Bruna Drake

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Vital Statistics

Age: 22 yrs
Measurements: 34″ D gel enhanced, 24″, 34″ (86-61-86)
Height: 5′ 8″ (173cm)
Weight: 52kg (114lb)

About Bruna

Lovely Bruna is a feminine, softly spoken high class escort-girl with an analytical, observant mind. A Biological scientist (or was it Bio-chemist? Something scienc-y), Munich escort Bruna is a fascinating woman. She seems entirely unaware of her incredible beauty, and enjoys her own company as much as that of her chosen friends. Thoughtful and compassionate, she has a quirky sense of humor, and is quite fun to spend time with.


With a graceful yet deliberate way of doing things, Bruna is careful and tasteful in every way. She speaks carefully and beautifully, and is fluent in German and English. She is quite sweet and endearing when one gets to know her a little. One can only wonder why she keeps all that under wraps in the lab! But perhaps her work will change our lives as we know them one day. Beautiful and brilliant, does it get any better?


Despite often being absorbed in her work, when we can drag her away from it Bruna is a life-embracing free spirit. Born and raised in Munich, the beautiful Munich escort has been blessed with the finest education, and thankfully has the mind to absorb it all easily. Quite relaxed and ‘real’, this lovely VIP escort doesn’t need to make much effort to look glamorous and breathtaking. Probably just as well, as she doesn’t like to wear too much makeup. Truly understated, Munich escort girl Bruna is naturally exquisite.

Surprisingly, Bruna has a soft spot for animals, and shies away from using them in her research (good girl!)  A definite advocate of right vs wrong, she is one of the most integrity-filled people I’ve known. Politely honest and rather attentive (she refilled my tea cup for me the first time we met!), her presence is kind of intoxicating. With her slightly disarming beauty and soft, feminine demeanor, I can imagine any man falling in love within minutes. Of course Bruna would be entirely unaware of it.

The perfect dinner date, her table manners are impeccable and her conversation inoffensive. Although she does have some stories to tell, she keeps her social conversation tasteful and pleasant. Just like her.


Bruna enjoys going to the gym in Munich to maintain her fitness, and eats carefully. She follows a mostly clean diet, with a lot of raw fresh vegetables. She also enjoys good Japanese, Lebanese and Indian food. With her love of spicy food, one gets the feeling that once she allows herself to become uninhibited, she might be rather exciting…

With an endearing smile and fascinating mind, VIP escort Bruna is a truly beautiful woman, inside and out. Contact us now to spend some time with this incredible beauty.

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