Best New Restaurants in Houston

Best restaurant in Houston with your elite travel companion
Best restaurant in Houston with your elite travel companion

Houston is such an amazing city. It has a fast paced lifestyle, and one of the ways that you and your elite companion can see this exciting energy is through the culinary scene in the city. There is a new restaurant opening almost every week, and each time you visit Houston, you’ll probably be able to eat at a whole new group of restaurants you’ve never even seen before!

Here are some of the best rated new restaurants to date, that are making waves in the Houston culinary scene. You and your elite companion should definitely try some of these together:


1. Indigo

Culinary expert Jonny Rhodes’ new tasting menu goal is focused on turning individuals’ ideas of soul food upside down. Anticipate plates with interesting names. Enjoy a dish of interlaced squash presented with pumpkin spread coating. The eatery has two seatings for every evening, one at 6 p.m. and one at 8:45 p.m.

Make sure to book early, seats are limited and they fill fast!


2. La Vista 101

La Vista creator Greg Gordon and culinary expert J.D. have collaborated to create this restaurant where the menu is every bit an experience as they are food! Anticipate dishes like flame-broiled Spanish octopus and entire blackened fish, in addition to a strong list of European wines and an incredible Sazerac mixed drink.

Best restaurant in Houston with your elite travel companion
Best restaurant in Houston with your elite travel companion

If you and your elite companion love authentic Spanish flavors, La Vista 101 is a bucket list item.


3. Calle Onze

This Heights newcomer is acquiring rave reciews for its creative Mexican food. Searching for something beyond tacos and fajitas? Try one of the eatery’s “trial plates,” like scallops laced in white sauce or ravioli with chorizo and nopales.

Calle Onze is definitely serving more than your usual Mexican fare, so visit there for a delightful and innovative meal.



4. Universal Smoke

Planning to make a big appearance in Houston on July 5 2019, this smoky new diner from Chef Michael Mina and Ayesha Curry has been a bit of an issue with ball fans because of Curry’s relationship with the Golden State Warriors. Regardless, expect for this City Centre eatery to be full when the doors open, because of dishes like their soy-braised short ribs.


Dining is a very important experience for many, as it not only nourishes and satisfies, but it can set the tone for the evening. If you’re a creature of habit, bring your date to your old favorite. If you’re adventurous and feel like something new, try one of these, or the many new restaurants opening frequently.

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