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Vital Statistics

Age: 28 yrs
Measurements: 34″ C natural, 25″, 36″ (90-62-93)
Height: 5′ 7″ (168cm)
Weight: 58kg (125lb)

About ‘Vivian’

A beautiful and vivacious actress, the star we’ve named “Vivian” (for her discretion) is very exciting company, with a beautiful young ‘JLo’ style. Her lovely smooth olive complexion and long legs are just the initial ribbon on the package. Well traveled and outgoing, Vivian is confident and effervescent, with a lovely charisma and graceful elegance. Alive and vital, her energy is irresistible. With a Masters degree, Vivian’s wonderful presence is vibrant, sparkling and with true star quality – however don’t be fooled into thinking she’s full of herself or self-absorbed. We don’t work with that kind of girl ; ) Vivian’s company is most captivating, and she is well equipped to focus on and listen to the person with whom she’s speaking. We found her most delightful to interview, and there was lots of laughter. :)   Vivian charms people easily.

Background & Ambitions

Born and raised in Europe, Vivian was very soon discovered and made a star without ever leaving her home town. Having traveling for her numerous acting positions, Vivian is now poised for the next chapter in her life. She intends to continue pursing her acting interests, but would also like to move into more presenting.


Vivian is fun and bewitching, with deep piercing eyes and a warm, friendly smile. She loves travel and new exciting atmospheres. She is always enamored by an in-depth conversation or a good friendly debate. She can switch from gentle kitten to vibrant superstar in the blink of an eye, and is very much the social butterfly. She simply loves meeting new people, and being in buzzing social situations, But when she is alone with you in a luxurious lounge bar, with the piano tinkling in the background, all her attention is on you. And you’ll feel like the only man in the world. Of course she’s well mannered and with a lovely poise; you’ll be delighted to be in Vivian’s company.

Hobbies & Leisure

Acting and performing is obviously her greatest passion. But growing up this little princess was always very active and energetic. Her memories include lots of beach days and fun adventures, and nothing has changed!  She loves idyllic islands and tropical locations, so bringing her on a little vacation somewhere with palm trees will definitely impress her. She’s interesting and enjoyable to spend time with, able to converse on many topics, and fascinating in the way she looks at things. Contact us now for a once-in-a-life-time chance to meet and hang out with a real life European TV star.

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