Summer Wallace


Miami, USA (Available throughout USA and Worldwide)


Vital Statistics

Age: 29 yrs
Measurements: 34" B natural, 25", 35" (88 - 64 - 89)
Height: 5' 11" (183cm)
Weight: 56kg (115lb)


About Summer

As her namesake, this lovely blonde commercial model and businesswoman is as cheerful as a blue summer day. With her elegance and sweetness, she is the American dream. A leggy blue-eyed blonde, with a gorgeous tan and great physique. Educated and possessing a confident, alluring nature, Summer's wholesome energy and fire is exciting and innocent all at once. Her smile is irresistible, and with her sexy  model proportions, she makes quite the striking figure on your arm! While she could easily be a top model, she has chosen entrepreneurship, and has succeeded. With a flawless complexion and positive intensity about her, this gorgeous creature cannot be ignored. While she can blend in where necessary, she was made to stand out. Bring this goddess to your next business function and watch your associates drool with jealousy. ;)  Time with Summer is always fun, spontaneous and memorable.



With wholesome Mid-West origins, this ironically moral young lady values honesty and authenticity. She moved with her family to Florida in her teens, embarking on her illustrious modeling career, and remains close with her family. She recalls a happy, wholesome childhood, and that certainly is reflected in her personality today. She earned a degree in psychology, and has used her knowledge to propel her business forward. Due to her location, she speaks Spanish in addition to English, adding another layer to her stylish ballerina-beach-babe appeal!


An accomplished commercial model (lingerie, swimwear, runway), Summer is more than just a pretty face. Smart and quick-minded, beautiful Summer has her own successful company, that she continues to work on. Independent yet still very feminine, she's a playful, bright star. Competitive without being aggressive, her witty comebacks and sweet indulgent giggles will have you captivated. Summer loves meeting new people & dating - and this is mostly what has drawn her to the elite companion world at Mynt Models®. With her income, she hopes to enhance her current company. Always preferring to make her own than to live off the support of a man, this is her ideal solution - a boost in fun and finances at the same time! Always well presented and groomed, (though generally more comfortable in a more relaxed attire), you can expect a lovely atmosphere whenever Summer is around.



Self assured yet considerate, Summer is very warm-hearted and loving. She finds people fascinating and loves to help others. That certain innocence about her is strangely blended with her confidence, to create the most bewitching energy. A truly good person at heart, she has a good sense of humor and will always prefer to see the funny side of things before turning to negativity. Always elegant and stylish, Summer is a lovely dinner date choice, and the perfect model girlfriend to bring with you on vacation somewhere tropical and heavenly. She's far more comfortable in that environment than something formal and sophisticated. Even though she can hold her own in an evening gown, she was made for the beach. Bright and observant, you will be just as fascinated with Summer as she is with you.


Hobbies & Leisure

Enjoying all things healthy and wholesome, she loves outdoor activities and Italian food. Want to spoil her? A weekend in Rome would leave her extremely grateful indeed! ;)  Summer enjoys a little adventure, and anything new and exciting will captivate her. Bring her hot air ballooning, or for a helicopter ride over Miami or NY, and she'll be like an excited little girl. If you love the quintessential clean cut American good girl, you've found her right here in sexy, leggy Summer. Don't miss meeting this exciting paradox of gentle fire. Contact us now to book a date with your dream woman.


Luxury limousines, personal jets, yachts, helicopters and close protection security available.


US $

4 hours$5200
6 hours$7500
12 hours$9500
24 hours$12,000
48 hours$15,500
3 days$18,000
7 days$25,000
14 days$35,000
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