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St. Moritz, one of the more popular Alpine cities of the country, is an attraction to many affluent people, especially during holidays. It’s the home of some of the best ski resorts, an avenue for winter games, and a perfect vacation for couples.

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Enjoy with Your Escort Date in St. Moritz’s Wonderful Attractions 


St. Moritz Down Town at Night

For decades, this Alpine city has invited and completed vacations of a lot of tourists. Any winter city would attract visitors, especially during holidays, and St. Moritz has welcomed royalties, celebrities, and even the average Joe. And they have all enjoyed their stay in the city. International ski competitions were also held in the city. Here is a short list of the places to visit in St. Moritz:

  • Lake St. Moritz
  • Piz Nair
  • Corviglia
  • St. Mortiz Celerina Olympic Bobrun
  • Lake Sils
  • Hahnensee
  • Lake Silvaplana
  • Piz Julier
  • Piz Rosatsch
  • St. Moritz Olympic Ice Rink
  • Piz Calderas
  • Tschima da Flix
  • Piz Tschierva


St. Moritz at Night


ST. MORITZ at Night




The Alpine City of St. Moritz enjoys over 300 days of sunshine, thanks to its wonderful location. However, it’s the original winter wonderland of the country because of the snow. Click here and find all the time and weather information you require.

Piz Nair in St. Moritz




For the latest news and happenings around the city, the reliable Engadiner Post is the city’s local newspaper and will be your primary source of every information you need.



Lake Silvaplana in St. Moritz


S.t Moritz Olympic Ice Rink




This Swiss city has one of the lowest unemployment rates in any Swiss city, or perhaps internationally. Most cities in the country have low unemployment rate, but St. Moritz has an amazing 1.38% rate of unemployment. Tourism and sports are great revenue generators for the city being one of the top destinations for holiday vacations, skiing, Polo on snow, and a lot more winter games. Get to know all the information you need about starting a business by paying a visit to their local government office or your local embassy.


Badrutt's Palace in St. Moritz


Piz Tschierva in St. Moritz


5-star Hotels in St. Moritz 


The hotels in every alpine city will always feature a great view of the Alps, the snow, and the mountains. These are all qualities that you will find in most hotels in St. Moritz. But among the many hotels that you can choose, (sadly they have yet to offer a five star option), we highly recommend the Nira Alpina. This 4-star hotel is not your average luxury haven – it’s a spa hotel located in the mountains. The view, the accommodation, and the relaxation are more than enough to make you consider the hotel on your next trip to the city.

Discover more suggestions from travel guides like Trip Advisor, Bookings.com, or even the Five Star Alliance if you wish to have other options for places to stay.



St. Moritz Nightlife



High Class Escort St. MoritzSt. Moritz also offers plenty of reasons to explore the city at night. Evenings out with a date can be particularly enjoyable, especially if it’s a romantic winter city like St. Moritz.

Most tourists stay up late to visit the pubs, bars, and night clubs to meet new faces or bring their dates to a lovely evening.

You and your beautiful Mynt Models® date will surely love a night out in this pretty city.

Find out more about the places to be in St. Moritz by visiting Travel Advisor.


More Information & Directions

For more detailed information about the city, view the definitive Wiki page here, with all the up-to-date details you’ll ever need. Visit our escorts available in Winterthur!


Map of St Moritz