Top Hilarious Website Domain Names

    By Mynt Models

    Publish on October 19, 2012

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    funny domain names - face palmWhile entirely tasteless, irreverent and off-topic, I couldn’t resist but to share this top funny domain names collection with you. I do have a naughty sense of humor, and this kind of thing bring a little upward curve to one’s lips and puts a little twinkle in one’s eye.

    Unfortunately, some words with spaces between don’t always work as well without spaces.. The intended meaning is ‘lost in translation’ as it were, as they brain wants to read something different.. Please find below some of the pretty amusing samples of things NOT to call your company – these are all real discoveries, many of which are still online right now (at the time of writing).




    Adams Extract Website




    who represents website




    speed of art website




    Pen Island Pens Website




    got a hoe website

    (Since changed to – I’m not sure that is any real improvement lol??)

    These ones were removed once the registering party understood the faux pas they had accidentally made:








    In addition, the First Cumming Methodist Church sadly selected for their domain url:… Of course they let that name quietly expire as one would expect – what is amusing to note is that someone else actually registered it and is using it. To see more of hilarious domain names, you can visit “30 Unintentionally Inappropriate Domain Names“, by

    Some of the most amusing are ones which are lost in translation, literally. This domain was registered for a power generator company, that happens to be based in Italia (Italy) – Obviously it was quickly removed…  (lol)

    And an Australian site had to quickly change their website when they realized their huge oversight for their Mole Station Nursery business:

    The moral of the story – A) have a sense of humor and B) double-check your domain names from all aspects, to ensure you aren’t registering something that can be read in an entirely wrong (yet hilarious) way! That could be quite embarrassing, or a potentially very clever marketing campaign, depending how one looks at it. ;)