Kimberly Farina

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Vital Statistics

Age: 24 yrs
-Measurements: 34″ B natural, 24″, 34″ (86-61-86)
Height: 5′ 10″ (178cm)
Weight: 54kg (119lb)

About Kimberly

This delightful, beautiful Melbourne escort’s bright, friendly nature makes her perfect for social companionship and travel. Always discreet and tasteful, her brunette elegance and grace draw admiration wherever she goes. She is most often remembered for her charm and warmth. With a slender athletic physique and long luscious hair, she makes her attire look incredible, as opposed to the other way around.

With a truly sweet and caring nature, Kimberly is working hard to save a deposit for an investment property. With her business-brain switched on, we will not be surprised to see her one day reaching empire-status. She harbors great dreams and ambitions, and is biding her time to work her way up to achieving them.


Whilst she was raised in an exclusive Melbourne suburb with a wealthy family, and has been blessed with the best of everything, she has the tenacity and passion to make her own. We love that! Educated at the finest institutions and deportment schools, and currently working as a commercial model, long legged Kimberly is well spoken and well mannered.

Her attire is always discreet and elegant, stylish yet tasteful. Her charm comes through in her choice of presentation – natural, yet luxurious and polished. Perhaps her frequent travels have exposed her to a more European way of life. Kimberly loves Europe in general, Paris in particular, and is always saving for her next international adventure. If not now, when?!


A wonderful dinner date, Kimberly’s interest in history, art and literature makes her a fascinating conversationalist when it comes to comparing notes and quotes.   Kimberly is extremely fond of opera and symphonies, ballet and theater. Treat her to a night of culture and fine cuisine, and she will be thoroughly charmed. She is extremely appreciative of true gentlemen. Open doors for her, pull her seat out, help her out of the car – all these little touches make her melt. What real woman doesn’t melt at all that care and attention? With perfect table manners and genuine interest in getting to know you, you can be assured of an extremely pleasant and exciting experience. Kim’s enthusiastic company is enchanting.


This long legged beauty enjoys yoga and Pilates to keep in shape. She goes running occasionally for cardio fitness, and enjoys dancing also. Bright eyed and passionate about life, time spent with Kimberly will never be regretted. Contact us now to arrange an appointment with this simply lovely, leggy young woman.

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