Sophia Polaris

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Vital Statistics

Age: 25 yrs
Measurements: 32″ B natural, 24″, 33″ (81 – 61 – 84)
Height: 5′ 8″ (173cm)
Weight: 51kg (112lb)

About Sophia

Elegant brunette Sophia with the striking blue eyes is a playful and cheerful young interior decorator. Talented and creative, this raven-haired, silky-skinned beauty can see the potential in almost any location – and the same applies to her life. Positive and enthusiastic, this elite model escort is always seeking the silver lining. What a refreshing breath of fresh air she is to spend time with!

Her caring, warm nature puts people at ease, and everybody seems to warm to Sophia.  She is well traveled and well read. Her love of interior decoration started at a young age, when she was known to redecorate her dolls house, and then her own bedroom. It seemed something creative was in her future, and she gravitated exactly to where she was meant to be.


Sophia was born and raised in Poland. (Warsaw) Her childhood was a constant pilgrimage between their family’s luxurious city home, and their sprawling property in the village, about 2 hours’ drive away. She has enjoyed the best of both worlds, growing up with superb education and contemporary city life, as well as the natural, fresh air lifestyle of the country. When you can boast having eaten every weekend from the cherry trees in the back yard, drinking fresh milk from the neighbor’s cows, eating home made cheeses and homemade bread.. Now that’s a childhood worth having!


Of course, once the travel bug entered Sophia’s soul she was quick to seek out a new land in which to spread her wings. Her visit to Sydney stole her heart, and she quickly made plans to move permanently. Now settled and happy, she does still visit her family regularly in Poland. But Australia has become her new home. Considering the caliber of manners in some areas of Australian society today, Sophia is again a breath of fresh air to dine with or socialize with. Always polite, well spoken and tastefully presented. She would never be seen dead with  too much flesh showing. However, she does show her shape. She always looks stylish, elegant and attractive, but never raunchy or cheap.


Speaking fluent Polish and English, with a little German, Sophia admits to loving the finer things in life. Living in an expensive international city requires a little more income than her interior decorating provides. Hence her decision to join us. She claimed Mynt Models® was the only dating agency in Sydney that she would consider working with. Honored, we’ll blushingly agree; We do provide a very luxurious and professional environment.


Sophia is devoted to Pilates for her fitness regime, and adds a little yoga and walking when she can. She eats carefully, following a clean diet of mostly plant-based foods. Not quite vegetarian or vegan, she does enjoy fish, salmon, seafood and chicken occasionally. It is so easy to see when someone lives a clean lifestyle, free of drugs and regular alcohol consumption – their complexion is always so clear and beautiful. Sophia enjoys spicy foods, and modern Australian of course. Her kind, gentle eyes reveal her inner nature upon meeting her. Beautiful inside and out, Sophie is an angel. Contact us now to arrange a beautiful experience with this lovely, interesting model.

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