sugar daddy’, you can meet affluent and generous gentlemen with our elite agency. Meet wealthy clients in luxury international locations for friendly, safe dates. Travel, go shopping and enjoy the high life with top income, while you are still young and beautiful. Contact us now.


Košice Slovakia

Kosice city, Slovakia - near Hungary borderKošice is a flamboyant cultural hub and has been recognized as one of Europe’s most interesting cultural heritage. Because of this, it was Europe’s Capital of Culture in 2013 together with the lovely city of Marseille, France. Among the important landmarks of Košice are the three universities in the city, dioceses, and lots of museums, art houses, and galleries. A few areas of Košice have been renovated, but most of its architectural heritage have been preserved and maintained to captivate and attract tourists. Wonderful preservation of history is an art in Eastern Europe. Beautiful Slovakian models are always being hired as VIP travel companions for our elite and affluent international clients. Contact us now to become a top escort.



Kharkiv Ukraine

Kharkiv city, UkraineTraveling north east of the Ukraine will have you step foot on its second largest city, Kharkiv. Its centuries’ worth of history and culture have made this city an important hub of the Ukraine’s culture, particularly of the Russian Empire. What was once the home to the best brains, scientists and engineers alike of Russia, the city is now a conservative and peaceful destination for those who wish to explore and learn more about the once prominent empire.  If you are a beautiful model in Kharkiv, interested in being hired for VIP escort work, international travel companionship and courtesan dates, contact us now. We have wealthy gentlemen waiting to meet you, who will pay excellent salaries for your time. Go shopping and save some money for your future. This is one of the highest paying cash jobs in the world. And with our agency it is safe, fun and friendly.




Dnipropetrovsk Ukraine

Dnipropetrovsk city, UkraineThe green patches and tree lines of Dnipropetrovsk, paired with the lovely boardwalks and amazing views of the river could have made this city an ideal place to visit – a romantic escapade to those who wish to have a unique vacation. However, the industrialization of the city has brought lots of new infrastructure, paving old roads and widening them to build new facilities. Nevertheless, these changes and developments have made Dnipropetrovsk an important economic and financial center of Ukraine. Beautiful girls looking for elite escort hiring in Dnipropetrovsk are welcome to contact our professional agency. With full training for new escorts, we offer luxury work as an international travel companion for affluent and generous gentlemen.




Odessa Ukraine

Odessa city UkraineOdessa will greet you with its world famous icon, the Potemkin Steps. And at the top of them, you will be fascinated with the beautiful cobbled pavement of the Primorsky Bulvar. Visiting the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater will not only introduce you to the city’s artistic influence, but you will also marvel at the beauty of the building’s Italian Baroque influence. The beaches of Odessa are also becoming an important icon for the city’s tourism with the number of people discovering its beauty as the years go by. Beautiful Ukrainian models are always in demand from our wealthy and affluent clients. Top models in Odessa can contact us to discuss becoming a professional VIP travel companion, and meet generous friendly gentlemen for international courtesan dates. Top income, safe and fun.




Donetsk Ukraine

Perched on the banks of the Kalmius River is the busy and vibrant city of Donetsk, one of the major industrial cities of Ukraine. Although you’ll notice the strong Soviet aroma in the air, you will feel a lighter atmosphere thanks to the redevelopment of the city’s most visited areas. Being an important industrial hub, the city is one of the most affluent cities in the country. Donetsk supermodels and models are welcome to contact our elite agency to become a professional escort companion for our wealthy generous clients. International travel invitation, shopping and luxury can all be yours, in a safe and fun experience. Contact us now.



Zaporizhia Ukraine

Visiting Zaporizhia will require one thing from you – you have to eat and breathe everything Soviet. The peculiar, yet interesting and fascinating, Stalinesque architecture defines a good number of the city’s infrastructures. With its rich history and culture, this is the best place to learn everything about the Cossack culture and its colorful history. You will also find amusement from the stunning views of the river vistas while having a good stroll day and night. Hiring beautiful Zaporizhia models for VIP travel escort work allows us to provide our wealthy clients with beautiful companions, and gives the models excellent income and gifts. Contact us now.



Ostrava Czech Republic

Ostrava city , Czech RepublicOstrava is a major industrial center of the country, and has perfectly hidden its true essence unless you’re a native of the city. For those who have stayed here, most of them have concluded that it’s a totally different world. Very few people understand English, and the people are quite reserved around strangers. Nevertheless, this city is a booming economic hub thanks to the industries that operate within the city. Beautiful Czech ladies are always in demand for dates with our wealthy clients. If you’d like to become a highly paid VIP travel companion, and enjoy luxurious experiences with Western gentlemen, contact us now. Full training and a safe, friendly atmosphere is provided.







Map Of Eastern Europe


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