Siobhan Carter


London, UK/ Europe


Vital Statistics

Age: 23 yrs
Measurements: 34" C gel enhanced, 24", 34" (88-68-90)
Height: 5' 10" (180cm)
Weight: 55kg (120lb)


About Siobhan

To avoid embarrassment for those who aren't aware, this beautiful escort's name is pronounced "Chevon". There are a few schools of thought on from where the lovely name Siobhan came. In any case, she carries it well and is a shining example of what every pretty honey-blonde companion should be. Kind and feminine, graceful and confident, Siobhan is the epitome of the perfect elite-model.



Siobhan was raised on a beautiful country estate with her high society grandparents living nearby. From a close family, she has kept her warm, loving nature, even after attending ivy league university. All jokes aside, Siobhan is a genuinely sweet, good hearted girl, and has a bright future ahead. Her decision to become an elite companion in London for a few months is simply down to the fact that she enjoys meeting new people, and has an addiction to shoes!



Siobhan is the perfect dinner date or event companion, because she is the kind of a girl who gets along with everyone she meets. Extremely personable and amicable, she makes friends easily and is always polite. Her manners are one of her most endearing qualities - although there are so many to choose from! Rest assured however, that she will never embarrass you. Her social skills are impeccable.


Leisure & Hobbies

A devotee of pilates and gym as her fitness regime, Siobhan loves to travel, and is a deep lover of all things ethnic. She loves Arabic food, and ancient cultures. She speaks something like 4 languages, and is a genuinely interesting person with whom to spend time. And when she smiles.. Be prepared to be blown away. She is just stunning, with deep warm eyes. While she has the power to wrap any man around her finger and make him fall in love with her, she kindly does not take advantage of that. She is modest, caring and very fun to hang out with.


Luxury limousines, personal jets, yachts, helicopters and close protection security available.


4 hours£4500
6 hours5500
12 hours£7000
24 hours£8500
48 hours£11,000
3 days£14,000
7 days£28,000
14 days£38,000
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