Elite GFE NY: Top 6 Things To Do With A New York City Date

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    Publish on February 11, 2012

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    Looking for a guide on things to do with your elite GFE date in New York? There can hardly be anywhere on the planet more exciting than New York City! The city is famous for so many things, one of which is for being the setting of some of the world’s most romantic movies. When you consider the sheer size of the island of Manhattan, you can start to understand the options for how to spend the evening. Depending on how well you and your elite date know each other, whether it’s a first date or a sixth date, there are endless ideas.

    This guide will highlight a few ideas for those who are new to the NYC vibe, or just not experienced socially. The dining choices are many and varied. The entertainment choices are in the thousands, and the events are always exciting and cater to all different tastes. Take it from us, New York City is not a city to be taken lightly. Especially when you want to impress your elite GFE NY date. You want to know what you’re doing, and confidently plan an evening that will sweep her off her feet. Not with the cliched things everyone recommends, but a genuine guide of unique and interesting to-dos, which will form the beginning of an exciting evening for you and your elite GFE date.

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    A guide for planning the perfect elite GFE New York date.

    Planning a date in New York with an elite GFE is easy, as there is so much choice. You just need some ideas. The purpose of this guide is to enlighten you on some of the most romantic and picturesque locations in the Big Apple with which you can impress a date. Of course, there’s the option of just going out for the night to a bar and getting squiffy together. These are some more enjoyable ideas, that will make you look good:


    1. New York Harbor -A classic harbor tour would most definitely be a winner with the most elegant ladies. Or a sunset cruise on a stunning yacht with your elite GFE NY is the perfect end to a hectic day! Charter a vessel and whisk your beautiful girlfriend off into the evening. There are plenty of yacht charter companies in NY, and you should book several weeks ahead where possible, to ensure the vessel you want is available for you. If you have your own boat, you can arrange to bring it down to moor locally and have the hotel chauffeur you both from the restaurant to the yacht. Ask Mynt agency for assistance in arranging logistics; a personalized concierge service is available to gentlemen who are inviting elite model companions to join them for dinner dates in New York.
    2. Central Park -Perhaps a carriage ride through Central Park, one of the most romantic activities in NYC, is something your elite GFE date would enjoy. A relaxed tour of the city won’t fail to impress your date and make her feel special and spoiled. Central Park is the feature of many a movie and TV show. It’s expansive space and gorgeous seasonal displays are irresistible. In Spring and summer, the scents of the season will lighten your heart and freshen your mind. The wind in her hair, the sun on her face. In the fall, its gorgeous golden-orange foliage is a sight to see. In Winter, its snowy wonderland is delightful, snuggled beneath a blanket as the horse and carriage ferry you through the winding paths. Stop off at the Plaza afterward for a hot tea or hot chocolate to warm the extremities!
    3. The Plaza HotelThe Plaza Hotel in Manhattan NY is famous for being the backdrop to many iconic movies too, and either a stay or dinner at this stunning hotel is enough to put you in the mood for romance! Classic and historical, it is #3 on our list of wonderful ways to enjoy a city date. In fact, the history of the Plaza Hotel is so great, you could ask a local about it and sit for several hours listening to them regale stories. Not only of the movies filmed there, and their plots, but of real life stories of celebrities and notorious figures, who went on to make the hotel as famous as it is today. With its classic decor and central, convenient position, the Plaza Hotel is second to none for dining with an elite GFE New York companion.
    4. The Empire State – You can’t think of New York without mentioning the Empire State Building, the tallest building in NYC, which is also featured in many movies. Is there any square inch of NY that has not been featured in a movie or TV show? This location in particular is probably one of the most famous. The glorious, expansive views from this building are enough to inspire many proposals and even the renewal of wedding vows. The sheer height and magnitude of the place put everything into perspective, and you can understand what’s really important in life. All the silly little issues fade away, and all you can see is what really matters to you. If this is your elite date, then it’s going to make her feel very special when you bring her here. You don’t have to be in love to experience a memorable moment together and share a beautiful connection of appreciation. On this, you will build each time you meet. So indulge in an Empire State visit. This is romance in action – in fact, it is one of the most famous places where couples choose to meet, old flames come to reunite, and elite GFE first dates are planned to impress.
    5. Boathouse & Lake -A visit to the boathouse cafe in Central Park is the perfect place to enjoy coffee whilst overlooking the lake. The atmosphere here is absolutely unmatched. If you really want to show your elite model escort that you know your way around New York and all its hot spots, bring her here. Particularly in Spring and Summer, the location is more than delightful. However, all year round, the views are captivating, allowing you to set the mood for spoiling. You could even set off on a little float around after lunch. A little boat trip is the ideal way to spend an afternoon with someone special. The lake is right there, with boats for hire. If the sun is out the breeze is right, the experience is breathtaking and peaceful at the same time. It will show your luxury NY GFE date that she is a VIP in your eyes. She will most likely return the favor, making you feel special and appreciated too.
    6. The MMOA -For a more cultural experience, a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a must. If your elite escort in New York is an intellectual type, the Met is unsurpassed. This famous museum has everything from Greek and Roman sculptures to 18th-century Chinese art; it’s quite breathtaking. The amount of history the building has on display to offer those seeking fascinating knowledge is staggering. Couples flock to this museum to experience the true beauty of art under one roof. Strolling through the large space hand in hand, sharing the stories of times gone by, is a rather lovely bonding experience for a NY visit. Watching what your elite girlfriend is attracted to, or how she responds to certain pieces can tell you a lot about her. Test her intelligence or her emotional responses, to really learn what appeals to her and what kind of expression she has.

    Elite NY Date Summary

    New York City has everything one could imagine for the best kind of romantic GFE date. There is something to suit all refined tastes. There are countless restaurants, from casual gourmet cafes to elegant Michelin-star dining establishments. There are hundreds of bars, which include lovely little lounges, jazz bars, French cafes that also sell drinks, comfy Irish pubs, and such. These are in addition to theaters and live shows, like Broadway and music venues.
    A simple walk along the streets of this city is romantic too, especially at dusk. There is so much to see and do, just absorbing the atmosphere of NY with your elite GFE escort date can be wonderful. Stroll around getting to know each other and sharing the beauty of Central Park or Riverside Drive. The Upper East Side (UES) is particularly pleasant to wander through, looking at lovely homes and remembering all the history of the buildings. NYC has a rich residential history, and you can slowly make your way down to your dinner destination, or just hail a cab.
    Taxis are abundant in the city, as are hire cars. You could plan with the hotel to have a car waiting at a certain corner, with roses and champagne for your date after the leafy suburban stroll. There is so much to take in, you can never run out of “first dates” with a beautiful GFE woman in this spectacular city. Particularly when she is an elite GFE, you will want to impress her and make your time together unforgettable, as she will also strive to do.