Shakirah Deane


London, UK


Vital Statistics

Age: 25 yrs
Measurements: 34" D natural, 24", 34" (86-61-86)
Height: 5' 10" (178cm)
Weight: 55kg (121lb)


About Shakirah


Sexy Shakirah is more than just a pretty face to escort the gentleman in  London. With a degree in English writing and literature, and a second degree in economics, this intelligent, beautiful woman is a role model for us all. Now operating her own chain of fashion boutiques, she is an accomplished and poised. However none of this has put the slightest dent in her feminine elegance, nor her soft, gentle nature. She is far from 'bossy'; rather, she is extremely polite, kind and caring. While she does control a lot of things, she possesses a live-and-let-live kind of nature.

Always discreet and tasteful, she was laughing at how this is the shortest dress she has ever worn in public! While she can certainly pull it off, she is far more comfortable in a pencil skirt or flowing maxi dress. But with those legs, we just had to show them off. You can see more of her in the member area. With a calm and curious mind, her company is always meaningful. Conservative but certainly not shy, Shakirah makes a wonderful impression wherever she goes. A perfectly lovely dinner date or event companion.




Shakirah was raised in the stylish urban area of Chelsea, and was well educated from day one. With equally brilliant parents, she was destined to be exceptional. From a close family, she has a warm, loving nature and is a source of joy to them all. With a genuine, good heart and eagerness to see others happy, it is no wonder that Karma has blessed this lovely young woman with all that she richly deserves. Despite her fulfilling lifestyle, she does possess a slight wickedness that sees her seeking out a little adventure in her nightlife. Nothing too outlandish or dangerous of course. But working with Mynt gives her a little edge of excitement, whilst remaining within the confines of her luxury comfort zone.




I think every woman who comes to me, no matter how well bred and elegant, has a little fire inside her, a sense of passion that will not be tamed or controlled. It’s beautiful. She is able to release and explore that side of herself enjoyably and safely with Mynt – and you get to be a special, memorable part of it!




Shakirah loves her workout time, and enjoys visiting the gym almost every day. She loves to travel, though rarely has as much time as she’d like to explore the world. She loves new cultures, and is especially drawn to Arabic food, clothing and decor. That’s ok, because the Arab men are drawn to her too! But then again, what man isn’t..? Photos cannot capture her emanating energy and presence. Men of all nationalities can’t take their eyes off her. Even in her understated clothing, even as she tries to downplay her luscious lips and mysterious, evocative eyes, she cannot hide her aura. One can feel the energy and passion welling up inside her.

Outside of her working environment, she can be a little less responsible and serious. She enjoys a good laugh and while her dignity always remains intact, Shakirah loves to have fun. Young at heart, she is able to have a water fight, without being precious about her hair. She’s that kind of natural, yet glamorous girl. With a soulful look in her eyes at times, wistful and dreamy, it is difficult not to find her quite mesmerizing. Earning great respect from all who know her, she is a wonderful companion. Contact us now to arrange an appointment with this truly special young woman.


Luxury limousines, personal jets, yachts, helicopters and close protection security available.


4 hours£2500
6 hours£3000
12 hours£4500
24 hours£6000
48 hours£8500
3 days£10,000
7 days£18,000
14 days£28,000
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