Jaimie Sinclair

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Vital Statistics

Age: 22 yrs
Measurements: 32″ C natural, 24″, 33″ (81-61-84)
Height: 5′ 7″ (170cm)
Weight: 51kg (112lb)

About Jaimie

A gorgeous, slim busty blonde angel is available for you to meet! This beautiful, elegant and feminine beauty is indeed an elite GFE escort. Her soft, sensual voice and mischievous eyes show a hint of her more adventurous side. With a fine dancer’s poise, and all the manners of a finishing school debutante, Jaimie is a wonderful companion on every level.


Raised in a refined area of Melbourne, Jaimie had a sense of wanderlust in her spirit, and has never liked to stay in one place too long. Her naturally curious nature has compelled her to explore all areas of life that interest her. Ever so loving and caring, she is smart, but not too intellectual that she would alienate anyone. Her warm attentive personality would never allow her to make anyone feel uncomfortable.


With an entrepreneurial spirit, Jaimie is working on building her own online shop, and has plans for many more business ideas. Her decision to join Mynt was not only due to her desire for additional funds, (which she prefers to make for herself), but also her courageous desire to experience new things. With a lovely sense of innocence, Jaimie’s company is second to none for the refined gentleman.


Well mannered and well spoken, Jaimie generally gets along with everyone. She is always cheerful and positive, and all smiles. She can not only brighten any room and cheer your mood, but she can also listen to you and offer surprisingly insightful views. For one so young she is rather in touch with universal laws and common sense.

Hobbies & Leisure

Amicable and immaculately presented, Jaimie has classical dance training, so not only is her physique firm, but her mannerisms and movement graceful. Of course her favorite way to stay fit is to lock herself in a big room and just dance. She also enjoys swimming and yoga. She loves all types of food, and while she always eats healthily and keeps herself in great shape, she does indeed love food! This stunning angel is someone you can really be yourself with. With her soft words and kind smile, she makes you want to spoil her. Contact us now to arrange an unforgettable date with this lovely angel.

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