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Ghent is well-known city in history, being one of the most powerful and richest cities of northern Europe in the Middle Ages. This old city is now buzzing and busy, and is slowly getting attraction from all around the world. The city’s rich history, heritage, and culture are some of the major reasons why the places is becoming a favorite destination for short vacations.

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Some of the Best Attractions in Gent that is Perfect for Your Escort Date
Belfry of Ghent

The tourist attractions of the city are situated at almost every corner of Ghent. The city’s medieval architectural heritage are well preserved. The Saint Bavo Cathedral and the Gravensteen Castle are great examples of these. The city also has beautiful museums for both contemporary and classical arts. Get to know more about the city’s rich history by visiting these cities:

  • St. Bavo’s Cathedral
  • Gravensteen
  • Belfry of Ghent
  • Museum of the Fine Arts, Ghent
  • Saint Nicholas Church
  • Leie
  • Ghent-Sint-Pieters Railway Station
  • Stedelijk Museum Voor Actuele Kunst
  • Gentse Feesten
  • Sain Michael’s Church, Ghent
  • Ghent -Terneuzen Canal
  • Festival of Flanders
  • Dulle Griet
  • Blandijnberg
  • Ringvaart
Ghent, Belgium at Night
Gent at Night
Saint Nicholas Church in Gent

The western coast climate of Ghent brings adequate rainfalls throughout the year. Summers are mild and never gets too hot, and the winter season is cold. Click here to know more about the city’s weather and climate.

Dulle Griet in Gent

The De Gentenaar is the city’s local newspaper. Nothing else beats the broadsheet when it comes to delivering solid and reliable news to the residents of Ghent.

Saint Michael's Church in Gent

The port of Ghent is one of the largest in Belgium. Trading opportunities have opened because of the city port. Among others, some of the companies that utilize the services of the port are Volvo Cars, Trucks, and Parts, as well as Honda and Stora Enso. Know what other business opportunities are open in Ghent by visiting your local embassy or the mayor’s office.

Gentse Feesten in Gent

Gravensteen Gent

Best Luxurious Hotels in Ghent
Stay in Marriott Gent Hotel

The city is yet to welcome its first 5-star hotel, but the city is never short of other luxurious 4-star establishments. One of the city’s best 4-star hotels is the Ghent Marriott Hotel. This hotel has been getting a lot of positive feedbacks from the tourists. They offer a good view of the river and the interior has a strong European feel in it. You and your date will definitely enjoy the services and accommodation of the Ghent Marriott Hotel.

Visit Trip Advisor for other hotel ideas if you seek alternatives.

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Ghent Nightlife

elite ghent escort modelThe cause of the liveliness of Ghent’s nightlife is not the city’s bars and pubs, but their locals. They’re very welcoming and warm, so you’ll never feel alienated from them.

The night bars and clubs are mostly located in the city center, and your night is just starting, even if it’s already 10pm.

The city also has music cafes if you want to enjoy a romantic dinner or dance your heart out in one of their dance clubs. Having fun in Ghent is just an understatement.

Bring your date to a pleasurable night in Ghent, and have the vacation that you deserve.

Visit Trip Advisor and know more nightspots in Ghent.

More Information & Directions

For more detailed information about the city, view the definitive Wiki page here, with all the up-to-date details you’ll ever need. Visit our escorts available in Charleroi!

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