Heidi Ellis

Vital Statistics

Age: 28 yrs
Measurements: 34″ C natural, 24″, 34″ (87-61-87)
Height: 5′ 9″ (175cm)
Weight: 53kg (116lb)

About Heidi

Adorable fashion model and graphic designer Heidi is always cheerful and kind to others, making her an ideal girlfriend experience (GFE) dinner escort in New York. With her statuesque presence and doe-eyes, people can’t help but feel attracted to this lovely angel. Immaculately presented and always perfectly groomed, Heidi is a breath of fresh air. Smart and creative, she has an inquisitive mind and enjoys learning new things. Travel is therefore one of her most enjoyable activities.


Born and raised in Seattle, and her family always spent a lot of their time at Alki Beach. Heidi’s love of the ocean was installed at that young age, and has never left her. After leaving home for a while to attend Yale, Heidi got the travel bug. She spent a little time going through Europe, and when it was time to return and create a base for herself, she knew it had to be somewhere close to the sea. :)  One almost sees the ocean reflected in her luscious eyes.


Heidi loves meeting new people as much as she enjoys time alone. As a graphic designer and fashion model (commercial), that versatility comes in handy. Personable and flexible, she is effervescent in public, drawing the admiration of those in her company. In private, she can be thoughtful, charismatic and engaging. One can truly enjoy a good conversation with this young lady. Without stock responses or courtesy gestures, she is genuinely interested and interesting. Socially adept and knowledgeable, Heidi’s company is delightful.


Committed unwaveringly to her morning walks and jogs (on the beach whenever she travels!), she maintains her lovely leggy figure with occasional stops for sit-ups, push-ups, dips and lunges. She isn’t obsessed with her fitness, she just makes it an enjoyable part of every day. She eats carefully and enjoys everything in moderation.

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