Finally Revealed: What Makes A Woman Feel Romantic?

What makes a woman feel romantic?Romance and romantic feelings tend to make women feel extremely loving and relaxed.  It is in your favor and benefit to make her feel this way.  You will want to get the most out of your date, so make sure it’s as romantic as possible.

Pull out all the stops to ensure it’s the most exciting, special evening of your life! Women love romance and it’s easy to get it right, if you take a few simple steps before you meet.  Follow these tips and watch your dates blossom into more meaningful and fulfilling experiences.

All she really wants is to be the focus of your attention and to feel like a million dollars. And she will reciprocate with great energy. She also wants to see that you’ve put some effort in before the date too. Make sure you’ve made the most of your appearance. Take a shower and wear a nice suit. Don’t forget a nice cologne too.

When you meet up, be considerate as well as courteous. Perhaps bring her a flower or some small gift. Respectfully tell her how beautiful she looks (without being sleazy) and ask her opinion on where you should go and what you could do.  She will easily see that you are thoughtful and kind, as well as romantic!

Make sure you choose somewhere elegant for your evening, where she can feel valued as well as comfortable. Choose a romantic venue with soft lighting and soothing, relaxing music. She will soon see that you’ve thought of everything and that the date is as important to you as it is to her. This bodes very well for you, as you are storing up ‘points’ with her.

Be confident but not cocky, as you don’t want to put her off. If the mood is right, gentle kisses and soft touches will make her feel wanted as well as sexy. Remember not to force anything, let it happen naturally. If you’re relaxed in each other’s company, you’ll know that you’ve done everything right for a perfect, romantic evening. When she is made to feel safe, respected and appreciated, by a confident man who is not trying to force anything, she will be most grateful and open to see what else you have to explore.

At the end of the evening, make sure you let your date know she was the perfect companion. Ask her if she is ok to make her way home; this will make her feel protected and cared for. Be the perfect gentleman, and she will most definitely want to please you, and see you again.

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