Sonjia Chasko

Some Suggested Cities To Visit

Barcelona, Boston, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Monaco, New York, Paris and Washington DC


Vital Statistics

  1. Age: 28 yrs
    Measurements: 34″ C, 24″, 34″ (88-62-88)
    Height: 5′ 9″ (175cm)
    Weight: 56kg (120lb)


About Sonjia

This lovely young lady is known for her sweet nature. Well traveled and confident, Sonjia is an accomplished model with a slender, fit physique. She connects easily with people, and is multi lingual. Having lived throughout Europe and USA, she continues to travel for her modeling career. Fresh and warm, she looks younger than her years, and places importance on health and fitness. A perfect compliment to your dining table, her complexion is creamy and clear. With her multiple magazine covers and feminine, attentive nature, Sonjia ‘s company is delightful.



Even though Sonjia ‘s career is important to her, she still makes time for personal enjoyments, and believes time to smell the roses is important. Should you be lucky enough to share this personal time with her, you will find her enjoyable, engaging and charming. Whether in English, Spanish, Russian or French, she will show you her warm and friendly nature, with a comedic sense of humor. Somewhat sophisticated yet not pretentious, she is beautifully presented with a lovely wardrobe, and can comfortably accompany you to any event of occasion. Whether casual or formal, Sonjia is a vision. She considers authenticity important, and appreciates people who respect her privacy. With a beautiful smile, Sonjia is lovely.


Background & Goals

Sonjia has Ukrainian heritage, and lives between Europe and USA. She continues to work on improving her English and French, and learning new languages. Respectful and well mannered, Sonjia continues to work on her modeling career. While she talks of opening her own business one day, in reality she dreams of one day meeting her Prince Charming and having a quiet family life. Her upbringing was warm and loving, and her travels started from a young age with holidays. She possesses the typical model physique; naturally extremely slim and athletic. Independent and confident, Sonjia is also affectionate and sensitive. She has a beautiful heart and cares for others beautifully.



Like all models, Sonjia loves to travel. She enjoys the outdoors and summer time, ideally near the water. She is well rounded and elegant, making her perfect for the social events and art galleries she likes to frequent. Her sweet smile is often seen when she is brought to beautiful restaurants, and she enjoys modern, Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine. You’ll certainly be charmed by Sonjia , contact us now to invite this lovely, fresh pretty to dinner or on vacation.



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