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Catania is an energetic coastal Sicilian city. This vibrant city shows off its rich history in its city center. The skyline of Catania is defined by the white horizon from Mt Etna, a thrilling presence that complements the bustling of the city streets.

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Enjoy with Your Elite Escort and Get to Know More about the City, with its Wonderful Attractions
Taormina in Catania

There are lots of amazing and wonderful attractions around the city. The u Liotru is the city’s symbol, and is one of the most important sculptures of Catania. The old buildings in the city have almost decayed, but with the efforts of the people of Catania they were preserved and restored to their former glory. The historical churches of the city are also quite a sight for any tourist. Other attractions of Catania include:

  • Mount Etna
  • Castello Ursino
  • Teatro Massimo Bellina, Catania
  • Catania Cathedral
  • Basilica della Collegiata
  • San Benedetto, Catania
  • Palazzo degdi Elefanti
  • Stadio Angelo Massimino
  • Monastero dei Benedettini
  • Piazza Duomo
  • Piazza Universita
  • Duomo di Catania
  • Aci Castello
  • Giardino Bellini
  • Fontana dell’Amenano
  • Chiesa Sant’Agata la Vetere
  • Herborarium Museum
  • Museo del Cinema, Catania
  • Chiesa San Benedetto
  • Basilica Collegiata
Cathedral in Catania
Catania Cathedral
Castello Ursino in Catania

The city enjoys a Mediterranean climate which is why the city is known for its long summers and mild winters. You will never experience any extreme weather while in the city and you will always have a fun time exploring its ruins at day and the sights and sounds of the city’s nightlife. Click here to get every bit of information that you need about the city’s weather.

Cosa vedere a Catania

Catania is home of the local newspaper of the region, the La Sicilia. Stay updated and get the latest news from this trusted daily paper.

Giardino Bellini

Catania is a strong economic hub of Sicily ranking only second after Palermo. The city is known for its petrochemical and sulfur extraction. Heavy industrialization over the past decades has also helped in boosting the income of the city. The city’s fast growing tourism is also a result of its constant effort of development. For the necessary requirements on how to start a business in Catania, visit your local embassy or local government offices.

The Best Luxurious Hotels in Catania 
Monastero dei Benedettini in Catania

Some of Sicily’s top hotels are found in Catania, giving you a pleasant place to stay in the city. These wonderful hotels offer luxury and the kind of comfort that you deserve. The Romano Palace Luxury Hotel gives you a unique Mediterranean feel. Surrounded by the beautiful sand of the Ionian Sea and the vibrant sun, this hotel will bring you luxury at its finest.

For more hotel suggestions, check Trip Advisor’s personal reviews.

Fontana dell'Amenano in Catania

The Five Star Alliance may also have other luxury hotel recommendations to suit your hotel needs.

UNA Hotel Palace is a nice place to stay while in Catania

Catania Nightlife

High-Class Escort in CataniaBeach parties are always present in the energetic nightlife of Catania. But if you want to see the other side of it, the city center offers the best night spots. You will find the finest wine bars, pubs, and dance clubs where you can spend a great evening together with your date.

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Trip Advisor will also have more suggestions as to where you can spend your night in the city.

More Information & Directions

For more detailed information about the city, view the definitive Wiki page here, with all the up-to-date details you’ll ever need. Visit our escorts available in Rome!

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