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Celebrity Escorts

Meeting a celebrity escort can be the dream date for some gentlemen. Imagine meeting the girl from the poster advertisement, billboard or magazine?! Imagine meeting the girl in the movie or on the TV show! It’s rather exciting. For other gentlemen, they simply prefer to spend time with only the very best. They have high standards and like to be around accomplished and successful people like himself. He is far from mediocre, and chooses the best for himself in every area of his life. He knows one gets what one pays for, and he always gets the best. ; )

The chance to meet (or regularly meet), renowned, talented and successful famous models and actresses as your escort to dinner or as your travel companion, is something most men can only dream of. However if you are in the league of gentlemen for whom we cater, you can have the chance to appreciate this level of company for yourself. Our celebrity escorts are warm, friendly and wonderful ladies with great ambition and skill. Success doesn’t generally find those of a ‘diva’ nature, it finds those who are humble, loving and authentic. These are the only kinds of ladies you’ll meet with us.

Our brand ambassador models, Instagram models, renowned covergirls’ and billboard models’ fees range from US15,000-US65,000 for a night. Our actresses’ and supermodels’ fees range from US50,000-US150,000. Our higher end celebrities, A list and world renowned, request fees from US300,000-US1,500,000. Depending on the caliber of celebrity, and of course your budget, you can meet all manner of wonderful ladies. We don’t work with anyone who has an ‘attitude’, so rest assured you’ll always have a wonderful time. We also obviously don’t work with ‘every’ celebrity, as many are simply unavailable, by choice, or by marriage/ motherhood/ being booked for on-location filming. You’ll only meet those celebrities who find a secret meeting with a billionaire exciting, and whose time is available at the time you’d like to meet someone. Contact us now to discuss, and book an exciting and phenomenal companion from our exclusive and secret celebrity escorts list today.

Ways to Prevent Disappointment

Please beware of some other companies charging high fees and promising ‘celebrity introductions’.
In this day and age of greed and desperation, not everyone is as reputable as the image they present. Sometimes they see other companies offering high end quality, and all they see is the dollar signs for how much money they think they can make : (

– Check their content carefully

You can often tell by the quality of the content on a website, as to the quality of their service, however this can be deceptive. There are many, many companies who copy their content from others. We have been notified of literally *thousands* of companies with text from our website, copied and pasted onto their website, model’s profiles copied word for word to their ladies’ pages etc… Very inauthentic and unprofessional. Always check with copyscape.com or some other check point, that the great-sounding content on their website is actually their own genuine concept, and not simply copied from a more intelligent, high-end and authentic agency. This is more common than you think, sadly :/


– See how they communicate with you

Double-check the escort agency’s authenticity and image, by contacting them. Do they address you professionally? Do they address all your questions and concerns? Do they respond with more than short sentences? People with nothing to hide, hide nothing. If you are receiving brief responses and limited information, perhaps test further or try elsewhere. A professional escort introduction agency, like any professional organization – five star hotels, high quality manufacturers, high end retailers – will always respond with professional integrity and intelligent correspondence. Although not to contradict oneself, but we’ve also had underhanded competition contact us pretending to be clients, then copy and paste our correspondence to communicate with those who contacted their agency. Clients have forwarded to us many emails over the years with content straight from our own emails, copied and pasted, which he recognized as the same wording he’s received from us… Trust your instincts, and try to ask a more detailed question, ask for more information, to see if the writing style/ language quality is the same throughout.


– Always book a smaller appointment first to test the quality of the escort agency.

It would be silly to attempt to do business with a company with whom you’re unfamiliar, without first becoming familiar! If an agency is reputable, they will provide the same high quality for a smaller appointment as they would for a larger one. Their quality and care should extend equally to any gentleman for whom they cater.


– Always check the agency reputation.

Do some research. Although online reviews are useless (positive reviews can often be written by the agency themselves, or negative ones can be written by disgruntled competition. In addition, many of the higher-end companies are nowhere to be seen, as they are really dealing with another echelon of society), see if there is some kind of pattern in any information you can find. Better yet if possible, find someone who has genuinely called them before, or genuinely worked with them before. This way you can find out how they treat people, and if they are honest in their dealings with people. This should be evident in the way they treat you when you contact them, however. Integrity and professional trust are very important.


– Use common sense.

Please understand that very few introduction companies or escort services genuinely have access to celebrity society, and that only a certain amount of celebrities are available for personal appearances in any case. Be aware also that many celebrities are unavailable, due to work commitments, pregnancy, marriage etc. Anyone promising meetings with someone who is on location filming or unavailable by common sense (such as being pregnant, on honeymoon etc), is clearly behaving in a deceptive manner. At Mynt Models®, we always provide up-to-date and genuine information for our gentlemen seeking celebrity meetings. If the individual you’d like to meet is unavailable, we’ll always let you know, and either find out when she will be available to attend your event/ dinner, or send alternative options for your consideration.


Like anything in life, please always be careful when you are making larger purchases, that you are being treated with respect and dealing with a genuine purchase. There are many people in the world who will try to take advantage of you. Only do business with those who operate with authenticity and genuine desire to provide quality.




Ladies Looking for Work?

Working with Mynt Models® as an elite companion is fun & exciting! At Mynt, our upscale talent are like family to us. You can enjoy top security, supportive female management, and the very finest of experiences – quality over quantity. Our agency is operated on mutual respect and integrity. Please apply here if you’re interested in being a part of the Mynt Family as an elite companion.

Gentlemen Seeking a Date?

We are delighted to introduce the most beautiful, elegant talent to refined, discerning gentlemen. Access the finest girlfriend experience at our leading high end escort service. Our elite companions will make your dinner date, social occasion or vacation an unforgettable memory. Our upscale models are available for introduction at 5 star locations worldwide, by appointment only.