Warning Signs She Is A Gold Digger

gold diggers

Why do women look for a wealthy/ successful man?


Let’s first investigate why women seek wealth. If given the choice, most women would opt for a wealthy man. This does not make her a gold digger.  There are some clear ways to test for this, and we’ll show you how. Whilst money doesn’t bring happiness, it certainly makes life easier to get through!

Everybody enjoys the finer things. But some women are only there while you have money, and as soon as the money is gone, so is she. Do you really want that as your back up support system..?  One who leaves you exactly when you need her?

Disposable income gives one choices. A woman’s desire for money may not necessarily be because of the material things money can bring, or a desire for ‘the high life’.  We have outlined below the reasons a woman might seek wealth, and how to avoid those who seek it in unhealthy ways.



If a lady has had a privileged life, she is never, ever going to want to settle for anything less. This isn’t her fault and is quite understandable. She has been raised with certain standards and expectations, and this may make her more choosy about the gentlemen with whom she spends her dating time. There is nothing wrong or shameful about wanting to maintain the lifestyle to which one is accustomed. A gold digger is more likely to come from a lower class background and therefore seeking to raise her social status, having her lifestyle paid for by someone else.


Security and protection

Subconsciously, this is what we all crave. Women are programmed biologically to give birth to children, and without being completely aware of it, they are looking for a mate who will provide for those offspring as well as offering protection and safety. Whether or not she intends to give you the opportunity to be the father of said offspring lol, she will unconsciously still filter her male dates with the same conditions.

Being left ‘holding the baby’ as it were, if the man deserts her, is not an option for these ladies, and this will make her more discerning about who she dates. She cannot work at the same time as raising children or maintaining a household. So she needs a competent man who can maintain the income to support all that! Quite understandable. Many women choose to stay at home with their children whilst they are young. Putting her career on hold is a reality she may have to face. Having the confidence that she can do this without fear or worry makes a wealthy man all the more desirable.


Warning signs that you are dating a gold diggerStatus

Most women also like to be sure that they can count on nice clothing and cosmetics, beauty treatments and a nice home, as well as enjoyable and relaxing family holidays.  Short funds generally cause stress, not relaxation. Think about what you can offer a lady. She is not obliged to offer you her body, maid services or companionship for any less than she believes she is worth  and you are not entitled to it either. What can you give her in return? How much is exclusive access to her body, company and care worth to you?  This is a mutual agreement between two people.  Focus on your future and your career to make sure that you can offer the very best, not only to a potential life partner but to yourself too. Obviously if it’s ‘never enough’, you might find yourself in the company of a gold digger. ;)



If you have no prospects and no money or job security, it will be difficult to maintain a relationship with a lady who has expectations of a healthy, capable man with good genes. Love may conquer all but it doesn’t pay the bills! Often a lack of success is coupled with lower education, lazy conduct and ideals, inadequate mental capacity, emotional or psychological issues, or an inability to commit or handle responsibility. None of these qualities make a desirable partner or future father of one’s offspring… Very often a search for wealth is simply a search for quality.



There are however some warning signs that the woman you are with is in fact, a gold digger.  If that bothers you.  A way to test whether a woman is seeking quality and security versus someone who is seeking to effectively steal from you is to pretend you have a little less money than you have. See if she likes your other qualities first. Hire a BMW that is a few years old to drive, instead of arriving in your late model Lamborghini or Rolls Royce. You might change your car and tell her it’s been a difficult month, and you need to downgrade for awhile. See how eagerly she accepts your calls thereafter. You might allow her to pay for something small like a drink or a magazine, saying you need to go to the ATM. See if she is upset by that small outlay.

Choose a comfortable, tasteful 3 star restaurant instead of a 5 star one. Say you felt like something a bit more authentic tonight.  Does she relish the experience or try to graciously enjoy it for your comfort?  Wear comfortable clothing without flashing labels, and remove high end jewelry or watches. If she likes you as a decently successful man, then she will deserve your extremely successful status! If she seems unimpressed by your efforts or is not humble and gracious enough to be appreciative of your efforts, you can comfortably let her go. After letting her know just how much money you really have! If she suddenly becomes very affectionate towards you, and tries to change your mind, you’ll know for sure that you’ve made the right decision… If you are only attractive to her when you have money, she is a gold digger.

Some might consider an elite escort some level of ‘gold digger’. However most would argue that at least she is upfront about her intentions, and has a set fee for her time. She is not pretending to love you, then lightening your wallet wherever possible. It is an honest business arrangement, one in which she will not be expecting anything more than agreed upon. Some would say ‘a gold digger is like an escort, only smarter.’ And some would argue that things are entirely the other way around, and the escort is the smart businesswoman, while the gold digger has no skills of her own, other than sleeping her way to the top, however unscrupulous! At least an escort is earning her own income…  It could be argued that there are a good mix of the two within each demographic, and it is up to the gentleman to individually weed out the greedy, and find the true hearts of gold.

Avoid the gold diggers, but aim for a woman of quality who will not expect you to kill yourself to provide for her.

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