Heidi Eriksson

Some Suggested Cities To Visit

Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, London, Milano, Monaco, Munich, Paris, Rome

Vital Statistics

Age: 29 yrs
Measurements: 34″ B natural, 24″, 34″ (84-60-85)
Height: 5′ 9″ (177cm)
Weight: 53kg (111lb)

About Heidi

Vivacious and exciting, with an exotic mix of American and Swedish roots, gorgeous leggy Heidi will definitely make you smile. Feminine and elegant yet passionate, Heidi is an avid academic and commercial model, with a very sharp business mind. Her PhD university education has given her a solid career direction, without removing her fabulous creative flair. Modeling part time, businesswoman Heidi is charming and confident, with a soft voice timbre and refined presence. Always extremely discreet and tasteful, Heidi loves life and is always physically active, sporting a good sense of humor. Flitting around the world for her work commitments, Heidi loves meeting high-minded people and sharing ideas and positive energies. She finds intelligence and power very alluring, but is such a lovely person, she genuinely cares about everyone who comes into her life, in whatever capacity. She travels regularly, and splits her time between Geneva, Frankfurt and Los Angeles, and is available to visit / accompany you anywhere in the world.


Apart from her accomplished modeling career, from which she is slowly transitioning into the business world, Heidi is settled into the medical field thus far. We’ll let her explain the details of that in person. :)  Her ability to be mysteriously sophisticated or effervescently bright, makes her perfect for the industry in which she excels. Always taking great effort to maintain her grooming, she’s a naturally beautiful, lightly tanned angel. Her piercing blue-grey eyes are deeply soulful and sultry. Heidi always looks immaculate, and her chic stylish vibe will rather quicken your heartbeat. She simply has that effect on men. She’s a born leader, and has the integrity not to step over people to succeed. The universe seems to be rewarding her with great success as a result!


Integrity and honest communication are important to this self-possessed beauty. Her care of people extends to truly listening to them. She’s a tolerant and open minded young woman, and somehow makes people feel wonderfully welcome, accepted and validated, just by her presence. Heidi’s company is perfect for the gentleman who needs to get things off his chest, or be distracted from the stresses of life! She’s curious and interested in different ideas, and respects achievement and success, in herself and in others. No doubt due to her very encouraging childhood environment, where self expression and achievement were encouraged. You’ll never meet a more genuinely caring, attentive and responsive companion. What a lovely young woman she is.


With wealthy, established family in Mid West USA and Switzerland, Heidi was raised and educated in USA, and has wonderful memories of her family and childhood. With lots of travel, creative expression, dance etc., she eventually moved to LA and has lived there for some years. Heidi has a special connection with her family, and is a well rounded, thoughtful and emotionally developed young lady. With an essentially good heart and authentic nature, she’s responsible and organized. Her choice to join us was driven largely by her future goals, all of which take a decent amount of capital. However her initial reasoning was her enjoyment of connecting with like-minded individuals. Heidi is a wonderful, enthralling dinner date, and rather bewitching in general. Both her beauty and her mind are alluring. She’s very polite and appropriately poised in public, and is a really lovely girl.


Heidi enjoys Yoga, and walks quite a lot for fitness and enjoyment. She loves time alone to clear her thoughts, so walking and Yoga are perfect. With minimal Spanish under her belt, she has plans to learn more, and perhaps add another language also. Heidi loves modeling and attending exciting events – her presence certainly adds to the sparkle of the evening! Reading is a good way for her to pass the time, whenever she has some rare free time, and of course caring for her family is always top of her list. She enjoys all kinds of food, and loves to travel, so whisking her gorgeous body off to a new location will delight her. Her deep beautiful eyes, bright smile and loving heart endears her to everyone. Spend some time with Heidi for a fun, inventive and unforgettable experience. Contact us now to invite her to an evening or weekend of dinner and sight seeing, or on vacation.

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