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Finding Genuine Love Relationships For HNW Gentlemen.


Find happiness with our diligent, luxury introduction service. With more and more gentlemen coming to us for refined, elegant ladies to date, and having matched many couples successfully already, we’ve officially included an exclusive relationship match-making branch to our travel companion company. Our concierge services know no end!

Many wealthy gentlemen are just far too busy for the traditional search for a relationship, yet he desires to have love in his life. He may also not like the idea of meeting a beautiful companion for a warm connection that cannot be anything more.

He may not seek variety, but seeks one devoted love, who is not just there temporarily for his money. He seeks a real relationship, with real romance. Someone he can share with, who will be there for him, whom he can spoil, and who will understand his busy lifestyle and help him unwind. Someone to come home to.

Likewise, many beautiful women seek the protective and supportive presence of a gentleman who truly appreciates her, who can show his love, and care about her needs. She doesn’t want superficial engagements or to waste herself on users just wanting to sample her for a few weeks or months.

She genuinely wants to build a secure future with someone talented and special. She desires true love in her life. Someone to share with, to care about, to laugh with.

Finding a relationship in today’s society can be difficult. Many people can be either shallow, selfish, or opportunistic, not looking for real love. Often afraid to trust new people, afraid of being hurt. We eliminate the fear of meeting the wrong kind of person. We bring together high quality people, those with good hearts, who do seek true love.

We sincerely care for the happiness of those we work with, and carefully assess people to ensure their intentions are genuine. We only introduce authentic people who are actively looking for mutual love and support.

Join our exclusive introduction club, catering only to HNW individuals who are capable of providing an appropriate lifestyle for beautiful models, talented actresses and brilliant businesswomen.

We have a collection of warm, beautiful, fascinating women who don’t want to be companions, or go dating, but do want to meet a suitable partner, with a view to potential marriage. Even with a successful career these days, a woman’s future can be unsecured. Today’s society can be fickle and harsh.

In addition, no woman wants to be compelled to work. She wants to do what she enjoys, without the pressure of throwing her time away on obligatory work commitments. And a lot of women actually enjoy a more traditional role of making the home and life beautiful for her husband, even if it’s only part time.

Whether she wants to spend all her time just being there for you, and maintaining her beauty and the home environment, or wants to maintain a part time career to stay engaged but free to choose, you can benefit from the company of one of these exquisite creatures in your life, who seeks an intellectual and romantic match.

Allow us to find your perfect angel. We only accept the most lovely, well-bred and warm hearted women, who simply seek a good, kind, capable man to share her life with. She’s looking for someone to take care of, who can take care of her. A mutual support, and hopefully a long-lasting love connection.

There are no money-hungry types, no ‘princess’ types, no underhanded types.  We are very selective for you, and get to know the ladies we accept for introduction, via a series of intricate tests and assessments. We offer a guarantee of quality; if you’re not happy with your chosen match, we will introduce you to someone new.*


We simply verify you and your net worth, get to know you a little, and help you make your ‘ideal’ list.  We then show you a small preview of the available beauties to consider, so you understand the quality on offer.

Once you’re confident in our ability to find your perfect woman, you settle your member fee, and we give you access to a portal to view the beautiful women seeking a relationship.

You can select women to take to dinner initially, and get to know them. Maybe you’ll be lucky and your first date is the dream girl! You then select one of the beauties to take on a further two dates, and then you can both decide if you’re happy to move forward into a relationship. (Which you likely will; very few would accept a third date if there’s no interest!)

This is an arrangement between two mature, conscientious adults, who both seek to be happy, and to make each other happy, so the traditional long dating season can be skipped.

We have already carefully vetted you both. We can help you fast forward the dating process. The only thing to consider is the chemistry between you. Usually that’s quite obvious within the first few dates.

We offer relationship advice and training for both gentlemen and women as needed, to ensure a respectful and warm environment, and to enhance the likelihood of an easy match between you and your future love.

Contact us now to join our exclusive Introduction Membership. Limited only to those highly successful individuals who genuinely seek a refined, elegant ‘best friend’ with whom to share their life.


Tier 1:
250k for entry level introductions; beautiful, fit and charming businesswomen, artists and academics, of breeding and distinction. Select up to three women to meet for a dinner date, choose one to invite on 2 more dates. That should result in a successful relationship. If that is unsuccessful, we discuss selecting more women for you.

Tier 2:
500k for accomplished models, actresses and career women, from excellent families, who are appropriate for higher society. Select up to five women to meet for a dinner date, choose one to invite on 2 more dates. That should result in a successful relationship. If that is unsuccessful, we discuss selecting more women for you.


Tier 3:
1 million+ for successful or higher profile models and actresses, who seek someone at their level, who can keep them in the lifestyle they’re accustomed to. Dynamic, incredible women for equally dynamic, powerful men. Select up to five vip women to meet for a dinner date, choose one to invite on 2 more dates. That should result in a successful relationship. If that is unsuccessful, we discuss selecting more women for you.

We work hard to find your ideal match, and work on a ‘quality, not quantity’ basis. We celebrate with you when you find beautiful chemistry with your future love; seeing people happy together is our pleasure. Join us now to find your happiness.


* Conditions apply. Subject to adhering to company rules; Contracts drawn up for every new member to abide by. Contracts drawn up for each new relationship to govern things. Prenuptial agreements essential and expected for any marriage proposal. 


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