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Nestled between Lille and Tourcoing city lies the pleasant city of Roubaix. It has a strong appeal to European tourists due to its close location to the Belgian border. Along with its metropolitan style, this city also enjoys healthy economic growth that continually attracts people, not just from France but other countries as well.

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Best Places to Unwind and Enjoy with Your Model Escort Date in Roubaix:
St. Martin's Church in Roubaix

The city is proud of their architectural heritage. And the city also embodies the French quality of being a city renowned for art and history. That being said, you will expect an architectural grandeur and magnificent museums in the city of Roubaix. These are some of the places that you would want to check out while in the city:

  • Eglise St. Martin in Roubaix
  • Musee De La Piscine in Roubaix
  • Manufacture des Flandres in Roubaix
  • Les Cottages du Parc
  • Mercure Lille Roubaix Grand Hotel
  • McArthurGlen Roubaix
  • Eglise St Martin
  • Bureau d’Art Et de Recherche
Musee De La Piscine
La Piscine Museum in Roubaix
McArthurGlen in Roubaix

Roubaix enjoys a warm and temperate climate. Exotic summers. Romantic winters. This is the kind of city one goes for a romantic getaway weekend or a conference. One definitely needs a companion  to share the lovely mild weather with. Whether for midnight strolls, stress relief after a long business conference, or for leisurely lunches. Roubaix is a city for relaxing in the sunshine. If you need to know more about the day to day weather of the city, click here.


Started as an underground newspaper, the La Voix du Nord first went to publication during World War II. Today, it delivers news to the northern part of France, including the city of Roubaix.

Manufacture des Flandres in Roubaix

In the Middle Ages, Roubaix was famous for its textile industry and wool production. Nowadays, the city is well known for its policy on regeneration ‘Ville Renouvelee’, which seeks to transform this industrial setting into a sustainable city. New industry has developed in Roubaix, and many companies have their headquarters there. A European satellite communications center (Eurotéléport) is in Roubaix.  Should you be interested in basing your headquarters or branch in this city, then a good place to start would be your local embassy. Here you can find out all about business licenses, permits, payments and more.

The 5-star Hotels in Roubaix
Mercure Lille Roubaix Grand Hotel

Although many French cities are short of 5-star hotels, their 4-star hotels are among the world’s best when it comes to providing the comfort and service you need. Not to mention that regardless of where you stay in France, it is always romantic. That’s just France – full of romance.

Among the 4-star selections, we suggest the Mercure Lille Roubaix Grand Hotel located at the very heart of this delightful French city. Thanks to the hotel’s location, it has access to major points in the city, as well as transportation links. Trip Advisor will have tons of comments and personal reviews to give you other ideas of where to stay in Roubaix.

Roubaix Nightlife

Escort RoubaixFor those who love the night life, Roubaix is renowned for its after dark entertainments. If nothing else, your evenings will be exciting and memorable! Always a wonderful way to pass the time, the city has plenty of venues in which to enjoy a drink, or even a bit of a boogie if you are that way inclined. What a great excuse to get a little closer to your date, dancing the night away!

For more hardcore party-goers, there are a handful of great, energetic clubs in Roubaix with an eclectic mix of club classics, plus your standard modern club anthems which keep going to the break of dawn.

Just keep in mind that the Roubaix bars are closed at different times on Sundays, so if you don’t live or stay in a central location, plan ahead and have a taxi booked in advance. Trip Advisor should also offer endless reviews on places you might enjoy getting further information on.

More Information & Directions

For more detailed information about the city, view the definitive Wiki page here, with all the up-to-date details you’ll ever need. Visit our escorts available in Poitiers!

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